Which is the Right Ice Maker in UAE 2019?

16 Apr 2019

In summers cold drinks and water can turn your life from hell to heaven. There are lots of appliances that can make your water and drinks cold and chilled but today we are going to tell you about the ice makes. If you already have the fridge or beverage cooler even then these will come in handy. This guide is on how you can buy the best ice makes for yourself. If you are buying these why not have a look at some other home appliances too.


Types and benefits?

In choosing the right ice maker the type is really important. There are usually three types of ice makers i.e. countertop, under counter, and commercial. Here is a little about these to help you choose better.



They are portable and easy to install if there is the primary option you want then buy these. They are small, cheap, you can take them with, but at the same time, they take more time to make ice and have less quantity of it, comparatively.


Under counter

These are permanently fixed under the counter and also called built-in. They are powerful and fast with more capacity but once you install them there is not portability.



The commercial ones are large, actually huge. Lots of capacity and they are much more expensive. You would not want these in your home whatsoever.


Why do you need one?

So there are different types of ice makers apparently. Obviously, there are different types and sizes for all the appliances. Here is why should invest in an ice maker.


Not enough ice

If you often have parties and events then ice in the freezer is never enough. So that is one of the reasons, in that case, these ice makes would really come in handy. The standalone ice makers would give you the ice you need and you do not need to buy a new freezer.


Freezer can’t keep up

If your freezer can’t keep up with the ice requirements you have then there is no need to buy a new one. Instead of spending on the new freezer, you can simply buy an ice maker. This would not only save you from the embarrassment of saving hot drinks but you can also enjoy chilled beverages yourself.


You just need one

Places like offices and your working space usually have beverages but they do not have fridges or ice make them chilled. So in that, you just need an ice maker. Just buy one and enjoy working with chilled mood. This is an easy and reliable way to chill.



Choose the best one, how?

What size

First thing to keep in mind is the size. This includes the type like if you want a countertop, portable or built-in ice maker. The size is also dependent on what are your needs? If you do not want too much ice then countertop and portable ice makers are good but for more quantity, the built-in and bigger ones are best. This is a no brainer but the most important one.


Space and place

Then come space and location that you have. If you have chosen a built in one then do you have the room for installation? On the other hand, do you have counter space to put the ice maker in case you choose portable?  It is possible to have a water source near the ice maker? These little details are important.


Quick ice

If you have more usage and would end up quickly with ice then it is better to choose the ice maker with high ice making speed. The typical countertop ice makers take about 20 to 25 minutes for the next batch.


Different shaped ice cubes?

Is this is what you really look for? If yes then check if the ice maker has different shapes available for you. Although they are not really necessary you can check out for one if you like.

These are some of the things you can keep in mind in order to choose the best ice maker.