Comparisons of Some High-end-Flagship Smartphones in UAE 2019

02 Aug 2018


The battle between smartphones is at its peak with every company has launched its flagship phone and more are on the way while some tried to break the market with low price and high-end smartphones. Obviously, when you cut short on the money, you exclude some of the specifications too. Today we will be comparing some high-end flagship smartphones. The portrait mode of Huawei p20 pro and iPhone X gave the most amazing results. Buy the latest and your all-time favorite smartphones at the best rates and see all the latest updates. They produced good bokeh and the way they deal with complex objects, white and red colors in daylight is very good. They do not tend to overexpose or underexpose the image, also the images are sharp enough. The AI they have to build does give fair results.
Best low and ultra-low light camera results are by Google's pixel 2. The results are mind-blowing no underexposure, no missing details, and better image quality too. While iPhone X and Huawei p20 pro do the mesmerizing job in low light but ultra low light take the charm away from them. Huawei p20 pro and iPhone are neck and neck winners. The winner for you depends on conditions you mostly take photos in. here are the results:

Huawei P20 pro

  • Good low light result
  • Good portrait mode
  • Good zoom
  • AI is not good
iPhone X
  • Easy and simple
  • Good color range
  • Bad Low light result

Samsung S9

  • Good quality
  • Fast focus
  • Medium low light result 
HTC U12+
  • True image preview
  • Good low light
Pixel 2
  • Fast capture
  • True image preview
  • Good low light
  • Wide dynamic range

Coffee Machine VS Coffee Makers:

Coffee machine and makers are two different things, to start with. Coffee machines can perform more functions than coffee makers and are fully automatic. Machines do not need any surveillance and human involvement to make coffee. Browse the combined section of coffee machines and coffee makers, and choose the one that fits you most well. While on the other hand coffee makers brew the coffee, boil water and pass it through the beans. The size of coffee makers is very less than the machines, which can be a big plus for many. More strong and aromatic coffee is the result when you get your morning coffee from the automatic machine. For some reason, people tend to mix these up. To make it simple coffee machines can grind the beans and makers cannot. Following are some key differences between the two:
  • Coffee makers are available at a wide price range
  • You can get different sizes for coffee makers
  • Both are semi and fully automatic
  • The machine can grind the beans but makers need ground coffee
  • Machines have more options
There is no doubt that with coffee machines you can alter the taste of your coffee, as you desire. Change the fineness of grain and change the capsule size is all you can do with the coffee makers. Other than taste, automatic machines offer you to blends your coffee the right way and item so you can enjoy it. But that does not involve coffee makers. The choice is yours to make. Either you want to go for the rich and wide range of taste at a high price or you just want the coffee at a low price.

TV Battle:

QLED VS OLED VS LED TV. While shopping you come across many different possibilities and different brands offering different types of TV. The latest and most modern types of TV in 2018 are the QLED and OLED with LED being the runner up. OLEDs were announced some time ago and still look very impressive and have crispy results and output quality. Meanwhile, people were mad after OLED Samsung launched its QLED last year to amaze us more. This QLED offered better results than the QLED and was cheap for the one who has a tight hand on the budget. Here is a comparison between them there.
First of all, what is QLED? It is the marketing name used by the manufacturing company i.e. Samsung to describe the new technology and they have in the latest TVs. QLED had the panel of a traditional LED TV with nano-particles that filter the light to show you more pure and saturated colors. Then for those who don't know what OLED is. OLED is the type of TV that is adjustable to the luminosity of every small pixel individually. Did not get what you just read? Here is the simple version, OLED can control every single pixel (millions of pixels gather to make a photo) individually. That is the reason OLED TVs give a pure black screen when turned off. LED is a simple light emitting diode TV. Here is a little comparison of major factors between them:
  • Good black levels and luminosity
  • High price and bad viewing angles
  • Great motion blur, color range, and image maintenance
  • Top-notch blacks and motion blur with great viewing angles
  • Good color range
  • High uniform grey level and luminous
  • Poor or No image stabilizers
  • Mid-price ranged


  • Low price and highly luminous
  • Good color range and motion blur
  • Very bad viewing angles‚Äč