Facts About Kitchen Appliances Trends In Dubai In 2019

18 Jun 2019

For any home, a kitchen is a central point. It is where friends and families come to cook a meal and share with them. The high traffic space at your home is your kitchen actually and the rest of the house is actually influenced by your kitchen. Under these circumstances, the kitchen must be attractive and according to the latest trends. On the arrival of New Year, where the rest of the things at home come with a trend to modify, your kitchen appliances or trends must also be modified.

Here we come with the latest kitchen appliances trends especially based in Dubai. Look out all these and chose the best one for the best influence of your kitchen:

1.       Do Not Content At White 

For spotting in interior decoration, white is an easy and most popular trend. White kitchen appliances are widely popular in Dubai and these have been running for a long age of time. But, now, we are in 2019. Now, we have to bend our minds and set it on some other tones that are according to the latest trend and the real charm for not only your kitchen but for the rest of the home too. Red, minty fresh and other bolds and soft colors are now in trends.  

2.       Pick Unique Contrasts 

Combination of different colors is the fact to attract the attention of the people. And the same case is applicable for your kitchen décor. Metal and wood, natural and smooth lacquers, bright and neutrals colors combination are common in the list of new trends especially for kitchen appliances based from Dubai. 

3.       Stainless Steel With Black

The trend of plain old stainless is almost dead and especially in Dubai, the trend has become distinct. Now, stainless steel with black tone is a point of discussion. It is true that plain stainless steel kitchen appliances were hugely famous not in Dubai, but the USA and all over the world but now the designers believe that warm, bold look of black stainless steel appliances give a charm to the kitchens.

4.       Appliances are Under The Counter

The trends of home interior and kitchen appliances are entirely connected with each other. And in 2019, the best example of this principle we can see through the trend of appliances under the counter. In complement of regular fridges, under-counter fridges are becoming more trendy choice. Microwave ovens can also be seen beneath in this trend and the drawer looks on the top of all these appliances which is totally a different but useful trend.

5.       Column Refrigeration

Column refrigeration is also listing in the latest trends. There are some possible benefits of column refrigeration and some of the common form these are listed here. These refrigeration offer you more space for adding other kitchen appliances into your kitchen and more likely is that the refrigeration offers a more tech-trend look. So, the tech and the designs are in one. Must have a look at the latest trends or models that are coming to launch in 2019.

6.       Cabinetry Trend For Kitchen

Cabinetry trend is not so innovative. The trend has been running for a long time ago. Obviously, the drawer or cabinet is the most useful appliances, not only the kitchen but also in the rest of the home. But, in 2019, the trend is getting modifications. This is all due to the demands of the homeowners. This is because almost every single homeowner looks for the cabinet appliances with more innovative storage capacity. Deep and wide drawers, rustic wood drawers, drawers with roll-out trays and handle-less cabinets all are listing in the latest trends of the cabinet.  

7.       Kitchen With Natural Stone  

Kitchen with natural stones is just an awesome look. Believe me the stonework in any area of the home is a sharp and eye-catching look. But, if you are going to choose this for your kitchen trend than a matchless look you are going to offer to your kitchen. This is becoming one of the latest trends in Dubai. The stonework or decoration is not a new trend. However, in the past, the same trend was in the eyes but it was not so popular for kitchen decoration. Now, the designers are beli3wvign that it is the best as it is used for the rest of the home.

8.       High-Tech is Everything

Today in this modern era the technology is everything. In every single aspect of life, we are finding technology trends. This is because it offers us a lot. Now, the refrigerator is using in the kitchen which through WIFI can control the temperature accordingly. Through Bluetooth, you can contact your refrigerator with your smartphones and can also control them through your smartphones. The ease of using your kitchen has become the latest trend today.