Most Popular Home Appliances Brands in the UAE 2019

20 Mar 2019

Home appliances make our lives easier. The Stone Age is over and now we live in homes and home appliances are needed in homes. If you have just moved to UAE then here is a guide to most popular home appliances in UAE. Home does not look like home unless you have these home appliances there. If you wish to see our complete list of all the top quality home appliances then you should visit the link. Shop only from plug n point as we tell you that this is the best place where you can get your home appliances from. Not only these appliances are cheap and economical but they are also of great quality. You have nothing to worry about because our team has inspected these appliances. All you need now is to shop your favorite one from us. You can visit our stores that are located all across the UAE and you can shop from the online store is you like.

The big appliances like refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, and many more are important and are major appliances in homes but the small appliances like kettles, coffee makes, microwave ovens and similar ones are also important. Before you get into the list of most popular home appliances brands in UAE you should have a look at these appliances first.


Popular small kitchen appliances:

Microwaves are one of the most popular and needed appliance in homes. Obviously, you have to eat and sometimes the food is left so you store that in the refrigerators, and later on you can microwave it. There are lots of scenarios. Blenders are needed to mix and make things like purees, juices etc. Its counterpart is the food processors. These can chop veggies in seconds. You can use these to perform many other tasks like preparing batter, making dough etc. There are lots of other small appliances too you should visit our website and check them all out there.


Popular large kitchen appliances:

There are many large appliances that you should check out at plug n point. However, we will not be mentioning all of them here because it would exceed the limit of these articles. The first and foremost thing you would need in your new home in the oven. Your new home, new kitchen and new oven where you will cook your favorite food. After this, the most popular one is the water dispensers. These water dispensers also have water filters that filter water and make it drinkable. As you would know that it is mostly summer in UAE so how could you have a home and not get an air conditioner. AC is very important otherwise you will be melted. How can you not have a vacuum cleaner? Cleaning is important of you will be sick.


Most popular home appliances brands:

Many international brands are selling in the UAE. But there is no clear list that says which brand is more popular than the other. Here is your guide to the most popular home appliances brands in UAE but not in the specific order.

The largest brand around the world is Samsung and so it is in the UAE. Samsung appliances are very popular and reliable. The prices are a bit higher as compared to others but it justifies because product quality is good. LG appliances have acquired an immediate number after Samsung in this list. LG is a famous and popular brand that is known all around the globe. It is a South Korean company which is providing us with a wide range of home appliances for a long time. The most popular products include LED TVs, refrigerators, home theaters and speakers, and washing machines. Other appliances are also of good quality but the above mentioned are very popular among people.

Dyson is a known brand in the home appliance field. They are very good and famous for their top-notch air purifiers. In a place like UAE which is very busy on the streets and there is sand all over the place you need to have an air purifier in your home. Now if have been living under a rock or in some cave you might not have heard about Maytag. Otherwise, it is very popular here in the UAE. The company is known for the work they have done for years in the kitchen and home appliance industry. Their washing machines, ovens, and cookers are of very good quality.

There was a time when child or elders, every person knew about Whirlpool because of their best marketing and advertisement strategy. If you do not know this home appliance manufacturer then this is the time to discover its appliances. All of the Whirlpool appliances are wonderful and top notch but of course, there are some that are more popular. So washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators are the most popular ones among all of its collection. Coming down the list we have Frigidaire, it has all the best home appliances. From garment steamers to washer dryers, from refrigerators to ovens. But the appliances that are wanted most are juicers and vacuum cleaners. This does not mean that other appliances are of bad quality. Give Frigidaire home appliances a chance and check them out.

Bosch manufacturers and designs its own appliances and hence the quality they offer for the price tag is very economical. Bosch has a wide range of best home appliances. You can check the complete list of all the home appliances they are offering here at plug n point. Not only that you can buy online and get the items delivered to your home anywhere in UAE with our fast home delivery service. Why don’t you visit our brands' page and select all the brands that are your favorite and start shopping right away? There we have many international and local brands available.