List of Best Ramadan Sweets Buy Online in UAE

29 Apr 2019

Nothing can compare to the joy and blessings of Ramadan and the table decorated with beautiful and delicious desserts. These mouthwatering dishes are the ones to try and these are some of the places in UAE where you can get the best from. Following is a list of some places that have the best Ramadan sweets. Make your month special and get going.



Cake in a jar at the jarful is a thing to must try this Ramadan. This is a real twist in eating a cake. In short, this is a good place for your sweet tooth and a good thing is that you can order too, but the order must be placed 24 hours beforehand with a minimum of 6 jars.


Al Baba Sweets

Here you can choose from a wide selection of baklava soaked in syrup or handmade sweets. They have the best sweets for personal and to gift someone. You can also order from their store and online too.


Al Samadi Sweets

Here delicious and affordable sweets are waiting for you. Along with sweets cakes and pastries, coffee, juices and ice creams are also available. To be on safe side pre-order your favorite sweets. Choose the gift tray and bowls to show love.


Angelina Tea Room 

The old-fashioned hot chocolate is a complete desert. So delicious and fulfilling but really sweet. It is a good thing, right? This is a must try.


Atayeb Chocolates

Another chocolate sweet shop, their specialty is chocolate and they have good reviews. The traditional Arabic sweets are best here.


Choc and Nuts

This place offers sweets with retro vibes. They are old fashioned with old weighing scales. The delicious nuts and sweets are mouthwatering.


Qwaider Al Nabulsi

This is a renowned authentic restaurant that has the best cheese katayef filling with pistachio and pine. There are many other sweets like baklava, mamoul and much more. You can pre-ordered your favorites right now. Extra stuffing is also available on demand.


Holland House

Nutella mini pancakes are the soul of this place. You can have these with the topping you like. One complete portion is 10 mini pancakes, enjoy!


Firas Sweets

Kanafeh, the warm, soft and creamy dessert with cheese is one worth your time and money. They also have other cream and cheese based sweets as common delicacies. Go and check the complete list. They are located across UAE.


Al Reef Bakery

Other than their amazing manakeesh the sweets are also worth trying. Check out their huge sweets collection and report back!



Reem Al Bawadi

You can get yourself a box of best Arabic sweets including Kanafeh, Aish Saraya, and more from this place. Not just this but the place is also known for its arabesque ambiance and dine in options.


Arabesque Sweets

Organic Syrian ice cream and the Bakdash Booza these are worth your time. You also get to see two musician-scoopers drumming away a dabkeh using utensils and ice cream containers.


Wafi Gourmet

The sweets that are traditional and also those you like. Wafi Gourmet is located in the Dubai mall.



They make all sweets using organic and locally grown ingredients they do not use any chemicals or any modified stuff. The sweets are full of dry fruits like pistachios and flavor and how can we forget the butter.



This one is also located inside a mall, the Village Mall Jumeirah is a traditional Egyptian sweet store. They have all the local and international sweets with their twists in them. Their cheesecake is a special one, named like basboussa.



If you really like the kanafeh then this one is not to miss. This heavenly place makes the best authentic Palestinian Kanafeh abusive and they are located at Al Seef.


Kullaj Omar

This is a place for traditional Palestinian that is special kind of dough stuffed with white cheese, pistachios or walnuts. Try to eat is fresh because of it tastes a lot better and tasteful when it is warm and fresh.


Sale Sucre

To get the famous Mango Kanafeh and Nutella Kanafeh you should go to this place. They are the only ones that make these. Other than this they also have Egyptian basbousa and baklava.



This place is home to delicious Middle Eastern sweets with a Turkish twist. The place is popular because of its delicious taste and good quality sweets.


Habiba Al Nabulsi

Kanafeh, hallowed el jeben, basboussa, and katayef these are just a few names that you could get from Habiba Al Nabulsi. This is a local sweet shop that has great taste and collection of traditional and other sweets. Check them out this Ramadan if you have not already.


Sallora Sweets

Getting apart from the other Sallora has the best and fulfilling sweet Arabic juices available that are just great. Not just these. This is the place where you can find whatever you like.


Kullaj Omar

This is also a traditional Palestinian sweet shop. The famous sweet is the Levant. They also make good Kullaj that is amazing and great. 

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