Best and Weakest Point of Top 10 Shopping Malls in Dubai

15 Mar 2019

Dubai is known for its shopping festivals, a wide and huge range of brands, amazing shopping malls, and great deals. So, anyone who is visiting Dubai or is planning to do so must visit following the top 10 shopping malls in Dubai. Here we will discuss some of the best and weakest points of these malls. With new malls opening in UAE you will not have enough time to enjoy and visit each one. Your trip is not complete without vesting these shopping malls. Check out our store and have a look at the brands we have.


Dubai Mall

It is one of the most visited malls in Dubai and is biggest according to the area that it is spread in. it is the glory of Emaar and obviously is on first priority to visit. This mall has top brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and more. Along with these the Dubai aquarium, underwater zoo, cinemas, and VR Park are also present.

One downside is the number of stores. 1200 might seem like a big number and you can’t visit all of them in one time. Another bad thing is that you can get lost in there. Really if you have not visited it before then try not to get lost. If you do, do not panic. When there is an event or holiday you will hate the rush there.


Mall of Emirates

This top shopping malls in Dubai list would not have been complete without the mall of Emirates. This is the most popular shopping malls here. It has more than 600 stores but that is not the point of interest. The best thing about this mall is indoor skiing. You can kill the Dubai heat here while you enjoy and chill. This all year winter is available to you in MOE. This is a mall where you can enjoy with family at Magic Planet. Then there is a metro line attached to it. Two international hotels named Kempinski and Sheraton are located conveniently located within the sites.

This becomes the week point when there are lots of tourists. This place is easy for you to get lost even if you have been here several times. Three are not many things bad about these malls though.


Festival City Mall

This mall is close to Dubai. Best points of this mall are light shows that happen almost every late evening. Then there is IKEA, huge departmental store and there are many more attractions for you to experience yourself. The restaurants her you might find them a bit costly. And that is about it. Oh, it also has the only hard rock café here.



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Ibn Battuta Mall

The Ibn Battuta mall is easily and near access to metro station. You can’t miss the beautiful architecture of this mall. It has six courts based on the voyages of the explorers: Andalusia, China, Egypt, Persia, India, and Tunisia. This is the division of the mall.

Week points of this mall are that this is just a single story mall. When you visit if you would want that there was more of it. Secondly, the access route to metro is currently closed by will open soon after updates and repairs. The place also has dining places but there are not many, meaningless places to dine-in.


City Center MIRDIF

City center MIRDIF is located in the neighborhood of MIRDIF. This is one of the best malls in that location. The best attractions are the magic planet, little explorers, iFly Dubai. And indoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving and virtual flying experience are amazing. Indoor climbing and wildlife experience is also something not to miss.

Rates in the mall are high and you might find this like a week or bad point. Many people have also complained about the bad parking and not so pleasant experience they had.


City Center DEIRA

A great number of people are still coming to this place. If you are there with family or some children then they will love it and you are suddenly their best relative or parent. It is easily accessible to tourists and natives. The metro station is nearby. The food court is also good.

This is actually a retail center. Fun for just the little ones and not much for you to do except paying the bill. The place is too much crowded sometimes. If you are there to enjoy yourself you can mostly do shopping or spend some family time. Three is not much thrill here but it is a good place.


Burjuman Centre

Its recent revamping is the best thing about Burjuman mall. It is one of the oldest malls in Dubai. After reopening there are many new places for you to visit. Many international brands and restaurants. Fun for young ones and not for adults but place is fun and interesting if you are there to eat, go shopping, or spend some time alone or with family. While we are talking about family, if you have one then you also might need to buy some kitchen and dining with other home appliances. If you do then buy them at plug n point.


Mercato Shopping Mall

Best point of MERCATE shopping mall is that this is the only Italian themed shopping mall. It is stunning and mesmerizing, the name “MERCATE” translates as the market. Great mall trawls and exceptional collection of stores like Mango, M&Co and Laura Ashley. The fun and entertainment are more for kids than adults. If you are allergic to pets peaceful because there is a pet shop in there. However, you will find it loveable if you love pets.


Marina Mall

The waterfront restaurants are just marvelous. That is not just it, they are also offering you properties there. They have a remarkable lineup of high street brands. It is included as one of the top shopping malls in Dubai. Food is good and you will enjoy the view. The waterfront restaurants are mostly full of people, this is the only week point we could get.


Wafi Mall

If you want to see great and attractive Egyptian architecture is the highlight of this mall. Fun fact about Wafi mall is operational for more than two decades now. The second good thing about the mall is that has local brands more than anyone. Then the ambiance it has is something you will not forget.

The light and sound shows are very popular there and also amazing. Three is more, the mall holds events that feature the traditional Khan Murjan. Its restaurant is the best in Dubai. You might have bad parking experience and the mall is also small everything else seems fine