Steps to find best washer and dryers in Dubai

19 Nov 2019

A good washer and dryer can make your life so much easier when it comes to clean your clothes.  People usually know about the concept of getting a clothes washing machine and dryer separately but washer dryer combo is the best thing that can happen to you. There are almost 60 percent of people who get a washer and dryer for themselves and don't even know about the latest products in the market which holds both washer and dryer combo. The best washer dryer combo is the best machine that you can get for yourself. 


Getting your clothes dirty in a region like UAE is very common just because of the sand. Having a good washer dryer combo machine in your house will make your life so much easier in this region. There are many markets where you can buy these kind of best washer dryer machines but the best way to find a good one is to search for them online. People all around this region look for those kind of products which makes their life easy and this washer dryer combo is the new hit. 

Steps to buy a washer and dryer

When you think about getting a new washer dryer combo machine for yourself, you always have to know about the different things you need in them. Here we are going to discuss some of the main steps that you guys have to follow to get a best washing machine with dryer in Dubai

1-Capacity of your machine

This is one of the most important things that you guys have to know about when getting a new washing and dryer machine for yourself. Capacity matters a lot, if you live in a joint family than you will never be able to wash and dry all of your clothes in a single run. You need a washing machine with dryer with huge capacity. Usually in Dubai people love to wear white which is very easy to get dirty and that's why you guys need a good washer dryer combo. This way you can easily get done with whole week laundry within just a few minutes. There are usually 3 types of washer dryer combos available in Dubai market. 

Compact washer dryer with 2.5 cubic feet space

  Medium washer dryer with 3 cubic feet space

Large washer dryer with 4 cubic feet space

Now these are three types of washer dryer machines from which you can choose. All these types will help you accordingly to your need and how much capacity do you need to clean your weekly laundry. 

2-Agitation of your machine

This is another very important phenomena in a washer dryer machine. Every washing machine need agitation process o clean your clothes and loose dirt from them. There are different kinds of agitators available in different kind of washer dryer combo machines. This also make sure that your clothes get cleaned by a gentler touch and don't affect the fabrics of your clothes at all. If you need a gentle wash on your clothes this also means that it has a longer cycle during the wash. A good agitator in a washing dryer combo occupy less space. So keep this in mind when getting a washer dryer machine combo for yourself in Dubai. 

3-Cycle duration of your machine

This is another important step that you guys need to worry about when getting a new dryer washer machine combo. Cycle duration put a lot of effect on your clothes material and efficiency in which they clean your clothes. Machine with longer washing cycles is gentle on the fabrics of your clothes but takes a lot more time to clean them. On the other hand, those washing machines which have shorter cleaning cycles for your washer dryer combo is not so gentle on the fabric of your machine  and but it gets your clothes cleaner in less time as well. The cycle of your washer dryer combo also helps to kill bacteria in your clothes as well. 

4-Top loader vs Front loader

Whenever we talk about getting a washer dryer combo for our self there are just two types of machines comes into our mind the Front loader and top loader. The best way to get a good washing machine with dryer is to know which type of machine will suit you. If you will get a front loader you have to put your clothes into it by bending which is sometimes not good for people with back pain. On the other hand Top loader washer dryer machine are higher. So it is upto you which kind of washer dryer machine will suit you. 

5-Price range

Last but not least the price range of a good washer dryer combo is very essential. When getting a good washing machine with a dryer try to get the one with best price range. You can get a good washer dryer combo in Dubai uer 700 AED and the best way to find one is on online stores like plugnpoint

So, Always keep a check on all these steps when buying a washer dryer combo machine in Dubai for yourself.