2019 Top Best Washing Machines for Home in UAE

18 Apr 2019

Doing laundry is something that we all have to do. Either you do the laundry at home or you go to the shop for that. However, the point is that it is necessary because we have to wear clean clothes, but it is not fun to do. Plus carrying the clothes to machine is just tiring. Now if you are tired of it too them it is time to get a better or new washing machine. Well when you get out to buy one then there are two options you have the front loading washing machines and the top loading washing machines.


The Advantages and disadvantages

The battle of Top load vs front load washing machines is never ending and the one you choose depends on your choices and what you prefer. To help you decide we are going to weight some pros and cons of each one.


Front washing machine

The place to put clothes in and out of the machine is from the front so front loading washing machines!


Taking clothes out and in

The front loading washing machines require you to bend, and we stared with a con. With these it is very normal that you often drop some cloth like a sock. Then if you are new to this type of machine then you have to remember which way the door opens. Want to get rid of this particular problem? Get the models that have reversible doors. Reaching the items that are at the back could be a serious problem for you especially if you are tall.



The cleaning of front loading washing machines is better and these have different washing modes too. They also have these things called agitators and to confuse you more there are types of it. But it is a myth is that agitator washer makes clothes cleaner. The washing cycle depends on the amount of clothes you put in. here we are comparing time for both machines for full load. The front load washing machines have longer washing cycle and these machines can’t be loaded to the top. Normally the washing cycles in these could last about an hour.


Capacity and efficiency

Front loading washers have less capacity and they can’t be loaded to the top. But, at the same time these machines are more efficient. Plus most of the front loaders have one tub and that is the dryer too. So this makes the machine more efficient than any other. You will add the clothes into it and then remove them when you are all done unlike most top loaders.



Front loaders are pricier compared to the top loaders. Over the time the prices have dropped a little but they are not still at the level of top loaders. And as you go up the price range it can get ridiculously expensive.



They without any doubt leave behind top loaders in cleaning. They do not create lint and the clothes don’t get ripped. Front load washing machines are gentle on clothes and you can wash dedicated clothes in these too. Among the benefits of front load washers the most prominent one is the way they clean


Energy usage

These machines are more energy efficient and use it efficiently, plus these do not require as much energy as the top loaders do to wash. There are also list of efficient modes that you can choose from. If you would like to reduce even more energy usage then you can add less water and use cold water. Efficient performance does not means Energy Star. A machine can use less water and require high-efficiency detergent.



Front loading machines are more beautiful and attractive. If you ever have children at home then these washing machine would be a major point of attraction for them. Unless they do not have them at home too. Also they seem adorable when you see through the clothes washing in these machines.



Top washing machines

What are front washing machines? These are the machines that take clothes in from the top and that is why they are called so.


Getting clothes in and out

Getting clothes in and out of these machines is really easy and simple. But if you have to do one load after the other one then you will get tired of it definitely.



These require more water and you can add more clothes to it. If you forget to put some clothes in then you can do so in the middle of the wash. This feature is not available in the front loaders. But with that these also need more electricity or energy to complete they cycle.


Capacity and efficiency

The capacity of these machine is amazing. For a full size you can wash two to three pair of clothes for up to five or six family members at a time and that is no problem for the machine. But on the other end they are not very efficient. Yes there are energy efficient models but they are not as efficient as the front loaders.



Comparing both the washing machine on price the top loading washing machines win the battle. There are top loaders available that have more capacity and are efficient but for same capacity and efficiency the price for front loaders rises too much. So in this top loaders win! Check out our dryer collection too.