Effects of New draft Law in UAE 2019

13 Dec 2018

Experts and authorized persons are forming and going towards new ways to cope and fight with the menacing post.


Social media advertisement and clickbait

All over the world online and internet users see many ads and services. From all of they go through most are of healthcare and services related to it or e-commerce. Oh, if you are looking for a device to browse the internet, here are some laptops and notebooks that plug n point is offering you.

Now Facebook and Instagram pages have become a platform to promote and tell about your business. This is what clinics across the globe are doing on social media. Millions of ads are posted daily on social media and the internet. Recently a clinic used a video of a celebrity, Kim Kardashian, undergoing a beauty treatment. The footer of the video stated "Kim Kardashian's secret to staying beautiful". They also offered half the discount to customers during the first session. The video, however, was filmed in the US.

Now, many of us do not read the footnotes and other references. Most of the companies also give these footnotes and references in such small font and size that it does not go through our eyes. So, many people fall prey to advertisements of such kind. While you are reading this someone might have fallen for it. To prevent such and related incidents authorities are preparing for and coming up with ways to fight it. In an attempt to protect the patients' identity, safety and maintain the patient-client confidentiality Federal National Council (FNC) passed a new draft law in October. According to this new draft all the health clinics, hospitals and other bodies in the UAE will be charged with heavy fines if they post any commercial and without a permit from the Ministry of Health and Prevention.


Follow the rules or pay the fine

All the health organizations, physicians and other governing bodies will be facing charges that could be anywhere between DH 1,000 to DH 1 million who would not fulfill with the rules and regulations according to the new law. There might be a warning depending on what the organizations have done.

The plenty that they would face also includes the suspension and cancellation of medical licenses. It could be canceled for either six months up to one year. Along with this they will be restrained from using the central data system and would have no permission to do so. On the other hands publishing these posts on social media and online without the permission to do so can cause you a fine of DH 100,000 to DH 200,000. And for those who share patient details without their consent, posting videos of patients, medical records, and medical procedures will be penalized. Those websites that share and publish advertisements without consent will be banned, as the new law gives the ministry this authorization.

The members of FNC stated that the purpose of this new law is to manage the use of technology in the healthcare sector. With this, they will look out and protect patients. This is because of the reason that there have been many complaints about the medical procedures being unethical and disreputable or bad advertisements that were posted online.


A recent incident and advertisement 

Just for instance last week a private clinic in Dubai posted an advertisement that was about lip fillers, with it was an image of a woman's plum lip with a caption that stated: "I want natural lips like Kardashians." If we go further the advertisement stated that they are the best in UAE for botox and lip injections and people should try them once and have the experience. Another well-known clinic in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah did the same thing. They posted an ad stating discounts and treatments. Among the doctors and private clinics, these sort of events and occurrence have increased, they have started posting videos of surgical procedures which is very disturbing and against the doctor-patient confidentiality. Have a look at these smartphones by Apple.

Most of these posts online are against the patient's consent. January 2018 a cosmetic surgeon, a well-known one, in Dubai was found posting a video of an incident on Instagram. That video was categorized as a violation of the traditions and do not follow the public decency law of UAE. So as a result of these violations and not following the rules, Dubai Healthcare City authorities ended up suspending the surgeon for this act of posting the footage of the incident. This also depicted the visions and prospects of the surgeon about the patients and females. This sparked a wave of anger in public so it could not get under the eyes of the Dubai Healthcare facility.

This particular surgeon often posted famous faces and celebrities on social media. He claims that these shots are for revealing and telling you about the before and after results. This cosmetic surgeon is also practicing in Lebanon, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Dubai Healthcare City authorities combined with Ministry of Health and Prevention take combined action of such conditions and in any such cases, they make sure that the person responsible is penalized according to the rules of the country, stated, CEO of the Dubai Healthcare City, Dr. Ramadan.

DHA arrived late on the scene but took and initiative, after this phenomenon increasing of doctors and physicians recording surgical procedures and posting them on social media and other sites for advertisement. Nevertheless, you would still find many of such ads of clinics in the UAE promoting their business by doing the same. Three liposuction zones in charges of one by an Italian expert, this is what an online advertisement stated and the cost for liposuction was DH 25,000.

Thread lift offers long-lasting results when compared to botox or dermal fillers and uses special implantable surgical thread to lift sagging skin. This is another ad.

These were posted by reputable clinics in Dubai and they posted ad and video respectively.


Prevention from menacing posts online

So this year, 2018 in the month of May Dubai Health Authority (DHA) posted a ban on the promotion of medical procedures. This included recording videos and capturing images of surgeries and other procedures and posting them online.

This new law will prevent patients from falling for such ads and will prevent doctors and physicians from posting such ads. These advertisements promote surgeries, scams and unsafe procedures, and this is what we are trying to stop stated FNC. Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed, Minister of Health and Prevention and Minister of State for FNC Affairs, said, the draft law is a major step in support of national health planning and policies. Browse and go to the world of internet on these mobile phones by Huawei.

A state-of-the-art healthcare system to match top global standards is in development. They will also avoid and prevent the top patient safety issues that WHO says are caused all over the world. A central system for medical records and health information will also help avoid errors from the administrative side, which the World Health Organization (WHO) said is among the top 10 patient safety issues caused by healthcare facilities globally.