The Trend of Consumer Electronic in Dubai 2020

23 Dec 2019

As we all know, Dubai has one of the biggest consumer electronics markets in the whole world. Each year this market is booming, and there is not a single day when people are not purchasing electronic gadgets.

There are multiple items that we use daily, and they can help you to make your life easier if you just moved to Dubai. They want a dream home with the latest Electronic Appliances, but they don’t want to spend much money as well. People usually neglect this part of their house but what they don’t know is that an elegant kitchen enhances the beauty of your home and gives it a sense of beauty. Those people who are building new houses pay extra to get a beautifully furnished kitchen because they know the importance of a functional kitchen in the house. This country has so much potential to make your business a global business.

There are multiple reasons to choose Dubai for your business expansion because this country has a market for every single product from the kitchen to your office. A person has been in the consumer market for electronic in ages. Right now, a big community of business depends upon just electronic devices like smartphones, home devices and many others. This thing is rapidly increasing the demand of electronics in our life. Now people are defining their status on what kind of smartphone or home appliances they have in their house.

The Electronic Consumer Market in Dubai

The electric consumer market in Dubai is one of the most leading and high-profit consumer markets in the whole world. Electronics in the UAE has a great demand just because of the high living standard of that region. All people who are resident of Dubai or just there on working Visa want to have one of the best electronic devices for themselves. Dubai has the highest ratio among those houses which have smart home appliances installed in them. 

Once where electronic devices are trying to making this region one of the advance regions all over the globe, it is also changing the consumer trends of Dubai as well. In the last two decades, the electronic consumer in Dubai has increased drastically and in they even trying to influence the other market as well. So, it is not a bad thing to say that Electronic in the UAE is at its highest peak right now. 

New trends of consumer electronic in Dubai

As we know that 2020 is just on the corner and this year will ring several trends in the market of UAE electronic consumer along with high production and sales as well. 

  • Supremacy of retailers

Right now, the electronic consumer industry in the UAE is dominated by e-commerce. This is a great way to boost up your sale if you are a new company in the market. All brands have their own websites and even before getting an electronic device from store people like to check it on the company website. In this way, people get a better idea that which product they want to get. There is another trend that the company also follows, and that is to rely on the 3rd party platforms. This way, the brands link their website page to the retailer and people can directly jump to their website page. So, all in all, people are very comfortable toward the benefits of their company and their electronic products in the UAE in the form of home appliances or any other. 

electronics market dubai

  • Increasing demand of electronic appliances

As we all know that smart devices are necessary in our life right now. We cannot imagine that we can even live a single day without them. In a country like Dubai, where the atmosphere is so harsh and physical activity is minimum people like to spend their time on electronic appliances in Dubai. People of Dubai cannot withstand their life without their cell phones and other home appliances that they are using. As we discussed earlier, that demand of electronic consumer is increasing, and the main reason behind this is the IOT. Internet of things attracts people to purchase unnecessary items that they don’t even need. The estimated growth of the consumer electronics market in UAE is booming and will be 10% higher than last year. 

  • Keeping in mind the consumer point of view

This is one of the best trends that Dubai electronic consumer market is going toward. This thing has one of the best impacts on the mindset of the consumer because companies rely on the feedback of their customers. If your electronic consumer is not happy with your product, then there is no way that he\she is going to recommend it to their family and friends. This has made companies think that keeping in mind the prospect of their customers will help them a lot to produce better quality products in the market. This is one of the best strategies on the consumer electronics market in the UAE that has given it a better success than other strategies. Now people don’t just rely on the name of the brand; they also need a quality product. New companies are gaining more appreciation by this strategy because their electronics in the UAE are far better in quality than many other famous brands. 

  • Social media strategies

This is one of the most reliable sources to trust when you want to sell your electronic home appliances or other electronics in the UAE. Those people who are active on their social media will know that they have followed plenty of pages which sell this kind of electronics in the UAE. Social media is one of the best platforms which can make a name of your brand in the market and simply that are why more companies are now focusing on social media for their advertisement and promotions. These platforms special importance in your sales because Dubai has 5 billion dollar sales of different electronic devices and home appliances just through social media. So, in 2020, this strategy will help different companies to lure more and more consumers toward their brand. 

  • Low prices

Now, this is one of the best things that a customer look upon when buying something. Even on the website, people get attracted toward those electronic home appliances which have low price rates on them. More than usual the rates of big brands will give you electronic product in UAE in the same quality, but the rates of that brand will be very high. A consumer gets attracted to those appliances in Dubai, which have good material and also have a light price point as well. Lower the rate more will be your sale. According to many different reviews on the internet, people are complaining about the high rates of electronic in the UAE, but there are some new companies which are fulfilling people demands even in fewer rates as well. 

So, here are all the latest trends that are going to influence the Dubai electronic consumer market in Dubai. To get a better price point on different electronics in UAE, people rely on different online platforms like plugnpoint where they can get all kind of home appliances and electronic devices under the same platform. Those people who look on IOT shouldn't start exploring because they can find different sales on electronics in UAE.