List of Top 10 Consumer Electronics brands in Dubai

26 Aug 2019

Dubai is known as one of the most electrically advanced countries not just only in the UAE but also the world. Almost every electronic brand that will come to your mind exist in Dubai market. There are many local markets where not only you get the product of these brands, with good price and also of great quality. 

There are multiple electronic brands items that we use daily and they can help you to make your life easier if you just moved to Dubai. they want a dream home with the latest electronic products but they don’t want to spend much money as well. People usually neglect this part of their house but what they don’t know is that an elegant kitchen enhances the beauty of your house and give it a sense of beauty. Those people who are building new houses pay extra to get a beautifully furnished kitchen because they know the importance of a good kitchen in the house. 

Here is the list of all the Top brands in Dubai for electronic products that you need in your house.

List of Dubai Top electronic product brands

There are many Top quality electronic brands in Dubai but in this list, we are going to mention the top ten.

1.     Samsung 

Right now Samsung is the market head when it comes to best electronic product, no matter it is for your personal use or for the household Samsung is there. In Dubai when it comes to major consumer electronics brand Samsung will come on no.1.  the main reason behind Samsung success is its continuous quality providing nature in each product. Their products are one of the most durable products in the market which last longer so that’s why its No.1 on the list.

2.     LG 

LG has acquired 2nd position on this list because of their good quality products just after Samsung in this list of best Consumer electronic brands of Dubai. LG is a South Korean electronics product brand which is popular all over the globe. A decade ago LG was no1. When it comes to best and cheap home appliances. Some of the most popular products of this brand in Dubai are LED TV, refrigerator, Speakers, and Washing machines. 

3.     Dyson

Dyson is also another electronic company which makes home appliances but in Dubai, it is majorly popular for its Top-notch air purifier products. In a place like Dubai where there are so much humidity and sand all over the place, an Air purifier is a need of every home. Their Air purifiers are being installed in almost every house of Dubai.

 4.     Maytag

Maytag is very popular in the region of UAE specially in Dubai due to their cheap electronic home appliances. The company is known for its kitchen and home appliance quality at a very cheap price. This company deals with may electronic products like Washing machines, cookers, stoves and ovens which are the need of almost every house.

5.     Whirlpool

Whirlpool was the favorite brands of every children and elder when it comes to electronic home appliances in the ’90s. This doesn’t mean that it is not a part of the market right now just there are some other better brands in the market.  This company has maintained its spot in the list of top electronic brands of Dubai.

6.     Frigidaire 

It is one of the best brands when it comes to top-quality home appliances in Dubai. It is mainly known due to its best garment steamers, refrigerators, and ovens. Other than that its most wanted kitchen appliances are juicers and blenders. Frigidaire has become one of the best brands in the UAE when it comes to electronic products.  

7.     Bosch

Bosch electronic company is mostly renowned in Dubai for a different design of electronic products with an economical price tag. Over the last 20 years, this brand has established its name in many countries of UAE specially in Dubai. Those families who want to get a good electronic home appliance with cheaper price always choose Bosch over other brands.

8.     Panasonic

Panasonic is working in Dubai for the last 15 years and has made his name in the market. This company is majorly renowned due to its best quality vacuum cleaners, Iron and Washing machines. In Dubai just because there is so much sand everywhere you need to have a good vacuum cleaner to clean your house and this company provides one of the top-notch quality vacuum cleaners in the market.

9.     Sony

When it comes to electronic products we simply cannot neglect the importance of Sony in the international market. Same goes with Dubai. As we all know that Dubai is very strong economically and the Sheikh of Dubai has a very fond of latest electronic gadgets and Sony has been one of the top producers of great electronic gadgets. No matter which category you choose, mobiles, headphones, speakers, LED TV and many more Sony has one of the top-notch product in each category.

 10. Phillips 

Last but not least Phillips electronic is also one of the top electronic product sellers in Dubai. This company is most famous for it's Iron, washing Machines and Toasters in Dubai. They also deal in with grooming electronic products like trimmers and hair straighteners.


So here is the list of top 10 electronic consumer brands in the Dubai market. You can choose any of their product according to your need and financial conditions.