Top Shopping & Entertainment Places in UAE have to be Visited

29 Nov 2018

Shopping is the thing that you have to do either you like it or you are in need. Here you will find shopping places from top most to bottom, in UAE.

The following places that are mentioned below are not in a particular order or arrangement! So, just read, enjoy, grab what you need and ignore the rest! These shopping places are not just about shopping or just visiting there, in fact, it would be better if you try to enjoy and realize the beauty around you. Days could be spent here just roaming around and shopping and pausing just to refuel yourself. However, there is still a chance that you missed a place. If you try to discover it all in one round then you will be missing out on lots of things. So, do not worry if you could not see it all at, you can always come back and carry on. Make sure to enjoy yourself and enjoy the time, discover and let the surroundings and events set in.

It is likely that you will find the shopping experience and environment in a completely different way than any other place in the world. UAE treats shopping in a completely different way than others. The malls here are multipurpose you can have a business meeting, family fun, adventure, entertainment or it might be a refuge point from the scorching heat of UAE. Once you get there you will know why visitors keep coming back. When we are talking about shopping there is always talk about online shopping. So, PlugnPoint is the place where you can shop online. Wait there is more, you can visit Plug-N-Point too! The stores are located all across the UAE.


What to expect?

Listing all the shopping places in UAE would certainly exceed the scope of this article, however, we will try to list as many as possible, if there is one missing out please take it lightly. Day by day there are new mall and skyscrapers being built left right and center. Not just in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but all other cities are also playing their part in this.

The following list is a selection of Emirati malls, top souks and other shopping places all over the UAE. These shopping places stand out for one reason or another. Do not forget to enjoy your shopping time. Shopping is a thing that almost everyone in the UAE likes to do. If not buy something the malls and other places are always a source of fun, adventure, and entertainment. The dining and eating places could be the reason for your visit too.

These are the reasons you will always find a crowd and hustle and bustle in the shopping places of UAE. Women, children, young ones and people of every age are out in their spare time because of different reasons that could be shopping, eating, entertainment like movies, adventure, games or the local indoor rides and games.

The huge and beautiful architecture of the shopping malls of UAE also gives busy residents a break from their routines and time to relax with family and friends. The shopping malls of UAE are not only visited by locals and residents but hundreds and thousands of tourists from all around visit these profligate and lush shopping places as a part of their trip to the UAE.

Starting off from the shopping malls following are the best and almost all of the shopping malls that you could visit in UAE anytime.


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2.Mall of the Emirates

First on the list is Mall of Emirates. It would not be wrong to say that this is the most excited and crowded places. Mall of Emirates is among those shopping areas that have its own attraction points and with no doubt it is one of the biggest shopping malls of UAE. It has become an international attraction point for lots of residents and visitors. It also received international acclaim and it is visited by most elite class from all around the world. The claim that is a resort in itself is truly correct. You will find sources for entertainment, leisure, food, shopping and fun for all family and friends. So overall it is one-stop-shop for everything you need.

This extraordinary mall is a favorite of lots of people and why would not it be. Designed with polished marble floors and a spectacular lobby looking up to the sky. Here you will see a huge selection of shops, from the street names to Harvey Nichols including the range of exclusive boutiques.


To do list in “The Mall of Emirates”

If you are bored or want to go out and have some fun, either alone or with someone you can bet on the Mall of Emirates. Following are the places you should definitely visit when you do as there is no other place for you do these activities.


It is always hot here so if you want to cool down yourself and are a fan of skiing you should then go slopes of this ski resort at Mall of the Emirates. Enjoy the adrenalin rush with an exciting ride 16 meters above ground on the Snow Bullet. Group together and enjoy the indoor winter with hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows at Avalanche Café. You might not get the same experience and feel there but it is somewhat similar. If you like to practice and clear your head then go check out this place.

