Make Home Smarter with IOT or IA. Digitalizing Homes in Dubai 2020.

07 Nov 2019

As we are making technological advancement every single day, these advancements are influencing our life’s on a greater scale. Nowaday many companies are also installing these technological advancements in your homes as well and they call them smart appliances. Smart appliances are continuously making our lives better on daily scales.

Dubai is a mark of technical advancement in the whole world. Every kind of technical and mechanical advance appliance is available in Dubai. There are many companies which are making smart homes in Dubai by installing a different kind of Smart Appliances in Homes. It is estimated that Dubai will have more 100,000 houses by 2020.

Different IoT and IA gadgets to make your Home Smart in Dubai.

There is a different kind of smart appliances available in Dubai which can help you make your home a better living space. Smart homes in Dubai will save up to 20% of electricity bills per month and here are some of the smart home appliances.

  • Home assistance

The first smart appliance that you want to get for your home is a smart home assistance system. This is a great gadget to make your house smart and protected. This is a great smart home digital assistant which help you navigate through the house. In Dubai, it can be a great home appliance. 

  • Smart HUB for home

This is a great smart small home appliance which has a smart speaker and a built-in hub in it. You can think of the next best thing as a smart appliance in Sharjah. This Great Smart Home Appliances will allow you to automate all the other smart devices in your home. You can also call it the brain of your smart house. 


  • Smart light bulbs

Now, this is one of the most common appliances that we use in our houses. Lights are used in every single house of the UAE region. Due to hot weather, people like to stay indoors and lights are on almost 24 hours a day. So getting smart lights can help you bring down your electricity bills. These smart lights are operated able by your cell phone and you can also control them via voice control. They also have different light settings.

  • Smart Thermostat

This is a great home appliance to automate your home temperature. This will not only help you to adjust the temperature of your house in Dubai cozy but you can also change it according to your needs. Dubai has a very hot climate throughout the year so this smart appliance in Dubai will help you make your house cool all the time. 

  • Smart doorbell

This is a great gadget to make your home a smart and safe at the same time. A smart doorbell comes with a digital camera that will allow you to see who is outside the door and you will know before you open the door. This Smart Home Appliance is also can be operated through your phone so if you are not at your home and somebody presses the doorbell you will know who came. 

  • Smart door lock

Replacing your old locks with new, better and smarter locks is another great thing that you will do to make your home more secure. This smart home appliance has secured many homes to get robbed in Europe and now it is becoming a popular smart home appliance in Abu Dhabi as well. Most of these smart door locks have a thumbprint scanner to get unlocked or entering a special pin code number. This is a very safe and secured smart home appliance to get in Abu Dhabi

  • Indoor smart security Cameras

Security smart cameras are being installed in many cooperative buildings from decades. They have been providing a great sense of security in these buildings. Now People are installing these smart cameras in their homes to make them more secure. If you ever get robbed, you can capture the culprit through video recording. These smart camera appliances can be operated through your phone and you will get the live stream of your house on your mobile phones. 

  • Smart electric outlet (Plug)

These smart appliances in Dubai are a great way to control the electricity bills in your houses. This is a small smart home appliance that can make a major difference in your electric bills. You can schedule your electric device through your mobile phones via these smart plugs. These smart home appliances are very cheap and easy to install in a house. 

  • Smart Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are being used in every single house to clean it. It is a great home appliance that has now turned into a great smart home appliance with the latest technology. There are many high- quality Smart Vacuum Cleaner available in the market of Dubai which will automatically navigate the dust and vacuum it. These smart home appliances are also having Wi-Fi connectivity and you guys can control it through your mobile phones as well. 

So here are all the great smart appliances that are being used in many houses of Dubai now a day to make them smarter, better and more secured. You guys can get all these smart home appliances at many online stores like plugnpoint