How Big Data Techniques Effects to E-Commerce Industry Online

01 Oct 2018

E-Commerce is starting to increase its hype. As of now, almost everyone wants to sit home comfortably and get all the required items and things that they want at home. Even vegetables, fruits, and medicines are being provided and delivered to your home. If you do not want to go out to a doctor there are applications and service providers that provide you the facility and comfort of having a doctor come to your home and check you there. With all that we have to focus more on increasing our business. Here comes in the “big data”! Big data is said to play an important role in online shopping in the future. PlugnPoint is one of the best and biggest online retailers that is offering you many services and a huge range and a wide range of products. Online retailers, most of them, have already started to take it into account and they have started to use tools. These methods and tools help them analyze the shopping carts and suggest new items and related products that they might be interested in. The shoppers and visitors are identified on the basis of their IP address.

Bid data vs E-commerce:

Big data will increase and improve the customer experience by helping you suggest better. The main goal of applying big data techniques to e-commerce is to give the online users a better, optimized and enhanced the experience. This will improve its real-time interaction. The online interaction between the retailers and users can be boosted, the shopping process can be improved and communication can be better. Following are the areas where Big-Data can be applied to E-commerce future.


Customer Service

Customer care is the most important part and duty of any business person. Either online retailer or not customer service is significant for your business to grow. An unhappy customer is very dangerous and harmful to you. Now let’s suppose that your customer care services are very good but there is some issue! You receive a call from and disappointed or more like the unhappy customer, but this is not the issue. The issue is that he called you from a mobile phone to place the complaint. It would be very helpful for the customer and you to use the customer history and background from some social media and help him resolve the issues during the call. Without big data, it is nearly impossible to do that but you can do that easily with it! Now you might be thinking what is the benefit of it? Instead of asking your customers all the details you will already have and get straight to the point. The information on your client gives you the opportunity to improve client relations and provide better services. In addition to that, the quality of customer care will also be improved.


Online Marketing

Before social media marketing, your product was too much difficult and it was neither that successful. People used to spend thousands of rupees on marketing and the reach was not that much. Also, too much time was spend on it and too much time was required to deliver it to the number of people you wanted. With modern days social media marketing is an important aspect and platform where you can sell and advertise almost anything you want. Most of these platforms offer you free advertisement of your product but obviously, the paid promotion would reach thousands of times more individuals. Big Data plays an important role here too! Advertising online is not that difficult but the thing is to market the product to the right people. If you are selling your product to the wrong target market than you are destined to be doomed. Big data makes it possible and easy to market the right products to the exact clients on e-commerce platforms. To know better about online marketing and e-commerce you can read our blog about e-commerce and mobile first technology. Also, it is possible to reach new customers in real time and it is cheaper than it was.


Optimized Preferences

More data, fast servers, and specific websites are not a problem these days, all thanks to big data. If you could use this technology efficiently you can have optimized websites depending on different regions and target market. Along with that different landing pages and products can also be changed accordingly. Knowing your target market and customers you can grow your business very much and increase your clientele.

Men and women preferences can be suggested. You can do much more with the help of big data. Anything you can think of is possible.


Prices and Competition

The current age is the age of tough competition. If you let your guard down it can hurt you and drown your business as well. Observing your competitors and acting accordingly is important and thanks to the internet’s transparency it is possible. Data Mining and real-time analysis were done with the help of big data will be crucial. You have to keep adjusting the prices according to the market competition. Big data is also offering complete analysis with the help of which you can dynamically regulate the prices.


Product Assortment

Big data allows you to read and analyze what and how your customers are buying items. With this analysis, you can then predict their next movement and suggest them items that are alike and related to those they mostly buy. Structured data’s analysis leads to a detailed analysis of the target market and customers individually. User-specific experience is the next big thing of the future and it can increase sales. Now you might be familiar with optimized and buyer oriented pages, big data allows you to achieve that goal for your business. Meeting user needs is now not a problem because you can have that with the help of data analysis. Oh, the biggest assortment of products is available to you at PlugnPoint, you can choose among the brands and start shopping with us.


Bottom Line

Big data is a very vast field and you can only do so much with it. Incredible strategies and modern approaches. It excels in the field of marketing and sales also online marketing. With big data, you have exceptional results for all your problems and business growth. Dynamic online store optimization, individual customer care, user-oriented experience and so much more is possible with it.