Why Eco-friendly TVs are allowed to Enter the UAE 2019?

04 Mar 2019

According to the latest release, there are some rules and standards that TVs have to fulfill to get into the UAE. Recently Abu Dhabi also announced that the new entering TV sets that are entering have to be on point on the energy efficiency standards. Many international and well-known companies and manufacturers are and have produced eco-friendly and energy efficient TV that would have no problem entering the UAE. If you want to buy TVs like that you can check out the best and cheap TVs at plug n point


What are Eco-friendly TV sets?

The eco-friendly or environment-friendly TVs are the ones that have at least energy star rating of 4 and higher. Or if you know only the alphabetical energy star ratings then the televisions having the least rating of A up to A+++ would be allowed to enter. The televisions that have an energy star rating of E, F, and G would be phased out. These TVs use less electricity so as a result your electricity bills are reduced.  These TV sets could reduce as much as 50 percent of your electricity usage and some companies claim to be higher. Find all the LED TVs here and select the one you like, add to cart and leave the rest to us. We will deliver it to your home.


New energy efficiency standards by ESMA

The ESMA is the authority here. ESMA is the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology. They have introduced new energy efficiency standards and if you are planning to import or bring some TV into the UAE then the appliance must fulfill the new ESMA energy efficiency standards.

ESMA is introducing these new standards as a part of its new national eighth energy efficiency program. So the UAE cabinet that is in control of approving or disapproving projects and new initiatives has approved the standards and this program. If you would like to have the 4K HD big screened TV in your home or if you want to have a curved LED TV then this is the place to buy them.


What is the purpose of eco-friendly TVs?

The purpose of having only Eco-friendly and energy efficient TVs in the UAE is more than just saving your electricity bills. The goal that is to be achieved here is getting rid of all the fluorescent gases and heat that non-energy efficient appliances and TVs produce. As a result of getting only eco-friendly TVs in UAE that there would be a change in your surroundings and environment. Think of it as the government has collectively planted one lac fifty thousand trees. Other than that UAE also has to be prepared for the ever increasing demand for electricity and energy.

So, you could say that this initiative by the UAE government and ESMA has a goal and wants to reduce the consumption of electricity all over the country. So if they are restricting the appliances and want you to use only the energy efficient and eco-friendly TVs, then you should do so. It would benefit the country and all of its inhabitants. It is for the betterment of the country and for all of us too. Play your part in saving the future. Buy the best Smart LED TV and add beauty to your home. Have the best TV experience with these smart TVs. We have the best and reasonable prices products.