How can you use your chapatti maker to get the maximum out of it?

16 Apr 2019

If you are also looking for information on how you can use your chapatti maker in the best way. Or if you want to know how to get the best out of your chapatti maker then this article is for you. Follow along and you will be a champ at the end of it. Before all that, if you do not know, then the question is what these things are. Chapatti makers are the appliances that run on electricity and you can make chapatti with these. The benefits of these are that the results are quick and you do not have to be in front of the fire and stove all the time. Then you must be thinking that is the investment really worth it? First of all, they are not pricy at all so just after this the investment is worth, we think.


Keep in mind

Using these is not at all similar to what you traditionally do on the stoves. Yes, these are capable of making good chapattis but you have to be able to do it. And, if you are not this could be a real pain in the ass for you. These run on electricity so if you are conscious or if the electricity would cost you more than think of these things beforehand.


Read the instructions

The first thing you should do is read the instruction that you will get with the appliance. Yes, you have not ever read or seen a demo and instruction manual but these would prove to be really helpful. We recommend you try and go through the instruction first if you haven’t used these before.


A lot more than just chapatti

You can use these to make lots of other things than just chapattis. Some of the other things you can use these for are like paper and etc. so with this and other stuff, you can use these to get the maximum out of your roti makers.



Save time

These appliances will also save you time. So, these are for the people who go to offices or have less time to make chapattis.


Round chapatti

Round chapattis look beautiful and nice. Yes, it depends on the dough you make but these chapatti makers would also help you in making the round chapattis.


Portable and lightweight

The best thing is that you can take these with where you like. They are not very lightweight but definitely portable. Now you can make chapattis where you like if that is what you would like to do. This is a thing that you could never do with the stoves or cooktops.


Electricity or gas?

These run on electricity and you should keep that in mind. There is not at all any use of gas in these. Another benefit of these being on electricity is that they are eco-friendly. In UAE if you already do not have the gas line installed at your place then it would cost you a lot. So, the better option is that you get these chapatti makers instead.



In the end, we just hope that there was enough information for you that you could decide whether you would invest in a chapatti maker or not. Additionally, there was enough information about the chapatti makers too. happy cooking fellas!