factors you can never neglect before buying a rice cooker

30 Aug 2019

You know the feeling when you have to prepare a meal for family and the minute you try to focus on other things, but the time you get back to the rice it’s too late, you have forgotten the rice and now they are ruined. Now here you need a rice cooker for yourself to help you in your kitchen. For all those people who love to eat rice daily, it is a great addition to their kitchen. For example in countries like Dubai where people like to eat rice with everything, rice cooker in Dubai can be your kitchen partner and you never have to worry about overcooked or burned rice from now on.

The market is full of new pressure cookers and you will get confused while looking t a wide range. Not every rice cooker is the same you have to choose one which is good in quality and fulfill all your kitchen requirements.  The best rice cooker will automatically turn off when the rice is done and it will not burn and overcook your rice. Now as we know each person has their own set needs according to their preference so here are some of the features that you should look before buying a good rice cooker.

Keep in mind its price

Rice cooker is not expensive operates to buy, but there are some overpriced companies in the market that you guys have to stay away. There are many other companies which are offering way cheap rice cooker which can perform all the tasks that these expensive ones can do. There is the different price range that you can get a rice cooker in its start with 20 dollars and end up at 1000 dollar, but you can buy a fully functional rice cooker for your kitchen at the price of 70 to 80 dollar.

Ability to keep the rice warm

There is another feature that is one of the most important in a rice cooker. When you are making a meal for your family you cannot prepare everything at the same time. Rice is a simple dish which is served almost with everything so while choosing a rice cooker which is best for you then always buy the one which keeps your rice warm for a longer time. This way you can make your rice earlier and don’t have to worry about what they will get colder.

Size of the cooker

Everybody who runs a kitchen knows that the amount of rice usually being used in their kitchen. Size of a rice cooker does matter. If you make a small amount of rice than getting a large one for yourself will not be a smart idea, a large capacity pressure cooker will create a poor tasting of your rice. You should know this fact that rice cooker will work best when they are used according to their intended serving size. 

Can it be used for other purposes?

A good rice cooker is the one which can be used as a multipurpose apparatus. You can use it as a steamer as well. You can steam vegetables in it or use it as a steamer tray for many other purposes. This way you will cook your rice and steam your vegetables at the same time. e 

The material of the rice cooker

It is another important thing to consider, this means what kind of pan you would prefer in a cooker. Now a day’s people prefer one with the aluminum or stainless steel material, these are easy to wash and non sticky. If you want the one with claypans then they are also available in the market.

So here are some of the features that you should look in the rice cooker before you buy one.