·Glamour Paradise:

All the latest trends and fashion styles are available here under one roof. Whatever your needs are this mall has got you covered. The store is spread in 136,900 sq. feet bursting with all accessories and products and items that will help you look glamorous. This way you will have a confidence boost and believe that it is the perfect place for you to experience the style and get savvy shopping experience. Make sure that you have enough time to explore.

·True Cinema:

Experience the BIG SCREEN action because it does not get better than this. Catch all the latest and blockbusters at the Vox Cinemas. It is a multiplex cinema with a wide variety and 14 big screens. You can also enjoy delicious and delightful food from Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes designed menu at the theater by Rhodes. Go and enjoy a family day at the screening and you should try the 4DX experience, it feels like 4D.


Get energized and freshen up at the spa which is boasted with expansive city views. Even if you are in a hurry and have to rush to someplace you can spare at least 30 minutes here and get your mind and body refreshed. Get a ravishingly lush massage or go for the rejuvenating scalp massage. Not want a massage? No worries relax back and enjoy your facial treatment. A nectar body wrap will cleanse your body and you will feel new. There are other options to choose from too, go three and enjoy yourself. After all the work you have done, you deserve this at least.

·Magic Planet:

Games and much more adventure, the magic planet is the place for you if you want to go at fun games and adventure. It has the adventure for the complete family. Without any doubt, it is Dubai’s one of the favorite indoor games point. Magic planet is a complete world there you will find arcade games, rides, rock climbing, different activities and lots of other stuff. This place is not just for kids, in fact it is equally good and entertaining for people of all ages. You can spend an entire day there without getting bored and going from one attraction to the other, hand down. The place has two levels. Oh, you would not want to miss the Ferris wheel and the soft play area.


3.Dubai Mall

The second one on the list is Dubai Mall. It is the most premium shopping mall in UAE. This mall also has some main and key sources of because of which people are attracted. Tourists from all around the globe visit UAE to have a pleasing experience and see what the shopping experience in malls of UAE look and feels like. With 3.77mn sq. feet of land it is not possible for one to enjoy and discover it in one day.

If you are planning to do that you cannot enjoy it, so do not. Simply browsing just through stores that are more than thousand, it would take you days. This does not include the regular events as well as the local entertainment options. With more than 65 million visitors Dubai Mall holds the world record of most visited and leisure destination, as a shopping mall, this was back in 2012.

This world’s largest mall has something for every one of you. At PlugnPoint you can shop from your favorite brands, choose the one you like and start shopping. All the top brands and designers can be found here from Zara to Chanel. Having an urge to skate in an Olympic-sized rink? You can do that here. After all the entertainment and fun you must be hungry so how about food! At Dubai Mall there are incomparable number of restaurants and venues.

There is an Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, yes you read it right. Could not believe what your eyes just read! Go there and experience it for yourself. Sharks are silently passing by you, what a moment! Go get inspired, then enjoy full family entertainment with underwater zoo and aquarium. At the end of the day cool yourself down with skating and do not forget to enjoy the food. Do not worry if you get lost, it happened in a mall of such humongous size.


4.Deira City Centre

Diera City Center is located in the city of Diera. Diera City Center is known for its environment friendly and hospitable atmosphere. Shopkeepers welcome you with a smile and are very kind. It is said that they know the true essence of customer dealing. They also offer you complimentary water bottles so that you can stay hydrated in this boiling temperature of UAE. It feels like this is the ultimate form or hospitality and you would have an urge to buy something even if you do not want to. This is just not it, Diera Center has lots and leading fashion brands for you to choose from. It is a must visit among all the malls you are planning to go to.


5.Jumeirah Plaza

It is one of the oldest shopping malls in UAE as it was first set open for visitors back in 1994. Then what is the thing that makes it worth visiting? It is the most convenient malls to visit. It is a complex so there are offices, hotels, apartments and flats, shopping stores, retailers and other attractions too. If you are going to the Jumeirah Plaza then “TGI Friday’s” is a place that is necessary to go. The happy hour mock-tails are must have at the “TGI Friday’s”.


