Shop Online or Shop in a Mall Which is Best?

13 Mar 2019

Some people do shopping as a hobby while for some it is a task that they have to do from time to time. We all need food, shelter, clothing, and home supplies too. We have to go out and buy it whether you like it or not. These days there are many ways you can do that. The trend is growing and we are now introduced to online shopping. While there are shopping malls too. Now it is much easier to shop online while you are waiting for some transaction to complete. There are some things you need to know about shopping online and shopping in a mall.


Which one is the best?

It is completely your choice for you and your decision to make. If one person online shopping is best for other shopping at a mall might be better. This answer varies from person to person. If you came here to get a vote for either type of shopping we apologize but there is no direct answer. However, to get things better and going for you we could help you know about some of the pros and cons of shopping online and shopping in a shopping mall.


What you need to know! The pros and cons.

Here we will disclose some of the pros and cons of shopping either way. The first thing you need to know is what you are going to buy and what site is best for it. PlugnPoint is the place where you can buy all the required kitchen and home appliances, at cheap and economical rates. Then, second, comes the budget. Your shopping sites should be according to your budget. Again we are offering you home appliances at best rates. So, you do not need to worry about the budget. The third thing is trust. Whether it is online or at some shopping mall you need to know the authenticity of the place you are buying from. You can always trust PlugnPoint. We offer you products that are verified by our team and are completely genuine.


Shopping online VS at shopping malls



Shopping home appliances online

You can easily compare the prices from different websites that you like. Then you can choose to buy from the website that is offering the best prices and services. While we are talking about the services it is also an important thing to have. Most of the websites offer you discounts, coupon codes, sales and etc. along with fast delivery. That is exactly what we are offing you here at PlugnPoint. Check that you are not overpaying and the rest will be hopefully good. Sometimes there are some scams in online shopping. Sometimes sales and offers are just for online stores!


Shopping home appliances in-stores

Most of the stores also offer you promotions, coupons etc. The promotions and offers are a tactic to get you there and tempt to buy. One most important thing is you do research about what you are going to buy beforehand. This could be done by visiting different stores and comparing or compare the prices they are offering online store prices. This would make you prepared in advance. One of the best thing about buying in shopping malls is that you get to see the product with your own eyes. Thus you are convinced.


Shopping home décor online

Online you can easily find lots of websites and places that have home décor. You can discover places while relaxing at your home. The online business is growing rapidly and these days’ even stores in shopping malls have an online store. Shopping online also saves your gas, time and effort. You can get the best and trusted home appliances and other households for a reasonable price at plug n point.


Shopping home décor in malls

We also have a huge list of home improvements here. You should check out that too. If you are planning to get the product you like on bargain then in-person shopping is best. For decoration pieces and other things like these, your local market is the best place for it. Other than that you can visit the antique shop, bargain centers, and other shops that have décor. Some shops also have weekly deals sales so you can get benefit from that too.


Online grocery shopping

Shopping groceries online is not that much of a great idea. When you see the vegetables and fruits by your own eyes it tells you whether they are fresh or not. So, we would prefer that you shop in-person. However, if you trust a site then there are no worries buying from that online store. This is a thing of trust here. The small pictures are not tempting anyway. One benefit of that is that you would not be spending too much on the groceries.

The home delivery option, in this case, is very crucial. If the store is not providing you home delivery then what is the point after all. In addition to that some charge you to deliver so that cancels out the sale money. Here you can apply codes, coupons, discounts etc.


In-person grocery shopping

If you have a shop near your house then it is better to get the groceries from there. Sometimes the groceries from online shopping are not according to your choice other times they are not fresh. So it is always better to get them from a store. But here you can’t just get the price of meat you like. There is no source and a way to check whether the food is fresh and able to use while shopping online. The stores and shopping malls do give you offers and discount on items. There are lots of other things like you can take part in a lucky draw and much more.


