What kinds of Fridge\Refrigerators are offered by Top Online Electronics Shopping Sites?

08 Jan 2020

As people like everything compact and in small sizes now a day’s refrigerators are getting lots of attention in the Dubai market. Refrigerators in Dubai are a must needed a home appliance for each room of the house. In this hot weather of Dubai, you need to hydrate your body regularly with cold beverages and refrigerators are the best home appliance for that purpose that you can buy at Top Online Electronics Shopping Sites. You can buy it online or any other store in the UAE. A fridge can help you make your vegetables fresh for a longer time and you can get chilled water whenever you want. If you search thoroughly you can get it online at very good rates in Dubai

Getting a perfect refrigerator and fridge for yourself in UAE is like finding a perfect partner for your kitchen. We all know that UAE is a very hot region and you need a cold beverage when you came back home from work at that time a good refrigerator is a blessing for you. 

There are multiple famous brands in the UAE, which you can purchase for yourself from any local market. There are many sales throughout the year where you can find a fridge for sale in UAE; you can get a good deal. 

Types of Refrigerators and Fridge in UAE

With continuously changing technology each company is trying to produce such a product which is best in the market. Now two types of refrigerators and fridge are commonly used in the UAE.

  • Regular Fridge/refrigerators
  • Smart fridge/ refrigerators

Just because of their compact size these refrigerators have many useful advantages and can be used in many different places. Right now these refrigerators are being used in many different places in Dubai like

·         Buses

·         Dorms

·         Small flats

·         Offices

·         Motels 

·         Hotels 

·         Sports rooms

·         Gym rooms

Due to their small size, these refrigerators can be adjusted every single room of the house. There are different advantages of having a fridge at home which follows.

Small Refrigerator benifits

  • Convenient

Being small and convenient is a big advantage of this small fridge in Dubai. As we know that most of the population in Dubai are workers and they live in dorms or small apartments. So it is very easy to relocate a fridge instead of a normal fridge. Due to their small size, they have very little weight and even one person can relocate it from one part of the flat to another. Due to its small size, you can even fit it on your shelf. 

  • Space-saving appliance

Whenever you get a regular refrigerator for yourself they consume a lot of space in your kitchen. You have to rearrange your whole kitchen to make room for a single home appliance. They save lots of space in your apartment and you can put other kitchen appliances at that place. They also come in handy when you want to go on a tour and need a small cooling appliance with you. 

  • Saves your money

Getting yourself a regular refrigerator in Dubai can cost you lots of money. They don’t cost a lot and still provide you with similar benefits that you will get from a regular size refrigerator. There are many top online electronics shopping sites in UAE which also deliver these mini-refrigerators in your house as well like Plugnpoint

  • They are very handy

You can even put your food in to so you can eat it later. If you have a minibar in your house, in that case, a mini refrigerator is the ideal home appliance for you. These refrigerators will keep your beers cool every time. 

  • Great Back-up for your refrigerators.

Most people get a mini-fridge in Dubai as an extra home appliance. Usually, they get it to make their kitchen and room look better. But if you have dysfunction with your regular refrigerator it can easily work as a great backup for you. You can put your important food items so they won’t get spoiled. 

  • Saves energy

Unlike regular refrigerator mini-refrigerators, you won't consume a lot of energy and give you a huge bill at the end of the month. These refrigerators of Dubai are energy star efficient and work on 12 Volt. So you will save a lot of money on your electric bill.

types of refrigerators

Types of Refrigerators

  • Regular refrigerator

This is one of the most common types of a refrigerator that is being used in almost every house of UAE. More than 85 percent of UAE families use this type of Refrigerator as a Kitchen Appliance. This type of refrigerator has two compartments one is to put your food in cooling temperature so it won’t get rotten and the other one is chiller where you can freeze your meat and ice. There is a different compartment to store your vegetables and fruits.

  • Deep freezer

It is another kind of refrigerator that is mostly being used in restaurants. Mostly these refrigerators are used to store meat because of their huge single compartment. It has an equal temperature on each corner of its sides so everything gets equally frozen. These refrigerators will also work in many milk shops to store milk and dairy products as well. 

  • Mini refrigerators

Now, these are one of the most loved and adored types of a refrigerator in the UAE. This type of refrigerator is mostly seen in the hotel rooms. They are getting popular in UAE due to their small size and durability. You can put this refrigerator anywhere in your apartment and it won’t occupy a lot of space. You can put it anywhere in the house and if you live alone than it is a great choice for you. They are very durable and energy-efficient; you can now even get a mini-refrigerator which works on only 12V. So you can even fix it in your car and use it with your car battery.

  • Bar refrigerators

This is a great choice to have an unlimited supply of ice and chilled beverages in a bar. A bar refrigerator has an advanced chilling compartment which helps to freeze your ice in moments. It also has a rather large compartment to give you chilled beverage whenever you need. As the people of the UAE like to live a royal lifestyle and many of them have a minibar in their houses. So it is a great choice for that kind of person. 

  • Smart refrigerators  

Everything is getting advanced with technology now a day. The customer wants bigger, smarter and better products. The same thing goes with refrigerators as well. Refrigerator companies are building smarter products every day. These smart refrigerators have high prices but also come with many different technological benefits as well. You can use it with your phone Bluetooth and adjust the atmosphere with remote on these refrigerators. This is a luxury product and not every person can afford it but are many events in UAE When companies put these refrigerators on sale. You can even but these refrigerators at low prices at different top online electronics shopping sites like plugnpoint.  

Here are some of the choices that you can consider whenever looking forward to buying a new refrigerator for yourself. Now, whenever you want to buy a new refrigerator keep these things in mind.