What Factors Should One Consider Before buying an Air Conditioner?

06 May 2020

The summer season is round the corner and soon the time will come to switch on your AC to protect yourself and your loved ones from the hotness of the summer season. Well, it has seen that buying an AC is, somehow, a difficult task for a family, an individual, or even for an organization. The reason behind it is that people are not familiar with the features and uses of the AC. If you are also suffering from the same condition and want to buy the Best Air Conditioners in the UAE, then you are invited here to know all the factors one should consider before purchasing an air conditioner.   

  • Capacity Or Size

While going to buy an AC, the size or the capacity must be kept in mind by the user or buyer. For the rooms that are 140 sq. ft. in size, 1 ton AC is a good option. Whereas, the rooms having a size from 140 sq. ft. to 180 sq. ft., 1.5 ton AC is enough. However, users have the rooms larger than those mentioned sizes then they need to get an AC of 2-ton size. 

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient air conditioners are the best options today because these can provide you best cooling while consuming the least energy. By buying energy-efficient AC one can save himself by the rising costs of electricity. Here we offer users the best tip that the AC is more efficient which has a higher BEE star rating.   

  • Type Of An AC

There are two main types of AC exist and that is are the Split AC or Window AC. Both types are energy efficient. However, at some instants the ACs show difference. The following are the differences mentioned.

Speed Of an AC

  • Quality

A good AC has a dehumidification unit to eliminate the humidity from the room and offers more cooling and is more comfortable, especially in the monsoon season. Moreover, another thing that improves cooling is the filter. A good filter offers more cooling with more efficiency. 

  • Maintenance and Installation

Maintenance, installation, and cleaning are the main tasks to do while maintaining the working ability of your AC. An AC performance depends upon the maintenance and installation. The buyers have to get installed their ACs from authorized dealers having a complete idea about maintenance and installation.      

  • Speed Of an AC

The speed of an AC does also matter while buying it. A good AC comes with an adjustable thermostat, two fans, and a flexible speed feature that all offer you a fine experience by consuming the least power. However, several pre-defined settings also help to get a better cooling experience while saving more energy.  

  • Multiuse

Today the Air conditioners are using for multiple purposes. For example, ACs are not only the means of cooling nowadays but these are also using as heat producers. Well, less power is consumed by these types of ACs and a user can save up to 30% more energy as compared to heaters.  

  • Noise Level

Sounds of AC units can disturb you and can create irritation especially at the time of rest. However, it is fine to withstand at 19 to 60 decibels noise by an air conditioner. So, while purchasing AC must keep the idea about the noise level of AC.  

  • Warranty

Make sure that the dealer is offering you AC with at least a 01-year warranty. However, if the manufacturer is not set to stand for its product then how could you be? So, do not take any risk and always try to get a better shopping experience especially in the case of Electronic Pproducts such as an Air Conditioner.    

  • Price

Well, the price of any products does also matter while going to buy them. First of all, you are required to examine your needs and then you have to assess your budget according to your needs. If you have a good budget then buy an AC with extra and additional features like sleep mood, multipurpose, (cooling and heating), etc. However, if you are limited in budget then look for the features that can cover the basic needs. 

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