How many types of fans available in Dubai, UAE?

14 Oct 2019

UAE is known for its hot weather and Air conditioner is the first choice of everybody in that kind of hot weather. But not everyone can afford an AC and its energy consumption bills every month. For these kinds of People, fans are the only choice in the thrashing hot weather of Dubai. Just because of numerous choices in the market it is very difficult to find a good ceiling fan for yourself. There is also different kind of fan types available in Dubai and each type has its benefits.


In this article, we are going to discuss the most famous types of fans that are being used in UAE over the decades. All these fan types have their pros and cons.

1. Ceiling fan  

It is one of the common types of fans that are being used in almost 99 percent of houses in Dubai. It is a mechanical fan that usually hangs on the ceiling of your room. The fans usually rotate clockwise when you turn it on, but there are many companies whose ceiling fans rotate anticlockwise. 

The hub of Ceiling fan has a different amount of blades between 3, 4 and 5. These blades have an effect on the air circulation in the room. There are two technology ceiling fans in Dubai, one is AC technology and the other one is DC technology.


It has a technology that lasts long

This fan is very easy to install in ceiling

Not much cleaning needed daily

Don’t occupy the space of your room

Can be used in both seasons

Energy efficient


You will need to change its capacitor occasionally

Create noise in your house

2. Tower Fan

This is also another famous type of fan in Dubai which offers a different kind of feature and advance technology. These types of fans are very light in weight and you can easily move them anywhere in the house whenever you want. These fans in Sharjah are usually come up with a cylindrical look which has a motor attached in it with blades.

It is designed in such a way that its blade can make airflow more cylindrical and swiftly. It will easily be used in any room and move the airflow in up and down direction.


They are slim and lightweight; you can place them anywhere in the house

You can shop for these fans online nowadays with free shipping and one year warranty

They make very less noise

The blades of these fans are kept inside a metal frame so they cannot harm the children of the house

Less power consumption


Very hard to clean this fan because of its slim look and grill

It has a plastic body so it can easily break

It is less powerful and not efficient

3. Pedestal fan

Now, this is another famous type of fan in Abu Dhabi that is being used in each house. They have the feature of height adjustment and supported by a round base which is very strong. You can adjust the height on this type as you like, and it also has a rotatable face so you can convert its airflow in every direction that you want.

With the advancement in pedestal fans technology, there are many models in the market which are operate able through a remora. This means you don’t have to rotate the face of your fan manually. This feature makes it very user-friendly and it rotates 180 degrees so it can cover more areas.


It is very easy to clean

It has 180 degrees rotatable face so you can cover more area for airflow

They are very powerful and cool down your room quickly

Long-lasting technology


Heavy to lift and place in other rooms

Not safe for kids because grill gaps are bigger and children can get their hand stuck in it

Produce a noise in your house.

4. Window fan

It is a kind of fan that is very practical in the hot weather of UAE. This fan is embedded in the walls of your room, kitchen, and bathroom. These fans use the mechanism of both air flowing inside the room and as well outside of the room. These fans are also known as exhaust fans. Usually, these kinds of fans are installed in the kitchen to move smoke outside the kitchen. But people also use them in their bedrooms and living room as well.


They bring the fresh air in your house

They are very safe to use

Don’t take any extra space of your house

Efficient in cooling the room down

Don’t make any kind of noise

They are very easy to clean


Installing a window fan into the walls of your house is very difficult.

You have to hire a professional to install your window fan

It also drags dust and smell of outside some time

Now here are the top 4 types of fans that are usually being used in almost every house of UAE. These fan types will not only help you in hot summers of UAE but also in the winter as well. So whenever you are thinking of buying a fan for your house in UAE consider one of these.