What things you should remember before buying an air purifier.

04 Apr 2019

The polluting has increased overall and have reached to an unsafe level. So, if you want to protect your home too and are looking for an appliance that can do so then buy the best air purifiers from plug n point. These air purifiers can protect your lungs from the pollution. Buying an air purifier does not mean that you instantly save and secure. This is no fool-proof way but it sure does help a lot.


Things to remember first

There are some things you have to keep in mind, before going towards the main goal here are some of the thing to remember, note the following things.

  • Size of your room.
  • A room-size air purifier is meant to for one room.
  • Avoid ionizing and UV light models. They discharge ozone which has adverse effects.
  • For best results, you should keep air purifiers always on.

Here is the list of things you should remember before buying an air purifier:


Room size and space

Starting from your home the thing to keep in mind is your room size. The size of your room will tell you if you need a bigger air purifier or the smaller one will do. There are plenty of air purifiers from which you can choose and that depends on the room size and space. If you buy a smaller one you won’t feel any difference and then hate the air purifier. For better results, you can prefer the size and model that is meant for purification of a somewhat larger room than that of yours. The smaller air purifiers are used for your personal usage. Like you can keep by the table that you spend most of your time working. The medium air purifiers are for the room that is between 300 and 700 square feet. Then there are large air purifiers these are meant for big rooms.


Filter type

What type of air purification you need determines the type of filter you should go for. Different filters are made for defensive purposes, for instance, the HEPA filter catches particles up to 0.3 microns they are good generally. Then there is the same filter with the ability to catch even smaller particles. If you want to remove odors from your surrounding then you need to buy one with an activated carbon filter. If you could manage to get a combination of HEPA filter with it. There are some advanced carbon filters that can remove gases.

Then if you would like to have the bacteria in the air around killed or removed then you can go for a filter with an antibacterial coating. Some of them are UV light models, you should avoid those. However, if you bought it then do not use them too much, do not sit by the air purifier when it is on. There are some purifiers with pre-filters. This pre-filter catches large particles and some small ones too. This makes the air purifier life increase. So, you should research for the type of filter you are getting before you go to buy one.



Air change rate

Air change rate is a good thing and it is good to know what air change rate is good for you according to your liking. So, the air change rate tells you how many times the purifier has cleaned the room’s air. The 5 or 6 air change rate air purifier is good for you if you have an asthma problem. And if you do not have any problem of such sort then you can go for a smaller one. Just to let you know that 5 air change rate per hour means clean air every twelve minutes.


CADR more or less?

Clean Air Delivery Rate, is how fast the air purifier works, so you can say that it means how quickly a place can be cleaned. If the number is high that means that purifier is better at air filtration. They have three CADR numbers for dust, pollen and smoke. If you are looking to buy an air purifier for larger spaces then you should go fora higher CADR rate.


Carbon layer or filter

If you would like to get rid of the gases and smell around too then an air purifier with a carbon filter or carbon coating is one to buy. The carbon can absorb gases and chemicals giving off clean and fresh air.



Unless you are just going to place the filter in one room and never get it from one place to another, you should go for the lightweight filter. Portability and weight has to be less in case you have to take it to some other place. Also, you would not want the filter to take up lots of space.



Take into account the noise levels before buying an air purifier. While most of the air purifiers do not have too much noise but you should check out anyways. Go for the quietest one.


Filter replacement

Everything has a life so does the air purifier’s filters. Keep it in mind that you have to change the filter and buy those which do not require lots of work and effort to change one. Another important thing is whether the filters would be available in the market or not.