6.Ibn Battuta Mall

First of all, for those of us who do not know who Ibn Battuta was, a moment of silence. And now, Ibn Battuta was Berber Muslim scholar and a very well-known 14th century explorer. He widely travelled the medieval world. Over a period of thirty years, Ibn Battuta visited most of the Islamic world and many non-Muslim lands, including Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and China.

World’s biggest theme mall, this is the title given to Ibn Battuta Mall. Another name that it is famous for is the Arabic explorer that is obviously Ibn Battuta himself. You will see a world in there to explore and enjoy. There are 6 theme parks and each one is reflecting the discoveries or Ibn Battuta. They are beautifully divided and the ambiance enhances the cultural influence that does play an important part in making it stand out among all other competitors and shopping Malls of UAE.

It is a Journey of Discovery! Are you a history and discover lover the Ibn Battuta Mall is strongly recommended. Discovering the 6 sections of you will travel in footsteps of Ibn Battuta from Andalusia all the way to China.


7.Wafi Shopping Mall

It might seem false or a story to you but it is true, like other malls, Wafi Mall has its own taste to it.  Even though it was established in 2001 but its unique architecture, taster, and design are the main selling point of this mall. The other things that attracts lots of visitors is the use of art inside that mall. You will feel like walking in a museum with shopping places, and that feel in itself is completely new and hard to digest. And if you are looking to shop online check these home appliances.

Give yourself some time to settle in and just enjoy the feel and view. You will see all the paintings from traditional art to modern. It is a science beauty that is hard to let alone. If you are missing this out you will regret it! You can buy a souvenir to art collection displayed throughout. This is the place where art enthusiasts will definitely get their fill.

The mall is on Oud Medha Road, this pyramid shaped structure is a collection of Egyptian themes and art. Almost 400 stores offering apparels, décor, electronics and other appliances among all the accessories it is a place must to go. One of the famous and attraction point is Cleopatra’s Spa among other eminent rejuvenation centers.

After landing in Dubai take a direct cab to the Wafi Mall. Oh, there is a bus shuttle service too that will take you from airport to the mall in no time.


8.Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall is the place where you can shop international brands, have fun and entertainment and get the local treats too! There are hundreds of stores, variety of amusements, and along with that it is also offering local specialties like perfumes, nuts, Arabic sweets and much more. This is the perfect place where you can have a remembrance of you were here. Take home the taste and essence of Middle East instead of just some designer bag or suit.

The Abu Dhabi Mall is nested in the heart of Abu Dhabi city and with more than 200 stores and designer boutiques along with the local touch you will have lots there. It is also connected to the renowned Beach Rotana Hotel. So, over all there is everything from the international brands to the local ones, treats and souvenirs are waiting for you to get them with you.


9.Festival Centre

Festival City Center is a large residential, business and entertainment development in Dubai. It is owned by Al-Futtaim Group. Dubai Festival City is the Middle East's biggest mixed-use development: everything from living, leisure, work and entertainment could be found under one roof. It is so big that the title of "city-within-a-city" is also given to it. It comprises a chain of many hotels and restaurants, housing communities, malls, golf course and entertainment places too there is much more and you should visit yourself to explore it.

The Festival Center has beautiful design and architecture and it is located near Marina yacht club. This gives you beautiful view while you are shopping making the experience more pleasant. If you are looking for some place to spend time with your family and the place has to be quiet and peaceful too, then festival center is the place where you should go. Pass a lovely and calm day walking by the sides of Canal. No mall or market is complete without the presence of eating places. You have the option of choosing between more than 60 places where you can fill and fuel up the body.


10.Al Bustan Centre

Al Bustan Center is the place where you can take your children and have some fun with them. Or if you want to do shopping and leave the children to have some fun while you have your private time then this is the place where you should go. This shopping mall of UAE is a resort in itself. It has the largest amusement place in UAE which is the reason why many tourists and visitors come to visit it. It is the best and favorite place for families with children. The entertainment and amusement of Al Bustan Center has rides, bumper cars, video and arcade games and much more.

