The scenario of shopping in Dubai in 2019

15 Mar 2019

The shopping scene in Dubai is changing with time and evolution of technology. So you can say that technology is behind the fast pace of changing Dubai shopping scene. Many of you have already experienced the malls in the UAE. So you could clearly tell that the future of shopping and business lies within the region. Dubai shopping has always created memorable and everlasting experiences for its shoppers.


A little about the past:

From old times the shopping in UAE and especially in Dubai is going on. “Mecca for a big bargain” has passing on generations for 20 years now. Now it is the most popular and well-known shopping festivals all around the globe.

The Dubai shopping festival that we all love today is going on since 1966. In the beginning, there were just 10. To this date, there are more than 70 malls which feature over 6500 shops and international brands. Thesis not now that Dubai is known for shopping. Infect from the beginning, 1966 Dubai has been attracting enough visitors who have contributed to the economy. The similar example of retail and e-commerce business growing in UAE is plug n point.


The past and future:

After this much time, there has been a change in how these shopping malls are. But there has not been a change in the future of the shopping culture of Dubai. But how they are using the technology is what makes it different from old times. The use of technology has made something easier for customers. Oh, you ask how the technology has helped. The advanced payment methods, online shopping (which we will get to later), and technology that is used in malls.

The limitations still exist and that is because of the fact that hirer in UAE and especially in Dubai most of the retail sellers over here are working on the partnership. This is the limitations because of which the franchise model is growing at a slower pace when we compare it to the interactions industry and market. Over the past few years, the behavior of customers has started to change. Because of the way that customers are chasing we also have to change the business model and along with them we also have to change our retail operation and working.

You might have heard about Dubai Square. It is going to be located at the ‘mall of the future’. The mall would be a paradise for digital and tech-savvy customers. You can also say that they would be using lots of Artificial intelligence other technology of the future in this mall. These would give you interactive mirrors and many more things. With these, you will be allowed to order and pay while in the dressing room.

Now the future of shopping lies in smart store and online e-commerce. This is not just for UAE of Dubai but that is happening globally. If you do not switch to the online market now it might be too late for you otherwise. The focus of more customers day by day is more towards the online and social online market. However, some people think that it is not the time when you completely switch to online stores. At least not yet. This would only get you so far. The complete package is when you operate the online business and the retail or physical stores together.




Online and offline growing business:

A lot of business persons and retailers are now working towards their online and offline business together. Just for instance what you could do is to operate your store and develop some mobile applications along with a web app. The mobile apps are important here comparatively to the web. People these days do not like to open the laptop or computers just to surf the store and even buy something.

If you have spent time in Dubai shopping it is likely that the experience was wonderful for you. Unless you were only paying for the shopping and fun instead of enjoying yourself. Dubai has held and will be having many shopping festivals throughout the year.


Retail business in UAE:

UAE is known as the queen of "Shopping Malls" and it also has been regarded as the 2nd most significant marketplace in the world. The retail business is certainly proving to be a cash cow for the Dubai economy.

This market place is the biggest trader market in all of the GCC countries, secondly, it is also the market for the biggest brands in the world. This is the market that has always proven to be the best launch pad for newer brands. These are the points that indicate that the Dubai market will remain to be the destination which is preferred many international and SME brands looking to enter the region for the first time. Check out our best home appliances here.


E-commerce in the UAE:

The past few decades have shown us some sides of online commerce. You also know this term as e-commerce. In Dubai, you can see the growing and ever-rising examples or e-commerce like Plug n point and many more. The world is moving towards online shopping because of the advantages and benefits it gives us. Online shopping saves you time, gives you access to thousands of products and items under one place, you do not have to move from here to there, comparing items is easier, online shopping has better and more deals and offers, your privacy is protected, and last but not the least you get to save from the Dubai heat.

Even after all these benefits that online shopping and e-commerce if offering only 2 percent or even less total sales is all that Dubai has. This e-commerce is a threat and at the same time, it is also an opportunity for many. As this is growing it is the time we have to choose the most effective medium and stick to it. These days the customers do not like to move. So, what you do is move yourself and your business towards customers.


Electronics in the market:

Dubai has many electronic markets that are offering you the best deals and offers. The good quality of electronics with attractive prices that you can think about buying. Three are also places here that do not impose tax and duty while you are working there. Being a tax-free State this thing is towards your biggest advantage. This advantage is for all the locals, investors and others. Plug n point is also the place where you can get the best deals, cheap prices, and top quality of appliances, verified and genuine products. If you want to have a look at the best kitchen and dining appliances then visit and buy.