Home Shopping in UAE With Smart Shopping App Dukkaani

24 Apr 2019

What is it??

This is an online shopping app main for groceries and other stuff. This is the app that has the potential to change the way you will shop future and there is a reason why it is being called the smart shopping app. The owner named as Faisal Salem Bin Haider started the online grocery shopping project almost five years back. He is the founder and CEO of this app. His project was completed and then he launched it back in May 2017. Yet there is already so much competition in Dubai not just online shopping, not just grocery shopping but shopping overall. Leaving aside the online businesses offline sellers are already flourishing and they are tough competition. There are already so many applications and vendors in the market but he was confident.  Shop the best kitchen and home appliances from plug n point.


How Dukkaani came into existence?

The name of this smart shopping app is Dukkaani the aim of this one is the same. The difference comes in how it is going to do it, the smart way. To do the same thing but in a much smarter way. His work is you can say inspired by the ideas that are already in the market. Some applications are running by this time but they were not built up to the professional level. So he realized that this is what he could work on.

So he started working on the idea and did not give it up. It took almost five years to complete and launch the app that was introduced in May 2017. The investment in all this is Dh1 million. The company was started in 2017 as online grocery is not ready to accept multiple currencies and multi-vendors.


The smart shopping

So first of all many application in this business and the ones that have this idea were not fast enough. Then they were not native apps. The performance was not optimized and to the latest technology. When users are buying online they like to compare so Dukkaani lets them compare up to 20 items, unlike any other app. What this does is let the customers choose and satisfies them. He added that this is not a copy of what we already have but he added professionalism, value-added features, and customer satisfaction to it.


How it is going to change?

The second phase of the development of this app is based on artificial intelligence. AI will be used to track consumers’ shopping behaviors then they can get suggestions. For instance, there will be a panel with the data collected that was collected from their shopping at Dukkaani it would have their buying patterns. This application will record and study the patterns, so then you can buy with few clicks. Like the next time you would go shopping there would be suggestions. you may like to visit the comparison of online shopping vs shopping in the mall



Still going out to get groceries?

Faisal Salem Bin Haider said, the lifestyle and living have changed over the past five years but how people shop groceries is still the same. Your lifestyle is better and easier but you still go out for groceries. Almost all the time you are buying the same stuff. Adding on, most of us go to the store just to choose and get the gist of selecting because we like. 


The formula!

He added further that his strategy was not to ride in the Red Ocean, in fact, he was aiming to go for the Blue Ocean strategy. These are two strategic management and approach to run and market the business. The red ocean strategy is to outperform your rivals and get a bigger share. While the blue ocean strategy is to get the untapped area and target that and creating a demand for it. This way they have a better opportunity for growth and get profit. Competition is not a thing in Blue Ocean unless your rivals come. But even for that, there is lots of time.


Increasing the reach.

Dukkaani is currently working with big suppliers and they are dealing with other supermarkets to be the partners. As of now, it is sufficient for 9,000 customers with 40,000 products. Apart from this the hypermarkets would still be placed for brands and changing customer’s mind is not easy. For further betterment of this app, the next phase would include alerting customers to shop when it is the time. This would be done with artificial intelligence. They would also be suggested what they often buy. The next phase would be robots that will handle customers’ orders.

They have begun to raise capital to start this phase and the main source is via Eureeca crowd-funding. Eureeca is a crowd-funding platform with equity and that is what Haider is doing. Further on Haider added that he is raising Dh1.84 million by selling 15% equity. On completion of this phase, this application would have its reach further from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The capital is expected to be in his hands by April 2019. If you shop groceries then you would also need kitchen and dining too, check out the best at plug n point.