How Coronavirus affected the Retail Market of the World

09 Mar 2020

From the last few months coronavirus found in China. The virus does not only became the reason for disaster in China but it is continuously spreading throughout the world. The virus has killed a large community of people in China and the inhabitants of other countries or the rest of the world are also not safe until the proper restricted plan against the coronavirus. 

Where the coronavirus became the reason for death it has also affected life very badly. In China, the business and trade markets are suffering badly. The investors throughout the world have stopped their working relations with China temporarily and nobody is confirmed that when the relations will be affluent.

How Chinese Markets Laid Down Due To Coronavirus   

China is known as the World's Second-Largest Economy in the manufacturing production level. But the rate of the economy has been laid down since February 2020. The world stock market has revealed that the economic level will also have defected in the coming weeks or this may last until the final or proper restricted plan of the coronavirus. 

The recent surveys about Chinas’ lockdown estimated that the economy will be affected more in the coming months. Standard Chartered has revealed that the Chinese economy could be affected by up to 42 percent due to this virus. However, there are many other surveys that have made that are all giving negative gestures for the Chinese economy for the coming months. However, the Chinese government is doing its best in controlling coronavirus. But there are no proper safety measures that have come to see yet.  

How The World Markets Laid Down Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus is becoming the reason for low production and manufacturing level in China. As we know that China is the second-largest economy in manufacturing products, so, the rest of the world is becoming deprived of the products which are shipping from china to the rest of the world. The surrounding areas of China i.e. South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, India, other Asian countries, and even the western markets are all facing the same problem. Where the virus is the threat of life for the rest of the countries, the virus is also a threat to the countries in economic situations. 

Obviously, the countries dependent upon China for numerous products are not doing well to maintain their economic level. The world markets including Asian markets, western markets, and others all are claiming that there is no proper Shipping of Products is taking place due to which the shelves of the markets are deprived of the needy products. A recent survey has revealed that the shelves of all the biggest markets of the world will also remain underprivileged due to the plague from which not only China but the whole of the world is suffering.

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  • What The Protective Measures Employers Should Adopt To Prevent the Employees

Employers not only of China but throughout the world have to take some protective measures to keep the employees healthy and active. This is because these are the employees that are the reasons to run the wheel of your business. If there are no employees then there wouldn’t be the concept of revenue will remain. 

·         Employers should ask sick employees to stay home until the good condition of their health. 

·         Employers have to diagnose the situations that can lead the problems. 

·         If there is no option, then keep your sick or affected employees separate from other employees.

·         Clean the environment clean on a regular basis. 

·         Make sure that the employees who are traveling are aware of the protective measures.      

  • How Shopping Markets Improve the Shopping Trends

There are a large number of propel who travel abroad not only for visiting or recreational purposes. But, the people move abroad for shopping purposes. Because they find the possible products they need to spend a better lifestyle. For this purpose, the UAE is a shopping hub where not only the local people go for shopping or follow the shopping trends but people throughout the world are following shopping trends of the UAE. But, it has seen that the shopping trends are getting low because people are not travelling and they are afraid of the coronavirus. 

But, all the people who are leaving their habits of shopping are suggest that they have to keep going through some helpful and protective measures to keep themselves away for this problem. At the same time there are some suggestions and protective measures have suggested for the Shopping Markets to Engage the Customers’ interest towards you.   

·         Shopping markets have make it sure that the place is clean and free of any weak point because of which the virus can take access there. 

·         Markets should serve the customers by the staff that are healthy and are not affected at all. 

·         The products available in the markets are proper hygienic. 

·         The markets should diagnose the problem through proper checking of the visitors. 

·         Markets are required to make the consumers aware of all the symptoms of the virus as well as the protective measure to keep themselves away from the virus.

Bottom line:

It is true that we are suffering with this bad condition, nowadays. But, it is not a solution to keep yourself at home and to be afraid from the problems. We have to cope the situations and all the problems happening around us. Because only in this way we can keep ourselves safe from these problems. In the above discussion we have discussed that what impacts the coronavirus is spreading throughout the world and how the virus has become the reason of the downfall of life as well as the Economy of the World

However, at the same time, the world is also offering the protective measures that how to cope with this problem not only to save the lives but also to make the economy of the world strong to build the nations as healthy and wealthy.