If you are about to buy a microwave, these are the things you should know!

11 Apr 2019

Shopping for a microwave can be as hard as shopping for an oven. With tons and tons of options available in the market, it gets difficult for one to choose. Just a tip, you should research a little bit about what type and size of microwave you want before going to purchase one. Just simply researching and looking for some microwaves online would help too. Fun fact, if you want to look online for home appliances, or if you are looking for a place to buy home appliances and electronics online then plug n point has the best collection for you.

Coming back to the microwaves, if you are about to buy a microwave then these are the list of thing that you should keep in mind. Microwaves have become sort of a need for every home. We mostly use these for reheating but did you know that you can cook in microwaves too. if you do not choose the right type of microwave for yourself you might end up running your food and replacing it sooner than expected and them blaming it on the appliance. These will help you buy the best and decide better.


Types of microwaves

The most common and used type is the counter type of microwave. These are good but there are other types like drawer and wall microwaves too. Opting for those will definitely increase the prices. We would recommend that you spend your money on something better unless you really want it. The common, countertop ones are better and reasonably priced.


What is the size for you?

Yes, there are different sizes for microwaves and you should be considered before buying. These are available form half a cubic feet to 1.5 cubic feet option. If you would be using the appliance for larger utensils and cookware then choose the bigger size and otherwise choose the smaller one, it is that simple.


Touch system or knobs

What are you comfortable with is the most important. Microwave ovens come in different controls, one is the touch system like the touchpad and the other one is knobs. If you like the touch system and choose to go with one then make sure that you are comfortable using it. Large buttons are easier to use and read, the touchpad must not be hard to press and guide through.





Many people do not know and do not care about this but if you really would like to get a better microwave to opt for a higher wattage owe. Very high ones are not good, the suitable range is anywhere from 900 watts to 1100 watts. The benefit of these is that you would have more power to defrost. The price would definitely rise but see the positive side of it. Otherwise, you would need more time defrosting and cooking, if you do not need this then lower end models are evenly good.


Convection microwave or not?

Convection microwaves are really good and they are also known as small-sized ovens. They have incredible power but they are also a little pricier than the rest non-convection microwaves. You can cook, bake, roast, steam and do lots of other things with these. Cooking with these is entertaining and quick. A small appliance that can do big jobs, this is what these are.


Save time and energy

Sensors are a really great way to save time and energy. This means the sensors make the microwaves somewhat energy efficient. They do not use less energy but use energy efficiently. With the sensors, they will not overcook it. So, as a result, you would be saved from lots of trouble, for instance, destroying your machine and cleaning a mess. Check out these top of the line halogen ovens too.


Interior and exterior space

Sometimes the interior space is less but the microwave seems large from the outside. What you should be focusing on is interior space and whether it is sufficient for your purposes. It seems awkward but you can always take some cookware or dinner place with you to check if the size is suitable for you or not. If you are concerned about relocating it then mind the weight and size of it too. Because if they are too heavy and big then there is trouble right there. Have a look at these microwaves and ovens here at plug n point. We have the best collection for you here at cheap and affordable rates.