New Jobs Opportunities in UAE 2019

23 Apr 2019

This year there are new jobs coming and they are even more than last year. There has been significant growth for jobs this year and yet there are more to come. The companies in the UAE are ready for the jobs and they are hiring. According to the experts, the progress is ongoing in the workforce and guess what leading region is UAE, again.


Job creation

There is a rise in job postings online. According to the MEI, i.e. monster employment index, UAE registered more jobs and there is a rise of 42% compared to last year. Monster employment index a company that does an analysis of online job demands, postings and other trends. And this all is for until the first quarter of 2019. There is no surprise to this, as UAE has always been the region where people from all over the world come and in huge numbers. It also is known as a hub for investors, Businesses, and entrepreneurs. Also, UAE is now accepting applications for long term visas.

The Business Registration and Licensing section at the Department of Economic Development issued 2,459 new licenses and added 9,661 jobs are still to come in UAE. According to the Michael Page Middle East Job Market Survey, 64% of the professionals are positive that there are going to be more jobs, 80% think that the situation will get better within 6 months, the job situation. 72% of people say that the coming years would be the ideal time to live and work in the UAE, compared to previous years.


Advanced skills

This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and keeping up with its technological developments is the main challenge, said Federal Authority for Government Human Resources’ director-general. This is not only for UAE but also many other countries. They know the importance of it and since first they acknowledged it they are giving special attention to it. For that UAE has also invested in upgrading the skills of its employees along with keeping an eye for which skills and jobs are required and trending in the market these days. So, this is a great time for jobs and to get hired in the UAE.



Employees and concerns

The people like human resource professionals, sales and marketing teams, and others that are on priority to UAE, they have been invested on to advance and sharpen the skills. To attract and let investors and employees stay here in UAE these were some tactics being used, a tax-free salary and tax-free business zones, etc. But, since there are more people committing long term contracts in the region so these tactics are not enough anymore. Now, people, the employees are concerned about the organization’s culture, their career development and learning as well as how flexible the working environment is.


Efforts for jobs

This growth is amazing and it is the result of UAE working and making efforts to keep this region a business hub for the world. This would get UAE citizens more jobs and still there would be lots of opportunities for people. The efforts made and jobs openings are directly related to each other, said chief executive officer of Abhijeet Mukherjee. 

Have a look at jobs opportunities in Dubai 2019


Government initiatives

So when we are talking about the efforts the UAE government also has plans to improve the private sector for all, especially for the local talent. They are also executing those plans, for instance, one of the plans is to merge the private and public sector’s holidays. In addition to that one important announcement is 30,000 private jobs for Emiratis. According to us, these initiatives are a really good and good way to grow the economy by helping people with providing jobs. So, if you have some talent then this is the golden time for you, even if you do not you still have time. There are many offers like career development programs.


Skills in demand

Following are the skills that are in demand these days.


Security analyst, developers, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, analytical reasoning, UX and UI designers, and systems administrator.

Accounting and finance

Finance directors, financial planning and analysis manager, financial analyst, financial services, and compliance manager, and FX sales manager.

This is not a complete list of the jobs and positions but just a gist of what and how many positions are open here. To the sole purpose of this is to let you know and guide towards the right path. Totally irrelevant but still, you can buy the best home appliances from plug n point at best and cheap prices.