Women’s Day Restaurants & Brands Deals, Offers, Discounts in UAE

06 Mar 2019

In recognition of women all around the world and to celebrate international women’s day restaurants and brands are offering deals, offers, discounts, and much more. This is their own way of celebrating and giving you the joy of happiness through food, amusement, shopping with Plugnpoint, and other means. You could go check out some massage parlors or enjoy a good sauna. Ski at the indoor skiing point or go shopping.


Deals and offers on women’s day:

The 8th of March is the day we know as women’s day all around the globe. On this day we all celebrate the social, cultural, and many other achievements of all the women there are. People have their own way of celebrating it so as a gesture there are many offers, sales, discounts, and much more that you can avail on this day. Clearly, these are some perks of being a woman! We all embrace the womanhood every year like this and this year it is not anything new. So, here on you can find some of the events and things you can do this Friday, on the international women’s day.

Restaurants and food amazing view, good siting. Some places are offering complimentary appetizers with food. While others have big discounts and offer that you can avail and have a great time while enjoying yourself and the company of your loved ones


Fly where you want this women’s day:

First on the list is Air Arabia. This airline company if offering points on this women’s day. So that are these points for and what you can do with these? First of all, you need to book a flight or trip on the 8th of March. This booking has to be done on the website of air Arabia or their mobile application. So that way you could get a discount and up to 20 percent cash back. You get air reward points on attending or completing the light and get the points converted into cash that could flow to your purse. They are giving double air reward points and cash back after the flight, of course, you have to get in the plane and go to the place.


Do you like parks and resorts?

If you are the kind of person that likes Parks and Resorts or likes to visit Parks and Resorts then these are the kind of opportunity you would want to avail. So, the Dubai parks and resorts in Dubai are offering a 50 percent discount on entry.

This is not just it! Earlier this week they also have given away some free tickets to women. The deal and discount of 50 percent off are not only for the day, i.e. 8th March 6, 2019, on the occasion of women day. They were generous enough to extend the dates and allow you all to celebrate women and their accomplishments at its fullest. So you can now plan your visit there from March 9 to March 28, 2019. This is how it works, women can buy entry tickets to the Bollywood parks, Lego Land, motion gate some perks too.

The Dubai dolphin aquarium also has some offers and deals for you there. Go check out those too. If you like dolphins, who does not, they are loveable mammals, this is the perfect time to enjoy your time with them. Celebrate your women’s day with fishes at dolphin aquarium.


Enjoy the place with half the price:

There is this place for shoping, Vida Downtown and they are offering a half bill discount. Though out March 6, 2019, you can avail 50 percent of whatever your bills are. The best and good news is that this offer is for the entire month and not for just the day.

While some hotels are giving you their 3 in 1 lounge at half the bill price. Unfortunately, this offer is only from 7 pm to 10 pm. But the good news is that the offer remains for the month of March 6, 2019. They have to do business too. These deals are huge and you should go your fullest to avail and enjoy your month.

It has more likely become the women’s month instead of women’s day. Anyways, happy women’s day to all of you out there. Hope you do best in your life and success be with you. Now, go and enjoy this women’s day!