List of the best smart TVs for this year.

02 Apr 2019

With the rise of technology home entertainment has been evolved. First, we had TVs, then LCD, LEDs, and now we are up to smart TVs. Smart TVs now are more than just TVs with tons of features and options. There is no limit to what you can do with these smart TVs. Smart TV offers more than regular television.


TCL 43S405 smart TV

TCL is a notable and reliable company that is offering you the best appliances like TVs at affordable rates. This is the TV with a 43-inch 4K display. Enjoy your favorite videos at the best quality. Their streaming service is also good. The high refresh rates are also good. And you can even play games on it without any loss of information and frames. There are many ports like HDMI, USB along with the optical ports. This is the best TV at such a price.


LG 49LJ550M smart TV

This company is in the electronics market for many years. Today we present you with its 49 inches HD resolution TV. This one has the refresh rate of 60 Hz and is great to connect with your gaming consoles. It is fun to play games on. You can enjoy your time without any loss of information or action. The color range is great and black levels are also good. You get to have built-in apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more. With these HDMI, one USB, Ethernet and optical ports you can connect it with the device you want.


Sharp P5000U smart TV

Next one on the list is Sharp. It is known for excellent sound display quality. This one is 43 inch with the 1080p display. Just like many others, there are popular used apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc. With these, you can browse your social media and get connected to the world. AquoMotion technology improves display quality. So many features you still have to know and the price is not too much.



Samsung QN55Q8F UHD

Samsung’s OLED is the coveted technology, if you want a good display better than any other then Samsung is the one. This is not a smart TV but it is as smart it can get to smart TV after not being smart. This one has Q Contrast, Q HDR. This can create deep black levels. It also has an ambient with which you can use a wallpaper or photo etc. to blend it with the atmosphere. How it can be that Samsung did not include their voice assistant, Bixby in these TVs. So this one comes with Bixby, it does exactly what it is named. We also have the best collection of curved smart LED TVs you should have a look at that.


Sony KD60X90E smart TV

Do you want the largest possible display in a smart TV? What are you waiting for then buy this huge 60 inch TV by Sony? With the HDR you can get better colors and blacks, so overall the image quality will be improved. It has the ports that you would need to connect it to other devices, there is a composite hybrid port too. The best thing about this is that it has dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix, meaning you can go to them with a single touch.


LG 65UJ7700 smart LED TV

Large 65-inch display with 4K resolution, what else do you need from an LED TV. They have the best display with a wide range of colors, contrast, and deep black level. Producing the right black level is tough for TVs but this TV has done it. You can easily play games on it and connect it to your gaming devices with the ports. There are enough ports for it.

The audio is super along with the display because it has Dolby Vision. Netflix, YouTube, Hulu apps are already included in it. It also works perfectly fine with the Chrome cast and Roku stick. Get this TV and enjoy your life with it. Have a look at these televisions too.