Which is Best Washer Dryer Combo in UAE 2019

15 May 2019

What are your needs and according to those needs which washer dryer combo machines are best for you? Here we will let you know about some types and then what are their benefits and disadvantages. This way it will be a help to your deciding which type of washer dryer combo is according to your needs and best for you. 

Laundry or washing clothes call it whatever you like but the thing is we all have to do our laundry. According to a report a family washes about 400 piles of laundry per year. If this is really true then getting the right type of dishwasher which is according to your needs is best. Whether you like it or hate it you have to do the laundry. If you are not doing it yourself then, of course, your clothes are being washed in it. So, in any case, you should get a good washer dryer and these washer dryers are just the best. This blog really help you to choose a washing machine according to your need.



What are washer dryers?

Washer dryer combo machine is a combination of washing machine and dryer. You can also call them as all in one machine. Separate washing machine and dryers are known as stackable. Washer dryers have steady growth in their popularity. There is no doubt about it because they offer you ease, you do not have to take clothes out and put them in dryers. Not just that but it also saves your time and space.


Washer dryer combo types

Vented and ventless washer dryers are the two types or variants of washer dryers. Following is some detail about them and how they work.


Vented washer dryer

The vented washer dryers are just like a regular dryer, the front load dryer. They tumble clothes with water and spin to free them from access water. They take air in and heat the system, it generates steam and it spins with clothes. Steam also removes water from clothes and it is an effective way. You can steam dry your delicate clothes too. In the end, access steam is removed via a vent and sent outdoors.


Ventless washer dryer

The ventless washer dryers do not need any external air for drying, or steam drying purposes. This is the main difference between ventless and vented washer dryers. These have a cool condenser which helps to remove access water. Because of this cool condenser air is set free from moisture while drying. The moisture is converted into water and then removed and let our via the drainage system.

While you are looking to buy washer dryers, if you feel like these are not made for you then you can always go back to the top-loading washing machines. They are not combo machine but have washer and dryer side by side.



Keep these in mind


When you go out shopping for a washer dryer combo these are some points or thing that you need to keep in mind. There is a limit capacity on these washer dryers, but every machine does! Know what setting and features you are specifically looking for if you know. Otherwise, just check if the machine washes and dries clothes how you like.  

With washer dryers, there is no need to worry about switching your laundry from washing tub to dryer. By the way, if you already have a washing machine or just looking to buy a dryer, then what are you waiting for? Have a look at these top quality dryers at plug n point. Here you can find all types and sizes of dryers.

Back to the washer dryers combos! They are effective in washing and cleaning your clothes. Another very beneficial feature is, these machines are energy efficient. Not just for electricity but they also use less water compared to the typical machines.



The biggest disadvantage of washer dryer combos is the limited and small load size. If you are not used to these or coming directly from top loading washing machines then there is a huge difference. If you have a large family it will take you more cycles to clean all the clothes. You cannot load the front loaders to the top. The washing cycles of front loader machines are generally longer, these are some downsides to the front washer dryer in general. Standalone units can take even longer, so buy these washer dryer combos instead. If you ever have to carry these then it would not be a problem. Save space money and time with these combo washer dryers. Now you should also check out front loading washing machine, our top of the list.