List of Top Quality Sandwich maker in UAE. Read this before ordering a sandwich maker

15 Nov 2019

Whenever looking to buy a sandwich maker there are many different kinds of aspects that you have to keep in your mind. There are thousands of different kinds of sandwich makers available in the market and each of them have different specifications. In UAE you need to buy a sandwich maker for yourself. It can be a great partner of your breakfast when you need a quick breakfast without making it by yourself. 

There are many different kinds of sandwich maker available in the market of UAE and it is very confusing to choose the best among them. There are any online stores where you can order sandwich maker online as well like plugnpoint. Usually people go behind multi purpose sandwich maker because they provide more quality and variety of sandwiches. 

There are different aspects that you have to keep in mind when getting best sandwich maker for yourself and they are as follows. 

1-Basic/ Multipurpose Sandwich maker

Usually there are two types of sandwich maker available in the market, you should know that what your preference is. What kind of sandwich maker will be good for you? A basic sandwich maker only use to make simple sandwich but a multipurpose sandwich maker can also be used for grilling or making Panini. 

2-Design and size of Sandwich maker

Now this is one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when buying a best sandwich maker for yourself.  There are different size sandwich maker available in the market like large and mini sandwich maker, but it is up to your preference which one will suit you. Usually mini sandwich maker are only used for making just sandwiches on the other hand large sandwich maker can also be used as multipurpose sandwich maker


This may be some of the most important aspect when buying a sandwich maker online for yourself. A best sandwich maker will always be light on your pocket. There are many hot sandwich makers available in the market by renowned brands which can cost you extra money but you can buy sandwich maker online at less price and same features. Usually multi purpose sandwich maker cost you extra but they are worth it and you can get mini sandwich makers under 200 AED in UAE. 

 Top sandwich makers in UAE

Here is a list of all those top notch sandwich makers that you can get in UAE for yourself. These are hot sandwich makers and you can get them all at plugnpoint as well. 

1-Breville deep fill vst041 sandwich toaster

This hot Sandwich maker is manufactured by a company named as Brevillle. This is one of the most renowned companies on the internet which sells electronic home appliances. This is one of the best sandwich makers in the market of UAE and also work as multipurpose sandwich maker. It works on the power of 850 watts which is very high and you can use it as a deep fill sandwich maker. It has a non-sticky material and you can easily remove its plates. It has two deep dishes in which you can place your sandwich. This is an easy to clean sandwich maker and don’t sting out all the fillings of sandwich. 

2-Cuisinart 2-in-1 grill and sandwich maker

It is another one of the best sandwich makers available in the market. This is also named as best grilling sandwich maker. Usually people buy it for the grilling purpose. It is a kind of hot sandwich maker which will produce beautiful grilling marks on your bread. It can also be used to make Panini as well. This is a kind of multipurpose sandwich maker works on 1000 watt power and have single sandwich plate. You can grill anything on it and it is very easy to clean as well. Due to high power consumption this online sandwich maker work very efficiently. Although it is a little pricey but it also work as a multipurpose sandwich maker which is a plus point. 

3-Sage ssg600bss the perfect press sandwich maker

It is a best sandwich maker to provide you with a luxury experience. This sandwich maker will give you perfectly shaped sandwiches each time. You don’t have to eat squishy sandwiches anymore. This mini sandwich maker works on 1500 Watt and give you instant hot sandwiches that why it is also called fastest hot sandwich maker.  It has an adjustable height control for your sandwiches and 2 non- sticky plates. It is very powerful and easy to clean sandwich maker, which provide you luxury experience each time you make a sandwich in it. 

4-Russell hobbs deep fill 3in1 sandwich panini and waffle maker

Now as it is easily conveyed by the name this is one of the best multi purpose sandwich makers in UAW market. You can make any kind of sandwich in it. The best part about this sandwich maker is that even if it works as 3 in 1 it still uses very less energy. This online sandwich maker work at 750 watt. To give you best multi purpose sandwich maker experience it has 3 plates which give different shapes to your sandwiches. This is dishwasher friendly electronic device so it is easy to clean as well. It just has a single temperature setting so it is the best sandwich maker for beginners.