Refund, returns, and exchange

Online you can easily return and exchange the products that you bought. The return and exchange policies of the company that you are buying form matters in this case. In shopping, they are your friends and you have to carefully choose the company you are buying from. Generally, all the online companies are good and cool with returns or exchange or both of them. There are some terms and conditions so you should read them before buying from any website. That will help you out a lot in case of any problems. Many of the brands also give their policies written on paper when your order ships. You can check out our return and exchange policies.

In shopping malls, you get to try on the dresses or you can also check things like grocery items etc. Just by trying on you know whether this dress or cloth is for you or not. Mostly there is no return or exchange policy on brands because you already tried that on and you had the chance to. However, some are generous enough and offer you a week exchange. There are no returns though.


Send gifts!

Forgetting birthdays is not that much of a problem these days. Now, these online shopping sites have your back. If you are late on buying some gift for your loved ones you can simply have a look at some online store and request a gift pack. Simply give the receiver’s address and then wait to see the happiness on their face. Many online shopping sites are offing next day delivery so there is nothing to worry about and you still have time.

But this is where the shopping malls are better than online shopping. If you have really less time at the birthday party even. Like there are just a few hours left in the event then online shopping is not even worth a try. In that case, the shopping malls are best. You can go there and buy a gift that you like and go to the party within a few hours.

All the gift wrapping whether it be online or from the shopping malls give you gift wraps and a little happy birthday note card. This will make you look like a loved and organized person.


Use coupons and save money

Who does not want to save money? You do when you have earned it with blood and sweat. So, if you are included in that category that likes to save money then there is no better place than online shopping. They often give you discount codes and coupons that you can use up to some time. Generally, they last up to a week but some may last up to a month. If you are to buy a gift for someone you can use the coupons. Most online shopping places give you some discount on your first purchase. This does not happen in shopping malls or stores.

The online shopping places are no doubt better in this case.


Bottom line

Shopping in malls

There is always a crowd and rush in the shopping malls. If there is some even coming or it is shopping season then you would not find a spot to place your foot. This thing bothers many people and it gets difficult for you to enjoy yourself in these situations. You also have to be aware of the pickpockets in crowded places. There is no way of making sure the brand or store is legit and they won’t scam you. But they are not going anywhere leaving their shop. This might seem absurd to you but that is the way you trust. Or you can talk to some buyer. Once you are all done you are tired and want to go home. Also, you forget to put something in the basket or you forget where you saw it.


Online shopping

On the other hand, online shopping does not have any of these hazards. Although it has downsides of its own at least not these. Yes, there are have been many scams, cheat and fraud but that is the first thing we told you to look out for. Only shop online from the place you trust. How you can trust the site. Well, there are some tactics. Like you can read comments on their social media, read customer reviews, contact the people who have commented and bought stuff from there.

There is no forgetting in online shopping. You can bookmark the thing to buy later, turn on notifications when that is available if it is not at the moment. If you closed the tab you can check the history and open it again. And the most important thing you do not get tired or exhausted. The biggest disadvantage of shopping online is, you need to have an internet connection and battery.


Who wins the war?

There is always a chance of spending more than you are required or want to in both cases. If someone says that you spend more on shopping malls or while shopping online, we simply do not believe that. Budget is the most important thing where ever you are shopping. Keep a budget in mind and try not to buy unnecessary things. If you buy some unimportant thing you can return it later and this service is mostly available for online shopping.

When there is some event sale like Black Friday, Christmas, try to go out and check the stores rather than shopping online. Most of the scams happen during these sales. As there is lots of traffic and hustle your transaction can be lost. Just to refrain yourself from the mental stress you should avoid that.

So both the shopping types and process have their own perks, advantages, and disadvantages. You have to choose what you want to do, shop online or go to the shopping malls. In either case, do not forget that PlugnPoint has its stores located all across the UAE and you can come to visit us. But, if you are placing to buy online then you can visit our online store and check the items, appliances, and products there. We offer you home delivery, fast service, customer care, and affordable prices.