Top Shopping and Entertainment Places You Have To Visit in Dubai in 2020

14 Feb 2020

Dazzling shopping ideas, amazing towering structures, modernity, multi-cultures, and steep excess all have made Dubai the hottest point in the Middle East today. Moreover, there are plenty of activities to do in Dubai to spend leisure time in making sweet memories. If you are planning to visit Dubai and are searching the best places to visit for shopping and entertainment purposes, then you are offered a list of the Best Places to Shop in Dubai that are at the same time the best places for entertainment in Dubai.

Best Shopping Sites in Dubai

Following are the best places to shop in Dubai:

  • Dubai Mall

In the list of worlds’ biggest shopping malls, Dubai Mall occupies the central position. The Mall with its wide area and beautiful structure is also known as one of the most beautiful shopping malls in the world. Moreover, the Mall is replete with all the Dubai local and international brands. You can buy every single product while visiting the shopping mall.

  • Ibn e Batuta Mall

With an attractive structure, the mall is one of the most beautiful malls in the Middle East. The Mall is offering separate sections for multiple cultures. For example, you can find the separate divisions of India, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, and Andalusia. These divisions are actually designed in the tribute of Ibn e batuta and plenty of exhibits of these areas are also represented here and the shopping mall is closed into 275 shops. You can buy everything from these shops and the shops are especially dealing with the cultural and exhibition products.

  • Deira City Centre

Deira City Centre is one of the oldest city centers or shopping malls in Dubai. Almost all the major brands are situated here in this Shopping mall. Almost all the major brands of dresses in Dubai, all the major electronic brands in Dubai, all the Home Appliances Brands in Dubai, and many others you can easily find here to complete your shopping while visiting Dubai.

  • Mall Of The Emirates

Mall of Emirates is a popular name in offering consumers or visitors the supreme experience by offering them 475 premium stores including the stores of fashion, stores of electronic products, stores of kids varieties, stores of female accessories, stores of male accessories, stores of kitchen appliances in Dubai, and many more.

mall of emirates

  • Meena Bazaar Dubai

At the end of the list of biggest shopping spots in Dubai, we would also like to discuss the Dubai local market or Meena Bazaar Dubai. The market or bazaar is famous in dealing with almost all the necessary products we use in our daily routine life. You can easily find the best collections of jewelry, watches, textiles, furniture accessories, and other households from this local market.

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Best Entertainment Places in Dubai

Now, we also come with a discussion of some major spots that are well-known for entertainment and visiting purposes.

  • Jumeirah Beach

Out of the most popular places to visit in Dubai Jumeirah Beach is the one offers the opportunity to spend a good time in Dubai. With the series of exotic hotels, sandy and clear beaches, and a majestic sunset view the place has become the ideal place for travelers throughout the world.

  • Wild Wadi

In front of Burj Khalifa Wild Wadi Park is one of the most beautiful and charming entertainment places. The most famous fact about this park is that it is packed with over 25 fun-filled rides the example of which you can never find anywhere else in the world. So, add it to the list of the adventures you want to make while staying in Dubai.

  • Dubai Creek

If you want to see the peak level of the beauty of Dubai then you are recommended to visit Dubai Creek. A creek is a place of natural seawater that is reaching the city through several cuts. Take a boat to take the view of the other sides of the port. As a most romantic place and because of the history enrichment the place is listed among the most visited place by the tourists in Dubai.    

  • Dubai Aquarium

Have you ever seen an underwater zoo or safari park? If you are ambiguous in giving the answer to this question then you are recommended to visit Dubai Aquarium. It is known as the only aquarium located in the world which offers a lot of fun to do while spending your good time in Dubai.

  • Desert Safari

In the above point, you have become familiar with the underwater safari or zoo and now you are going to be introduced with desert Safari which is the masterpiece of Dubai and the example of which never exists throughout the world. Must take a camel ride to get the real charms of the desert.


Those who are interested to visit Dubai are not only offered the Best Shopping Spots in Dubai 2020. But, here we have offered the best entertainment or fun sites to explore while visiting Dubai. However, before going to plan your shopping in Dubai you are advised to get all the updates of top shopping and entertainment places from plugnpoint.