List of the things that you can do this weekend in UAE.

09 Apr 2019

Are you bored? Are you in the UAE? If the answer to both the questions is yes then do not worry because you will not be bored anymore, because here is a list of things you can do this weekend in UAE to be fun. Enjoy your weekend in UAE by following this list. Here is how to spend off your weekend days in the UAE.


Enjoy the live performances

The Sharjah Art Foundation is inviting you to come and enjoy the weekend with music. This is a part of the Sharjah 14th biennial public programming. This is a two-day event that will include Arabic Music and other live music performances. The event will be held at Sharjah Institute of Theatrical Arts. A special film screening fused with the cinema live performance and live music will be joined by artists like Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler. These performances will be held in the mirage city cinema under open air. While we are talking about the music and sound here, how it can be complete without these sound bars, check these out!


Explore the world

At WAFI mall you get to have an implausible science stimulation that you can join and explore the science world. See the world through the eye of science. There you can also meet the scientist Albert who is known as “Mad scientist”. Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Do you want to have that experience again? Then visit this science fair and get the experience of your lifetime. There are more than 40 interactive machines that will give you the feel and gist of natural disasters like an earthquake, tornado, angry hair, and more!


Enjoy the party

The BPM Festival is coming to Dubai. They will be here for one special show and will be playing at Playa Nomade. The venue is Palm Jumeirah! Big and popular names will be joining the stage some at the night time while others will be there at daytime.


Beachside party

If you are into the beach parties then this one is not to be missed. You can join the party at the private island of Al Maya Island and Resort. There you will be enjoying the time with different DJs and enjoying the beach at the same time.



Cheb Khaled

Shake it to the music by Khaled. This will be your unforgettable weekend at the Dubai super club. Cheb Khaled is an Algerian singer and musician and does not mix this up with the DJ Khaled, Cheb is a legendary musician and you do not want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime. Have a look at these Hi-Fi systems too.


Be fit with Ripe

Ripe is back one again this weekend to make you fit and get your favorite body. Ripe fitness is a well-known and loved community at Dubai Police Academy but there is more to it. The fitness this time has a musical twist with it. If you are into Parkour then you should go to the Dubai market hosting Parkour. There is a free yoga class too. There is much more you have to check out yourself.


Art fair

This art fair in Dubai this year is the region’s largest affordable art fair. Every there is one held and this one is the fifth edition, this art fair is known as the World Art Dubai. There will be lots of artists and their work, about more than 3000 pieces from all over the world. This fair successfully combines more than 150 galleries and artists from different countries. Look out for the rising Emirati artists like pop-art icons and fashion art disrupters, visit there and enjoy your time around the art.


Cultural show and music too

The largest platform dedicated to Middle Eastern and North African musicians, WASLA, is all ready to be hosted here in Dubai. This is the third edition of this festival. Music links and connects people. With this festival, at Burj Park, we are bringing back eclectic line-up to the city. This will feature various cultural elements and promote artists. There are lots of great live entertainment and outdoor fun.


Cafe Mambo

If you have any plans this weekend then cancel those and go to enjoy your weekend at the Café Mambo. There is a treat for dance lovers there. You will be dancing to the mixes of Alex Kennon and Chelina Manuhutu. The dances will be on all night and you can stay there to enjoy your time. There are lots of other things to enjoy in the UAE this weekend, go out there and explore more. If you want to have a party at your home and want a sound system, then buy the best from home theaters from plug n point.