Bluewaters Island Dubai

22 Apr 2019

The world’s tallest Ferris wheel in Dubai, Bluewaters Island, is going to be open in 2020 for the public. This was set to be open for early 2019 but then it got delayed and now the opening is set to be near Dubai Expo 2020. According to the sources the date of opening is October 20, 2020, but of course, this is not confirmed. The tallest Ferris wheel in the world that is going to be, in Dubai, is named as Ain Dubai and it is said to be 250 meters high.



This Ferris wheel is going to be the tallest wheel in the world. It was set to open in early 2019 but then it was delayed and the construction went on. However, now this giant attraction is set to open ahead of the Dubai 2020 Expo. The benefit of choosing this opening date is that it would get more attraction, it would be a new attraction point and the visibility, and the acknowledgment would be high because of the Expo.

The completion date was announced by Meraas, the real estate developers based in Dubai UAE. This will be the new landmark and major tourist attraction once the construction is done and it is ready to be open, and that is set to be near the 2020 Dubai Expo. Now you know that opening of the world’s largest Ferris wheel is set near Dubai Expo 2020 and it is about 18 months left for it.


Construction phases

The construction has been going on for at least the past five years. If you live in near where this giant tourist attraction is going to be then you would know so. So, the people have seen it during construction and now finally they could go and check it out.  The height of this world tallest Ferris wheel is said to be 250 meters high in the sky. During and for the construction eight temporary spokes and braces were used.

These were installed to hold the rim, the wheel, in its place while the construction is finally done. So, now the final temporary spoke was removed, that weighed 450 tons. The permanent spokes and final cables are now installed. According to Meraas, the real estate construction company, this is the first ever one complete wheel construction since the construction of these began.



Viewpoints of Dubai

Ain Dubai, that is what we call this world’s tallest Ferris wheel, will be one of the super high structures. Among all the skyscrapers and tallest viewpoints in Dubai, this would also be a major attraction, once it is open. Other viewing platforms are The Dubai Frame that is 150 meters, Burj Khalifa, the observation deck is 555 meters high in the sky.

The infinity pool with an amazing view of Dubai from a height of 210 meters at the Dubai skyline is an amazing vantage point atop the Palm Tower. The other point at Palm Tower, which is known as Palm360, will be at a height of 260 meters. The upcoming project of another skyscraper, Burj Jumeira will be climbing all the way up, to 550 meters. Have a look at new restaurants in Dubai 2019.

Importance of Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai holds its importance and a special place in Dubai’s skyline with its circular structure. Another major point that will attract the public is this being the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. As of now, Bluewaters Island is gaining more visitors and tourists and in the future, there will be a lot more as once this attraction is open. The location of Ain Dubai is also beautiful, it is right in the middle of Bluewaters Island, the latest attraction of Dubai.

From this point and place, you will be able to have spectacular views of Dubai with the beautiful Arabian Gulf on one side of it and marvelous Marina skyline on one other side to it. We all can’t wait to see Dubai from that point of view and visit this world’s tallest wheel. So, the bottom line is this is might not be the highest point or place to view Dubai from but it is different from others and definitely worth enjoying.

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Ain Dubai features

Following are some fun facts to know.

  • Each permanent spoke of this Ferris wheel is longer than a full-scale football field.
  • If we calculate the length of all cables, used to hold the wheel, by joining them end to end it would be 2,400km.
  • This is the distance between Dubai and Cairo.
  • The weight of rim is equivalent to 16 Airbus A380 airplanes.
  • Inside each leg of the supports, you can fit 15 London buses.