Inverter Air Conditioner VS Traditional Air Conditioner in UAE

20 Mar 2019

You have definitely heard about the different technologies of air conditioners i.e. inverter and non-inverter air conditioners. If you haven’t heard about them before, now you have. Do you ever think what the difference between these two air conditioner types is? In this article, we would let you know how an inverter air conditioner has extra benefits over the traditional AC. Apart from these if you want to have a look at other traditional air conditioners check out the link and buy at plug n point.


The eco-friendliness:

The first and more obvious difference between an inverter and the non-inverter air conditioner is that the inverter based AC’s motor has variable speed. While on the other hand non-invertor based AC’s motor or compressor is of a fixed speed. Now, this movement is very beneficial as the speed in compressor based AC has adjusted according to the temperature accordingly. While non-inverter AC is either operating at its fullest or stopped. The adjustable speed in inverter AC helps you save electricity by increasing or decreasing the speed when needed.


Reduction in bills:

The adjustable speed of inverter AC has adjusted automatically according to the temperature, we already talked about it. Because of this sophisticated operational method of this air conditioner, the compressor is not working at full speed all the times. What this does is save its capacity and eventually your electricity bills. When there is no need of too much speed, it gets slow so you pay less on electricity bills.


Quiet operation:

Operational noise or sound is low because of the fact that the compressor is not stopped but it keeps on working at low power. This operation does not cause in more electricity usage but it saves it. As it would require more to start it all over again and that would also create noise. This operation is quieter. Some even say that inverter AC has low noise when compared to non-inverter AC. By the way, these split air conditioners also operate on low noise, have a look!


Long life:

Usually, the average life span of inverter-based air conditioners is longer when you compare it to the non-inverter based air conditioners. This is because of the technology that is used in the air conditioners like inverters etc. also the working of that technology. Inverters are not only efficient in cooling but they are equally good at heating too. All these things together make the life length of the inverter AC.


Cooling and Heating:

Did you know that these inverter air conditioners that we have are capable of cooling and heating? Of course not at the same time but it is there when you need it. The cooling is also faster and done efficiently as compared to the non-inverter AC. Would you like to check out the best window air conditioners?


Main difference:

Both air conditioners are offering the same functions the difference comes in performing them. Inverter air conditioners are designed in such a way that they save up to 50 percent of electricity. It works at more speed when it is needed and other times it saves energy by working at lowers speed. So you can say that the main difference in that traditional air conditioner starts and stops too many times consuming lots of energy while the inverter based air conditioner adjusts itself according to the temperature.


Advantages and drawbacks of inverter AC


  • These air conditioners are energy efficient.
  • They are equally good for both heating and cooling.
  • Inverter AC is quick at cooling and heating compared to non-inverter.
  • These air conditioners have a long life and better performance.
  • The operation noise on these is very low or none.
  • They are also environment-friendly because they do not affect the ozone layer.


  • Inverter air conditioners are expensive to buy, even without dual mode.
  • They are also costly to repair and maintain.
  • It might be hard for you to find a person that will repair these.
  • Not many brands are offering this type of air conditioners.