Increase in Electronic Media usage and Popularity in Uae 2019

04 Mar 2019

Some new sets of rules and regulations have been revealed for the electronic media. Under these rules, all the online activities would be affected and have amended themselves accordingly. The electronic media includes online activities like publishing and selling of print, video, or audio materials, e-commerce, and advertisement. These rules were introduced by the National Media Council, UAE and it applies to all news sites, commercial sites, publishing, and print media. This was specified by the National Media Council’s director general, Mansour Al Mansouri. Buy all the home appliances from plug n point and have them delivered to your home. We have the best and good quality home appliances for you here. These would also save your electricity bills.

With an increase in electronic media usage and popularity, people have been using it as a means of advertisement. It is a valuable and highly in demand tools that is widespread. So the time has come to make it a reliable source. The coming time is times of electronic media and it is growing rapidly, especially in the UAE. So, it could demand and attract new investors later on, in that case, it has to be secure and reliable.


UAE Green Growth Strategy:

ESMA, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology has been successful in developing its eighth national energy efficiency program. This one is the TV efficiency program. By implementation of this program and following the new rules it is expected that the cost of electricity bills would be reduced by 50 percent. In addition to that, it will also reduce subsidiary for the generation of electricity. This initiative is part of the UAE Green Growth Strategy.

By the way, if you would like to buy a good and top quality TV then you should visit our TV section and find the one you are looking for. The cabinet that would be attending to this program, UAE Cabinet, approved this project. Because this is a program launched by Prime Minister and Vice president of UAE His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is also the ruler of Dubai. It is also important because this is the fifth track on the green economy by Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


New rules and implementation:

These new rules regulations and laws are for electronic media and we should all follow them. For all those so-called influencers, the brand promoters, social media marketers, people who do e-commerce will have to get a license now. You can get the license from the National Media Council of UAE. These rules are applicable in UAE only, for now. However, some people are still exempt from these new laws.

These rules are to be applied soon and its implementation is compulsory, the director general, Abdullah Al Maeeni, of ESMA confirmed this. Set of new rules and laws was prepared after toughly studying regional and international rules and laws regarding this.


Goals and benefits of new rules:

The basic and most important goal of these new rules is to reduce the consumption of electricity in the region of the UAE. So, the way they have adopted is targeting all the appliances that use electricity. So, from now on you have to use the appliances that have at least 4-star energy efficiency rating. Appliances with such energy efficiency rating would be targeted according to the main draft presented to the UAE cabinet. According to studies and solution proposed by ESMA, we have to make the people use products that are of highly energy efficient and educate them in doing so. We could direct them towards using and buying better appliances like TVs, air conditioners and etc. to meet the rising needs of energy. Find the best top quality and  Smart LED TVs here.

Main output expected from this project is a better community that uses energy efficient appliances and saves electricity.

So, what will be the benefits of doing all this and following the rules? First of all, you have to follow the rules or you could end up getting a penalty for yourself. Secondly, we would all be contributing to less emission of carbon dioxide that is caused by the appliances we use. It sums up to a value of 225 thousand meters cube. This much reduction is just like you have planted 150 thousand trees. So, as a result, you would be saving reducing government financial support value by Dh73 million.

Increase in efficiency of imported electrical and electronic appliances in UAE is the result of the implementation of this project. Further, it has a target to reduce energy consumption volume by 319 million kilowatts. More than 2.7 million electrical appliances were following the rules and following energy efficiency program last year. This year the number has increased by adding 1.2 million more users in the program. These figures were released by ESMA. 604,000 household air conditioners, 658,000 washing machines and dryers, 347,000 refrigerators and freezers and some other appliances were part of the program.


For whom these laws and rules are for:

A time period of three months is given to the people and companies to completely follow new guidelines and to fulfill these rules. These guidelines, rules or laws whatever you want to call it is not for any licensed media provider like television stations, radio stations, newspapers companies, magazines, or books providers. Companies or organizations that fall in the above-mentioned category do not have to fulfill or follow the new guidelines as they are free from it. But, companies that are registered and placed in the free zones are subject to new rules.

Happy energy saving times. Save electricity bills and save the environment.