Top 10 Tips: How to buy best Refrigerator in UAE on Cheap Rates?

18 Mar 2019

To buy the best refrigerator in UAE and in order to get yourself the top and best value deals you need to know something’s and follow some rules. Following are top tips and tricks you can follow and use to get yourself the best and top quality refrigerators. You do not buy a new refrigerator everyday these are the appliances that you buy less often. All the appliances and products here are totally genuine and original.

This is the place where you can get the best home and kitchen appliances at cheap rates and economical price. Plug n point is also offering you its home delivery service. We will deliver to your door anywhere in the UAE. It is very important for everyone to sensibly select the place or location where the fridge will be in the kitchen. It is the thing that you have to decide before buying! Other spatial restraints like budget, usage etc. and others are not to be forgotten either.


Things to keep in mind before buying the refrigerator

Know the types of refrigerators:

First thing is that you need to know the types and styles of the refrigerator. According to that, you would then choose the one that fits best with your kitchen. So, you need to know the types of refrigerators for that.

  • Top freezer refrigerators: The fridge is below the freezer section which is on top.
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators: The freezer is below the refrigerator section which is on top.
  • French door refrigerators: It has two doors that open outwards. While the freezer is at the bottom.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators: This also has two doors opening outward. Freezer and fridge are beside each other.

These four are the main types of refrigerators. There are many others too but the basic ones are the above mentioned. Each type of refrigerator is not any less than the other. It is just that every type is not suitable for every type of kitchen and user. You should do your research before buying a fridge and then go to buy one.  


Your usage style:

You have to take into account thing like your usage style and your lifestyle. And see if the type of fridge matches your living and fridge using style. There are other things too that should be kept in mind. Like, do you live alone or married with kids? Do you have a back problem or is it difficult to bend?

These questions and the answers are the factors on which the buying decision depends. These things can change the size and style of the refrigerator you are going to invest in. if you have a bigger family then you may want to look at a refrigerator that has more compartments and options. Along with that is there enough storage for your family. On the other hand, you could just go with the traditional top freezer refrigerators. If you have trouble bending your back, top-freezer or double-door styles won't require as much bending.


Usage and habits:

Your usage, how you use the refrigerator and your habits matter a lot. So keeping in mind these you have to see if the fridge has enough space, ice making capacity, drawers or shelves. Is there any indoor compartment if you have kids and want to keep the snacks there or any other. These and many other things like these are necessary to keep in mind and see if they are there.

Like if you store and cook vegetables or if you want the refrigerator to keep the fruits and veggies safe then it needs to have a fresh drawer. Then if your work is with freezer and not the refrigerator more than you can choose the refrigerator that has more freezer space. Otherwise, you could buy the best bottom freezer refrigerator, these have a freezer at the bottom with enough space. If you put lots of food in the refrigerator then you need to look for a bigger model. See if there is one with more drawers. If you like to put beverages then make sure the refrigerator has door shelves. As placing the beverages there would help a lot.


Easy to clean refrigerator:

This is the thing that most people forget and overlook while buying a refrigerator. You should not forget that as this is important. The shelves of every fridge come in two types. One is the wire shelve and the other one is of glass or plastic material. The glass or plastic shelves are considered to clean. As their surface is smooth. On the other hand wire, shelves need attention and detail to clean. Look for other things too. The material on the outside of the fridge also matters as you would be cleaning that too. Stainless steel and plastic materials get more smudges and are hard to clean. While and black color looks bad if it gets dirty.


What is the right way?

What is the way you have to it, or is there any right way to do it? There are no strict lines to follow but you can use the following steps and use this guide to get yourself best deals and good products.

First of all, you have to know what type or types are best for you. If you have figured that out then you can search for the best deals online. The best onion place to buy a refrigerator and other home appliances are plug n point. Even if you are going to buy the fridge in Peron by going to the shop online research is good. This way you would have a fair idea about the features and price.  

Then you should do the search from several websites and not rely on just one. This would also introduce to other refrigerator styles. Then you can compare the prices, features, and sizes of your favorite fridges. It does not have to be in this specific order. After all this research you are now ready to get the best.


Do not forget

How much food you store:

You have to choose the right type of refrigerator according to the food you store in it. This decision sometimes also depends on the number of family members you are. If there are more family members then you would need to have more food that is how it works. According to the experts, a 12 cubic feet fridge is enough for a family of up to 5 persons. But if you or your family have a habit of going through supplies quickly, or if you need or get food in greater part then it would be better for you to think through a larger refrigerator option.


The space to put a refrigerator:

Buy your fringe according to the space you have at your home where the new fidget is going to be placed. So if before you go to the market and get the new fringe at your and then you are regretting the design you made it better to measure the space first. Earlier making the final payment remember to check the dimensions of this fridge.

There is another thing that has to be kept in mind. Can you open the doors comfortably? If there is less space in front of the fridge then it would be difficult to open the doors. The doors should not be jumped into anything while or after opening. If there is less space in front of the fridge then you should get the fridge like French door or others like these that have side by side doors.


Compare it to your old fridge:

As a guideline, you can compare the new or the fridge you are about to buy with your old refrigerator. This way you could know what things you want and need in this new fridge. It is a good way to test and rate the new fridge. The additional features and capabilities of the new refrigerator are for you or not. The fridge you previously used is a good guideline. Size, shelf space, features and other things that you need can be compared to know are they good enough to purchase the item or not. You should also keep under consideration the troubles and issues you had with the old one.


Is it made for you?

These eco-friendly and top of the line refrigerators are made for you. If you would like to buy these then you can see all the fridges in refrigerators section. State-of-the-art mechanisms to make these bestselling products. They are not only energy-efficient but eco-friendly too. There is another feature in these best refrigerators. Their performance is not too much affected by power shortages. If there is a time when you have to face the power shortages then you do not worry because these refrigerators can maintain the cooling for a long time. The freezer and other comport will be good and save as long as you do not frequently open them.


Some additional features you might like:

Some of the fridges come with the antibacterial light. In actual that is the UV light. If your food is under the UV light protection in refrigerators then there is no need to worry about the bacteria. This light kills all the bacteria and you get to eat healthy food. It keeps your food constantly fresh even after hours. You get antibacterial gasket installed in it. Protect yourself and loved one's germs and illnesses. The tough and sturdy material used in these fridges is built to last. You can adjust the shelves to make space accordingly.