Do you Want to Change your Washing Machine?

18 Apr 2019

After you have bought the washing machine you like and the one that is right for you then the next step and question that you might have are that is the washing machine washing the clothes the right way or you have to ask yourself this question to know if this is the time you have to change your old washing machine or is it really still working. Is it really washing clothes or not? Of course, washing machines are made for washing clothes. There are plenty of features that washing machines in the market these days have. 
The most modern washing machines can take care of themselves, upgrade themselves and even order and buy some things like detergent or other parts if it is required. These machines have changed the way we do our laundry. Now you can put your clothes in the machine at night, you can set time and there is also no worries because you are clothes will be washed and dried now you can take them out anytime. Following are some of the functions that you can see and check in your washing machines to know if it is washing properly.

Self-wash system

Samsung is on top of the list that has new technologies introduced in their washing machines. So the self-wash technology was also introduced in these. Basically, what this is are sensors. You just have to put the clothes in the machine and it can sense them and start washing. You can go to sleep or work and the machine will even dry the clothes all you have to do is take them out because this technology has not yet been introduced. 
Then there is the bubble technology. This is a deep washing system. The detergent in converted into some bubble type so that it can really get into the fabric and get the stains out better. If you choose to have the hot water wash or go for cold water, so that you can save energy, the bubble technology will work in either way. 

Better at removing stains

The very basic and normal thing is to see for yourself if the washing machines are really removing the stains. If not, this sometimes can be because of the detergent or putting less detergent in. so, first of all, do not put access detergent in there and do not be cheap. Then some washing machines have this stain removal function type. What this does is soak the clothes in detergent water and them sort of scrubbing them with each other. Scrubbing is done anyway when the washing machines run. The soaking technology can help get rid of stubborn stains too. 
The latest models of washing machines have also introduced the steam wash. The steam wash is really effective in getting rid of the marks and stains. As the steam gets into the individual fabric and with it, the wash gets better. Also, steam cleaning kills the bacteria and other organisms that might be in the clothes. Before this, no washing machine thought of killing the germs with washing the clothes. 

Quick and effective wash

As much as stain removal is important to time is also of much significance here. If the washing machine takes too much time in removing the stains then it is not worth. The best washing machine and optimum performance is a balanced mixture of both features. Usually, the normal washing cycle is of about an hour or less. We have a complete collection of the best laundry appliances and products collection for you here. 

Energy efficiency

With stains removal and time saved one thing that you must not forget is energy efficiency. Good washing machines and good cleaning machine will also give you a good energy star rating. Most of the washing machines these days are energy efficient anyway. 

See the clothes yourself

In the end, if there is sorting left to do that is seeing it for yourself. You can manually check one or two clothes for any spots. Well, that is not going to be the case unless your washing machine needs a repair or it is time to change it. Mostly the latest and smart washing machines can detect themselves if there is any cloth that required more washing, in the case they will do more washing otherwise you are good to go. You should also check out these top loading washing machines too.