Top New Restaurants in UAE that you should Visit

19 Apr 2019

Living in UAE, want to spend this weekend out? But all the restaurants there are you have already been to. So here is a list of the best new restaurants that in UAE that you can try. So without further ado, we will get straight into it. The following list contains the best new restaurants in the UAE but not in the specific order. This is not a, which one is number one and which one is at the bottom of the list, in fact, this gives you a general idea of best new restaurants in UAE. Before that have a look at our home appliances collection!


Fat chow

Around Palm Jumeirah Island, then this is the best time to visit the fat chow. This place will serve you with best Cantonese cuisines, this is Chinese food. The additional beauty of the place is the sea view that is sort of complementary with food. Do like Goth and dark places? This place greets you with neon and Hong Kong vibe. The best dishes include fat chow, steamed chicken, chili crab, wok-fried prawns, hammour with ginger and spring onions. There will be much more items on the menu like soups and noodles that you have to go there and discover for yourself.


Sah El No

The famous Syrian restaurant in UAE has just opened its second branch at Blue waters Island. This place has beautiful views of Ain Dubai. If you have not already guessed this Syrian restaurant has taken its name from the 1975 Syrian show ‘Sah Al Nawm’. The specialty of this place is the homemade generation passed recipes. The special dishes are Ouzi Short Ribs, Ghapama, Seeberg Spinach, and enough with the spoilers go there yourself and enjoy the food with ambiance and refill yourself with memories.



This is the new restaurant at YAS Island, Abu Dhabi and not the Portuguese footballer. The food is like when Japanese food is cooked with Italian sauces and flavors. You will love the place as it has all the thing from sushi rolls to pizzas and pasta, not just this but there is a lot more. Talking about the food here, best menu items include Makimono rolls, creamy Fettucini, Golfo Del Messico with salsa. The place is spacious and there are private booths too.




This is a Greek restaurant at The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah Island. If you are hungry for the Greek cuisine then this is the place to eat out. The owner is from Greek and this place came to existence because they wanted to create something that gives Greek spirit. You will get to have a great view from the terrace of the Arabian Gulf and everything around it. They cook the food is cooked in Gastra style or clay-pot for slow roasting. The Greek style roasting with vine stems is also amazing.


OSH by Bolt Group

This place has a central Asian feel mixed with an attitude. The place has two floors with terrace seating giving a beautiful beachfront view. The place is open from breakfast time to late at night. Some of the best dishes are Shrimp Manti, Crispy Aubergine, and Goat Cheese Salad. Obviously, there would be a lot more than just these and to find out that you have to visit the place. If you are a fan of the live kitchen then they have those too, the grilled items are just, the best. You should also have a look at the best places to celebrate Easter, have a look!


Torno Subito

This one is also located at the Palm Jumeirah Island at W Dubai with one of the best Italian cuisines. The ambiance and feels are good. This restaurant was awarded as the best restaurants a previous year. This retro-themed restaurant will take you back in the old days and refresh the memories. Things here are sophisticated, the terrace with views of Dubai Private Beach is eye-catching. Here special dish is the recipe that has been transferred down the chain to their chefs. The name of this place translates in English to “I will be back soon!” visit the top ten most amazing places you should visit in the UAE.