How the trends in the retail market affecting e-commerce in Dubai

12 Sep 2019

Dubai has become one of the most advanced countries in the mean of the retail market. According to some people they use it as an anchor for the mixed-use development of the country. Dubai is the hub of Supermalls and there are multiple super malls like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. These two biggest choice any new brand that wants to launch its brand in the market of Dubai. There is a different kind of trends in Dubai retail market that affect Dubai e-commerce and some of them we are going to discuss in this article.

Neighbourhood centres

Other than these malls now a day there is another trend in the retail market of Dubai which is getting popular and that is neighbourhood centres.  These neighbourhood centres have added a lot of value in Dubai retail market with ever-growing pace ensure the continued flow of retailer streams. 

The rapid growth in sale

Due to the economic crisis all over the globe Dubai retail market also suffering from modest growth. The retailers are facing the challenge to take their retail growth to double digits but still, they are not getting any progress. 

Super sales

This is a great strategy to allure all those customers who don’t need to buy anything but they are forced at most reasonable prices to buy something. There are different occasions when different malls of Dubai entertain the consumers through these Supper sales.


The weak condition of the market force retailers to give a different kind of promotions on their products. This work as same as the Super sales, it attracts all those people who always want to get something nice but at cheaper rates. 

The condition of the electronic market

Dubai is one of the most profitable countries when it comes to electronic device market in the whole world. According to sources this country deals in electronic product 2.5 billion US Dollars every year. There are chances that this figure of the UAE retail market will jump up to 3.0 US billion Dollars around 2025. This will make Dubai one of the biggest electronic markets in the region and emerge as one of the biggest re-exporter in the region. 

The effect of product diversification

This is a fact that each brand has to emerge as a distinguished brand in the market so they are trying to open their franchises in Dubai. This will not just affect the cost of launching a brand in Dubai but they also providing more finance to Dubai as well. 


How these factors affect Dubai E-commerce?

These factors have both positive and negative effects on the e-commerce of Dubai.

Positive effects

Due to the launch of different new brands in Dubai, it became easy for a consumer to get the product of a particular brand from their official website instead of order it via Amazon or eBay. The product will be delivered in front of your house sooner than it will with the Amazon. People can visit all the store physically and order the desired product online when they get any kind of promotional codes or sale on that product. The website of online stores is becoming more creative and innovative to allure customers. W-commerce has given equal chance to new bands to emerge in the opposite of some old well-established brands. 

Negative effect

Due to the diversification of the brands and super sales people love to visit malls and get the product by physically appearing there. People want to know about the product and due to some bad online stores, people have more faith in physical stores than online.