What you should Buy a Garment Steamer or Irons in UAE

11 Apr 2019

The purpose of getting a garment steamer or irons is to get your clothes free of wrinkles and creases. Both these appliances are used and designed to do so. But there is a difference, these work a little bit of different way. There are pros and cons to each of these users. Which one is better or best depends on your style and needs. Different people have different preferences and yours could be different from ours so read and check out what type is best for you in the fight between garment steamers and irons.

No one like to do ironing but you sure will like using these garment steamers, at least in the start if not long after you have bought it. following we are going to list some of the pros and cons of using each of the appliances and at the end, you can decide which one is better for you.



Iron is a handheld appliance with the bottom of it being triangle shaped type and heat is emitted from there on to the garment. You place the iron on cloth and the heat from it makes the wrinkles go away. There are two types of irons dry irons and steam irons. The dry irons do not emit steam but the steam irons do. The steam from iron is somewhat different from the garment steamers.


Pros of ironing

These are very easy to use and there are lightly weighted ones too. You might feel a disturbance on sleeves but with time you get used to it. You can iron any clothes with creases even silk. They do not have to be heavy to take out all the wrinkles. The right amount of heat will do so. More holes give more steam. You get the crispy look of the cloth.


Cons of ironing

These require an ironing board but if you are really okay with the ordinary table it will also do. As the garment steamers require space so if we compare it to that these are on disadvantage. Old irons were heavy but not anymore. The dry irons are really simple and you have to use a sprinkler for steam. The lower end models of steam irons tend to leak and leave a stubborn mark on your clothes, this is really bad. This does not happen with the dry irons though because there is no steaming.



Garment steamer

A garment steamer removes wrinkles out without getting in contact with the cloth. It uses hot steam that gets into the fiber and relaxes it and as a result, wrinkles are gone. The mouth of steamer emitting the steam is at a little distance from cloth and should be like that. Not too close not too far away.


Pros garment steamer

Garment steamers do not need a space you can store them under the bed or where you like. And when it comes to using them they can be used while the clothes are hanging or placed on some table. Garment steamers give a smooth look. They are better for soft and delicate fabrics like silk, polyester, etc. There is no way you could burn the cloth, as they are not touching the cloth. You can even use them at suits. Getting wrinkles out of sleeves is easier on this one. The shape of the garment is maintained.

The most important thing is that they are fast and efficient compared to ironing and even more lightweight. You can also use these to get your rugs, mattress and other things clean. The steam is hot enough that it kills all the germs.


Cons of garment steamer

A disadvantage with a garment steamer is that you will not get a crisp look. This is just how they work and you should iron clothes for that. Your arms might get tired quicker when using these because you would be holding these in the air, even though they are lightweight. Steaming colored or printed garments can be risky with these. If you are steaming jackets there is a chance that you over the stem and they will be ruined. Overall the thing is riskier with clothes you can’t press on irons.


Which one is better?

One gives you a crisp and sleek look while the other one does not. Some people prefer an iron over a steamer. With garment steamers, you can’t get creases where you like, not at all anywhere. There is no straight forward answer to this, the actual question is what you are willing to lose over the other. Do you prefer a crisp look or not. Check out more home appliances here.