Find More Job and Business Opportunities in UAE 2019

19 Oct 2018

Opportunities are rising in the UAE. The US, Los Angeles based entrepreneur, a co-founder, and partner of Muse capital, says that opportunities and start-up will be growing in UAE during the upcoming years. First of all, what is Muse capital? It is an investment fund like venture specialists but a little different. It concentrates on those technologies which face customers. The company is involved in different businesses from health care to tech.  So recently Noon, a UAE based company signed a pact with eBay to give competition to Amazon supported company in UAE Souq. FinTech is an industry that improves financial activities using technological tools and advantages. Cryptocurrency, investing services, and mobile banking are some of the examples of these you see every day around you.


Get the seed money from Angel investors

What is in this for angel investors and who are they? Angel investors are like small level seed money providers, to put it simply and straight forward. The reason why they are called angel investors is that they put forward a range of money. Because it is just the seed money and they do not venture capitalists but angel investors they put forward less money. A group of angel investors is expected to invest as much as 1 million but venture firms do not invest less than this.

The entrepreneurial hub is being built in UAE, with its rise the opportunities in UAE will also increase said, Grazioli Venier. She is an angel investor and advisor to high growth startups. Ms. Venier and her partner Rachel are looking forward to investing in the Middle East. After their first visit to Dubai for the WIL Economic Forum they planned to invest in UAE. They added, positive and high investment activities are happening in Dubai. From these activities, they see a new and risen hub in the UAE.


Rising opportunities in UAE

After the failure of some Middle Eastern companies, a flood of media and technological advancements came and it was probably because of the Arab Spring. The young generation is the new entrepreneurs and their desire of doing business is growing. Especially after the success of many companies over the past years, attention towards business has increased. International investors are now looking forward. The partnership of young thinker and investors will be good, we hope. More and more business is coming to UAE, not very long ago Indian big-time business, Policy Bazaar expanded its business in UAE.

There is a shortage of venture capitalist companies in the region but this angle is changing. As mentioned above the investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world have an eye on the Mena startups and investments. The investors from before are used to different methodologies like the fast return of investment and private equity and real estate.

However, venture solution is a completely different thing. An average of five to seven-year return plan and slow deployment of capital are the major catch points. To compete in the market investors have to let go of the old strategies and adapt to the market new trend.

People here do not know much about venture capitalists and they need to learn and absorb that this a worthwhile business strategy. In addition to second investors like the founder of and the bidder of “SOUQ” against Amazon, the millennial generation is also tapping in the digital world of marketing, the ones who can afford to.


Past start-up examples 

Learning from the previous well-reputed startups, like Silicon Valley, is very important. Californian 500 startups with cloud platform and social marketing software development wildfire were brought by Google for Dh1.3 billion and are also known as Bahrain base.

The two partners of Muse Capital, Grazioli and Rachel met each other when Rachel came to pitch for Spotify about four years from now, i.e. 2018. Short after that, they became close friends and Rachel helped her friend Grazioli through the late stages of breast cancer which was in 2016. Later that year both of the friends came up with an idea of Muse.

Grazioli added, while talking to the news, Out of unbearable pain came the astonishing creative idea. Now the company they formed wants to raise new funds and be an angel investor in UAE. According to her, people in the UAE also want to invest in the US. They have been approached and asked to grow some regional businesses that they are planning to grow beyond the boundaries of the Middle East and make it international. UAE has also developed in terms of online shopping. Buy best and top quality products at most reasonable prices at PlugnPoint.


Market and business growth with more jobs

She sees this as a chance of letting the business market of UAE grow. For better and long lasting results the main and important things would be the cross partnership between the two regions. Qordoba is one of the companies in UAE that Muse has worked with in some recent years. Qordoba is the company that rose up quickly. They are the creators and founder of first machine learning solutions for localization.

Qordoba is a huge success and they have also raised 5 million dollars in a series of funding, only last year. They are most likely to come back to the homeland and base the operations from here. As far as the Muse goes we are investing in 14 companies, as of now. The companies we are investing in have a lot of potential and vast market to cover. The latest one of them is “Firefly” San Francisco based company.

They believe in all sorts of miscellany but they are not willing to invest in any company that has uniform management. They believe that productivity is increased if you have diverse workers. However, they insist on investing in companies that have women in higher positions. The reason and goal behind this strategy are to empower women. This is a way of doing it and they also believe that is not a long term solution. Both the partners have a history of a successful career.