How you can get the top quality microwave for your kitchen?

16 May 2019

A microwave is a small appliance but you use them more than you think. These small kitchen appliances are really handy and they are more than you know. A kitchen is not complete without a microwave. Often you have a need to reheat some leftovers or other food but you do not have a microwave. In that case, it gets really difficult to do so. If you do have a microwave you know what we are talking about. All you need to do is place the food in there and set the temperature and time. Plug n point has lots of microwaves from which you can choose your favorite ones and buy. We also provide incredible services for home delivery and customer care.


Benefits of microwaves

The biggest benefit of these is that you can reheat or heat up your food in minutes. You might not know it but these are also very efficient and good at cooking food. Cooking your favorite recipe is not easy and mess-free, as you can cook in these.

Microwave cooks or heats the food by throwing microwaves on the food which makes the molecules vibrate. As a result, the food is cooked or heated. If you are looking for a microwave then you might have come across different types and options. It might be difficult for you to choose between them, however, even if it was not following is little details about different types. All these types are different in one way or the other from rest.


Countertop Microwaves

These are the most common ones and mostly you will find these in the market. They are easily available from anywhere. These are the ones that you see in your kitchens. The countertop microwaves are lightweight and you can relocate them easily whenever you want. As you can tell by the name these are placed on the counter and obviously take some space there. Some of your counter space is lost as a result. Countertop microwaves are pretty good for all of your home needs.




These microwaves are compact and they are good if your kitchen is small and there is less counter space. You can install these and there would be no more hindrance that is in your way of cooking and baking. These also have vents that work as a hood and remove smoke etc. form the kitchen. If there is already a hood installed in your kitchen then you can connect this one with it.



The other type of ovens are the built-in ovens they are the best one if your kitchen supports it. They are called built-in because they are built into the walls or cabinets, mostly walls. Once these are installed you cannot remove them to install in some other place. Meaning the installation is permanent, you only remove or uninstall them to replace. However, you should also check our best halogen ovens, here. But do know that built-in ovens are more expensive compared to the rest of the oven and microwave types. However, you get to have more features and functions with these. Baking, roasting, grilling and much more instant functions.  


Microwaves and Ovens

Most people do not know this but the microwave ovens and ovens, in general, are different things.


Microwaves oven

Microwaves are the ones that you mostly use to reheat the food in, the ones that have time and temperature function. Ovens are the one that you bake food in mostly. They are large sized and are either under the cooking ranges or are built-in. Microwaves cause the food molecules to vibrate at a high rate causing it to get warm. Microwaves cook faster and in a short time. Yes, you can cook in microwaves.



The gas ovens cook using gas and the electric ovens cook the food using electricity as a fuel source. Food is obviously cooked because of the heat. That is produced by direct of fire or hot grills heated by electricity. Gas ovens are cheap, flame control can be done with knobs. Electric ovens are easy to use, more stylish and at the same time, they are expensive. Have a look at some of the world's best home appliances.

Now, as you know the features and quality of each type and what is what. You can easily decide which one is best for you. We did not have any definite answer because perfection and what microwave is best for you depends on what you like and how is your kitchen, what is your budget end more. We also have a great collection of best hobs here that you should check out. Whatever you decide, buy the best products from plug n point and enjoy.