Announcement of Dubai Government about Ramadan Initiatives for the Expats,

08 May 2019

This holy Ramadan month has already begun, some initiative has been taken by the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities (IACAD) which is in Dubai. The announced was made by IACAD that they are launching the Ramadan Dubai, this is going to be the first season. So you can expect it every Ramadan, hopefully, if this one goes successful. Under the banner of Ramadan Dubai, and because of this initiative there are going to be a lot of activities. The theme for this year and month of Ramadan is 'compassion and co-occurrence. Check out what places you can enjoy and get entertained at in UAE.


Ramadan Dubai

The announcement for this Ramadan Dubai was thru at some press conference that was held last month. Director-general of IACAD, Dr. Shaibani, chairman of Higher Committee of Ramadan Dubai, leaders and heads of numerous govt. departments along with media representatives were all present in this press conference.

The main goal of this Ramadan Dubai of 2019, is to spread-out the basic Islamic values. Like tolerance and forgiveness, this message is going to spread in different corners and among different communities. This initiative will promote the underlined values guided to us through Sunna and in Holy Quran. One of the main goals is to tell us how Ramadan is in different communities and regions of the world. Also to include different people from having different background, religions, and nationalities there will be different and several activities. 

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Featuring Ramadan Initiatives

Here are some initiatives that are going to be featured during this Ramadan Dubai, 2019. Forum of Rashid bin Mohammad Ramadan, Ramadan nights and squares, the good path, Dubai Ramadan Majlis, the journey of our prophet Muhammad, what is the Ramadan spirit, the United Emirati house, what is the importance of Allah’s names, dialogue after Iftar, and the world in Ramadan?

In this Ramadan Dubai, there will be a display of different rituals, cultures, and Customs as they are practiced. The reason behind this is to let all of them know-how Muslims all around the world celebrate and do during this holy month. UAE has announced good news about the taxi driver UAE in Ramadan.


Educational events

This year the in Ramadan Dubai you will get your eyes on some educational and instructive programs. These programs and events are selected wisely to get it collaborative with the spirit of this month of Ramadan and Islam. Take off your faith and your body this Ramadan. Read how to take off your bones.



Hazrat Muhammad’s journey

For instance, you will get to know what our Prophet Muhammad’s journey was. a number of, life story will be showcased, based on the holy prophet’s Hazrat Muhammad, life, in a number of malls. This way people could know what sort of gentle character was our Prophet Muhammad.


Educational program

The dialogue that will be held after Iftar is an educational program. You could attend and join these Iftar talks in Ramadan tents. The purpose of these Iftar talks is also to make the teachings of our prophet and Islam reach out to the world. For now, the target is residences of UAE and number of communities. This will also resolve and answer the questions of people from different communities, nations and believes that they have regarding this Ramadan.


Ramadan Night

In Dubai across all major shopping centers, there will be held Ramadan Nights. There you can join the workshops and talks. The workshops will include events like Quran text writing, calligraphy, painting. These workshops will teach us about things like leniency and diversity so that we can learn to respect and coupe with one and other.


Allah’s names

Do we know the importance of names of Allah, do we know them at all? This program is a package as you will first learn names of all. Then what are the meanings and impact of these towards a Muslim? How these affect our lives and in our lives what is the importance of these.


Media part

Media plays an important part in our education and training religiously. As media plays a part so it is better that we deliver the right message through it. A website and mobile application for both Android and IOS will be launched with this Ramadan Dubai.



For the opening address of this event, IACAD was thanked for their support of UAE and sensible management. IACAD has given their fifty years for Islam working local and international. So this Ramadan Dubai will make you aware of our Sunna and teaching of Quran. This will be done via lectures and talks by Islamic scholars. Ramadan is a suitable time to teach Islam which is needed in the UAE. These Ramadan initiatives hopefully bond numerous divisions. Visit plug n point and buy the best products at the best prices.