How to Clean and Maintain your AC before Summer 2019?

21 Mar 2019

Almost every home appliance needs maintenance and repairs and so does the air conditioners. You can have many different types of air conditioners for your home and if you are looking to buy some then you can check out our best air conditioner collection. Cleaning air conditioners is not as easy as it may seem to you. Here is a guide that you can follow to easily clean and maintain your AC before the summer starts in UAE.


Cleaning inside of the air conditioner

What things do you need?

First of all, you need to buy a wash bag which you can get online. These bags are designed to catch the wastewater that gets off from the cleaning. There are custom bags too that you can get according to your air conditioner.

The next step is to get a coil cleaner. In this case, the liquid solution sprays are best and they penetrate well into the coils. Foam type coil cleaners and sprays may spread and mess up things. Do not use harsh chemical and cleaners as it could worsen the situation. Harsh chemicals will damage your air conditioner if they are new. They might damage the layer that keeps the overflow of the condenser. Get a microfiber cloth and a towel sort of cloth. The towel is to soak any water left and microfiber is to clean it like new. You will also need a spray nozzle that you will fix in front of spray cleaner to reach far places.


How to do it?

Wrap the wash bag around the air conditioner and make sure that it is not leaking before starting to wash. Wrap it correctly and so that water does not slip through it. One benefit of this is that you do not have to take off the air conditioning unit as professionals. Then you need to spray the cleaner spray over coils and brush it a little. Try to get the spray into coils and on the surface as well. Try to make it reach as far as possible as it would clean better that way.

You should also spray the blades that are in outlet air flow. If you do not have a spray nozzle then you should get one. Our motive here is to make the cleaning spray reach as far as possible. The job would be better done with a spray nozzle. After you have done spraying cleaning solution wait for at least 15 minutes. After some time you can wash it with water. All the dirt and any residues would flow down with water and into the wash bag.

If there is a little bit of water coming from the drain pipe do not worry about it. Now you can finally wipe clean all of the air conditioners. Lift up the bag and let all water from air conditioner flow into it. Make sure there is no water left. Carefully remove the trash bag and dump the waste. You successfully cleaned the inside of your air conditioner.

Wipe down the fan coil unit. Turn on the air conditioner and lift up the front of the bag to allow all the rinse water to spray into the bag. Now remove the wash bag by the ends carefully and dump the wastewater. Get the satisfaction of seeing all the filth and dirt that comes out of your air conditioner!


Cleaning the outside of air conditioners

Things you will need:

The first most important thing is the Coil Cleaner. Then you would need a cloth to soak up water and clear it for usage. A water hose is also needed for washing it. Gloves and eye protection is not necessary but safety is not a bad thing. If the air conditioner is fixed at a high place then you would need a ladder too.


How to do it:

Disconnect the electrical supply. Spray the cleaner and make sure to reach every corner. Let it set for 15 to 20 minutes as the spray or cleaner will set with dirt. After waiting to wash it with water. After cleaning it with water clean any left water. Clean your air conditioner once a year.

Cleaning the air conditioners from inside is as important as cleaning it from the outside. If you want your air conditioners to work efficiently and in good condition then you have to repair, maintain, and clean it with time to time. It will not only make its life extend but also increase efficiency and performance. Have a look at our window air conditioners too.