25 Tips to Choose Best LCD for your home in Dubai

06 Jul 2019

Today the world of entertainment has reached to such an extent that we can avail every single update of entertainment within seconds of its official announcement. Not only we stay updated but we get the better experience with on-demand contents such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and some other streaming.

This is all has become possible because of the smartness in entertainment applications. The use of LCDs has become most common in these applications. Today a lot of brands are running in the world. It is not a big deal to buy smart applications but to choose the right application is a big deal. However, here we have offered some useful and helpful tips in order to Choose Best LCD for your home in Dubai.


1.       Choose A Trusted Brand

A large number of brands exist in the market. But all these are trusted and offered the best services to the consumers? It is the main focus you have to keep in mind while buying your LCD.

2.       Pick the Best Size

You have to pick the best size for your LCD. The size must be suitable according to space where you are going to fit your LCD. It must not be too big to cover the whole of your wall and it must not be too short to use glasses for viewing the headlines. 

3.       Sort Out Price Range

In order to buy every single thing, the cost does matter. Try to choose the LCD which you can afford easily but at the same time, you also have noticed about the needy features.

4.       Have A Notice On Resolution

The screen resolution is the thing which enhances the value of your LCD. Make it sure that your screen is not less than 4K resolution. But at the same time do not involve in this thing too much and avoid to choose LCD with 8K resolution.

5.       Display

Today the LCDs with multiple viewing angles are considered as best and in trend LCDs. If you really take care of the trends then must go through the LCDs with the feature of maximum viewing angles.

6.       What About Audio  

Try to buy the LCD with improved or better sound which doesn’t allow you to buy external speakers in order to get better sound if you are a music lover.

7.       What About Your Remote Control

Do not impress by the LCD because of its fancy remote. The remote is the thing that you can upgrade anytime when you need. Now, even the third-party remote controls are available in the markets that are smarter than the original ones.  

8.       Take Care of Warranty

If you are going to buy a branded product then, no doubt, you are going to buy a satisfying product but, anyhow, must ask for the product with a minimum one year warranty. It is just for safety purpose.

9.       Refresh Rate

What is the refresh rate of the LCD that you are going to buy? The standard refresh rate is about 50 to 60 times per second or in other words, it is 50-60 Hz.

10.     Physique

What physique your LCD is showing. Now, it is the modern era and we see the latest technologies in every single thing. Electronic products are getting updates after passing a single day. Must choose the LCD with a smarter or slim look which is the modern trend.    

11.     Is It Smarter Than A 5th Grader?  

It is the era of smart TVs. Now we have access to online contents, live video streaming, and web browsing and even you can get access to google play store. In order to avail all these features, your LCD must be greater than 5th grade.       

12.     What You Already Have?

If you already using LCD or a smart TV then have a look at what you already using and what you actually need. Now compare the features and chose the LCD which is according to your needy features.

13.     Watch For Wash-Out

Some cheap displays “wash out” and become onerous to examine in direct daylight. You'll take a look at this within the store with a robust hand-held light. simply shine it on the show and see however it affects the read.

14.     Best Time to Buy

You must notice about the availability of the product because it directly relates to the cost of the product. When products newly launched they are expensive. But with the passage of time, the value or cost decreases. And, sometimes, the new products come to buy under some reasonable promotions. So, it is up to you to take care of the best time in order to buy your LCD.   

15.     Wifi

WIFI connectivity has become the common feature in the LCDs. Must choose the LCD with wifi availability. In such a way you can connect your LCD with internet without using wires.

16.     It Must Be User-Friendly

Does your LCD user-friendly? Actually, the product which is easily readable and useable by everyone is user-friendly. In order to get a better experience, your LCD must be user-friendly.

17.     Durability Does Matter

Try to pick up the LCD which is, somehow, durable which is the basic need to use your product for a long time. 

18.     Color

What color do you like most and what color is suiting to your interior? Must think about this fat while buying your LCD.

19.     What Look Your LCD Is Giving?

It is true that your LCD is smart but what impact it will leave if it is not looking smart? Obviously, it will be a bad impact. Try to choose simple but must have a good look.

20.     Place To Fit It

Choose your LCD according to the place where you are going to fix or fit it. Mostly LCDs placed onto a wall and, sometimes, users try to place it into a table.  

21.     Curvy Screen

Now, the latest technologies are using in order to design the LCDs. From the latest technology edges, the curvy screen is the most popular one. Try to use this feature if you can afford it.   

22.     Physical Buttons

In some LCDs, physical buttons show but in some cases these not look suitable for LCD. Examine before buying that what is your choice.

23.     Wireless Display Connectivity

Which wireless display connectivity your LCDs are showing and what do you need? Must have a look at this fact.  

24.     Number of USB Ports 

Now LCDs are available in the markets that offer multiple ports of USB. How many ports do you need? You can easily buy according to your need.

25.     What Is In End    

Follow all the above-given instruction in order to get the best entertainment experience with your LCD.