How can a small e-commerce store compete with Amazon

How can a small e-commerce store compete with Amazon?

02 Jul 2021

In the eCommerce industry, no doubt, Amazon has reached the next level. Today we can find almost all types of products on Amazon. Amazon is the number one ecommerce store online that is selling more than 12 million products excluding books, services, wine, and media, etc. However, if we add the amazon marketplace sellers then the number of products reaches more than 353 million.

Amazon has been offering its services in 58 countries and according to Website builder Expert, WBE Amazon reaches the greatest international online community of 1.2 billion people. After viewing these statistics and facts, Amazon inspires most of the people who are engaged with the e-commerce industry or want to get a good position in the e-commerce industry. It is not an easy deal to reach the Statistics that are shown by Amazon but the small eCommerce stores can compete with Amazon if they will adopt the necessary strategies that have been embraced by Amazon. Here we come with the potential ideas by following or adopting which every single small online store can be a competitor of Amazon and can make a good name in the online or e-commerce industry:

Compete with Amazon

This is How Small eCommerce Stores can Compete with Amazon

The following tips will surely make a small e-commerce business an Amazon competitor if the tips will be implemented properly:

  • Be A Brand

To compete with a brand you have to adopt an attitude like a brand. No doubt, branding is a power. Branding is the only reason because of which Starbucks charges $5 for a cup of coffee and Gucci sells a t-shirt for $500. When a bond of trust is built between a brand and a consumer then consumers buy products in any amount even having the alternatives in cheaper and more convenient options.

  • Focus On Customers Need

The basic thing behind the success of the biggest eCommerce stores like Amazon is that they never compromise in their services. They always take care of the needs of the customers and facilitate them in any way. What you have to do is to facilitate your customers in such a manner that they will surely visit you again whenever they need something new.

Research shows that a store has up to 70% chance of selling products to a repeat customer. Repeating customers are 50% more likely to buy new products and they also spend 31% more money as compared to the new customers. 

Focus On Customers Need

  • E-commerce SEO is Important

For almost all e-commerce stores, e-commerce SEO is something that must be on priority. The following are the components of on-page and technical SEO that you must know to increase the credibility of your website or online shopping worldwide:

·        Site architecture

·        User experience

·        Blogs

·        Category descriptions

·        Product descriptions

·        Keyword research

·        Link building

Research shows that 71% of clicks are captured on the first page of a Google search result. If you are not appearing on the first page of Google search then you are going to lose the chances of direct customers’ navigation on your website or online e-commerce store. 

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the best ways to make direct communication between a business and customers. You are available 24/7 and this thing you know but your customer does not always remember you. Your email to your customers makes them know the sales or promotions you have offered to them. These promotions and sales will surely entice them to buy products.

  • Attract Customers Through Discounts

Biggest online stores or e-commerce giants like Amazon always offer their customers special discounts. This idea makes consumers more attractive to buy the same products at the market competitive rates. So, you must also offer special discounts on several products to facilitate your customers. The best way to grab the attention of users or customers is to offer discounted prices at some special events and festivals. 

  • Provide A Good Website Using Experience

Amazon and other e-commerce professionals are best because they are best in offering a good user experience. Today, we find consumers using different electronic gadgets or devices to surfing the internet. A safe website of a small e-commerce business is one, that is compatible with almost all devices. If your store or website takes a lot of time to respond then your customer will surely move on to someone else. Make sure the website loading time is good to make a strong relationship with your customers.

  • Avoid Selling The Exact Products As Amazon

If you will offer the same products that the biggest e-commerce companies are already serving then only a few customers will have a look at you. You have to show a variety of products that at least your local community or nearby community requires.

  • Proper Guideline/Support

In some cases, users are not familiar to use the services. Now, this is your job to offer the proper guide to your customers that who you are and What services you are offering. 

Easy Payment methods

  • Easy Payment methods

Payment method is something that affects the online sale directly. We recommend you offer easy payment methods and payment methods that are accessible by most online users.

  • Easy Shipping and Return Policy 

What you can provide that is better than other eCommerce companies is the shipping service. Offer affordable and fast shipping service to attain the attraction of the customers.

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