The place also has many other facilities like health club and gymnasium, swimming pool, massage center, tennis court, residence and business lounge. Here you can take care of your health, have a relaxing massage, enjoy the pool side, and have a business meetings. On the other hand PlugnPoint is offering facilities like home delivery anywhere in UAE, offers and sales, biggest assortment of all the international and local brands, deals and discounts, genuine and verified items, 24x7 customer care, just check out PlugnPoint. So, all in all this is a complete package. Lots of rooms and suits are waiting for you there. You can also avail the deals and discounts they are offering.


11.Al Ghurair Centre

The Al Ghurair Centre was built in 1981 and it was recognized as the first modern shopping mall of its own kind in the Middle East. Still if you visit the mall it will not cease to mesmerize you. Setting new standards for all it rose in fame and became most prominent thing in Dubai. Later in 2013 they decided and expanded the center making it more gigantic adding to its beauty.

The expansion gave new and better experience with more than 150 stores, top class restaurants and dining places, best entertainment centers, more offices, apartments, complexes. 60,000 sq. feet of office space with serviced apartment complex, 5 star hotel and other attractions too. This is one of the Dubai’s must see destination.

It is all about the popular brands, fashion, and lifestyle there at Al Ghurair Centre. Some also say that it is the perfect plce for companies who want to expand and connect to people, for people who want a standard of living, and visitors are always welcome to enjoy. Located within the bustling business district and conveniently connected to Al Ghurair Centre


12.BurJuman Mall

Forgot to visit the BurJuman Mall and you were in Dubai? What were you thinking! How you one forget or not visit the BurJuman Mall. It is the famous place for all fashion brands. High Life and time in BurJuman Mall is all about the fashion, chic perfect wardrobe, luxuries, trends and elegant brands. BurJuman is the place of trends and brands!

The mall is centrally located in the Bur at heart of Dubai. It is offering direct links via Metro and BurJuman station, you also get easy access to major highways and the rest of city. Meaning going and coming to BurJuman Mall is easy and hassle free. BurJuman has well established status as destination mall. It hosts leading retailers supported by a state of the art Cinema, a Family Entertainment Centre, and a Carrefour Hypermarket and a great range of dining options.

Redevelopment program added wide range of new stores, anchored by H&M, Forever 21 and including such popular brands as Splash, Matalan, Brands for Less, Next, LC Waikiki, Mother-care, Aldo, and Nine West, Inglot, Charles & Keith, Adidas, Sharaf DG, The Toy Store and many more. An expansive food court hosts over two dozen outlets including all that you could think of.


13.Yas Mall

If you fancy a mall then this is the place for you. Yas Mall was opened in 2014 and it is the biggest mall in the capital city, in the center of YAS Island. On this date of writing this article this mall is only surpassed by the gigantic Dubai Mall in terms of size. There are three floors across the Yas Mall, and this is one of those malls which you cannot enjoy and have the shopping experience in one day. It is also known to be the ultra-modern mall of UAE. This is certainly a remarkable place to shop.

UAE is famous for its shopping experience but you have to wait and enjoy it as it should be and give it at least 2 or three days to explore completely. There are plenty of restaurants, food courts, cinema, even flight simulators and much more. If you are in mood of indoor skiing you can enjoy yourself here. It is similar to the mall of Emirates, Ferrari world and Yas Water world are worth mentioning points here, and you should also visit them.


14.Marina Mall

Marina Mall is located at the prime location of Abu Dhabi the Arabian peninsulas. You can go there not just to enjoy the shopping experience but also the prime location right at the Persian Gulf. There are some other things too that attract the visitors and customers from all corners of the world. Its rotating restaurant tower makes some striking views of the nearby sites like Marina. The neighbors, heritage village museum is reconstructed desert town. You can go here and enjoy your time with the loved ones away from all the hustle and bustle that we all are busy in.

A little about its history, it was open for visitors in 2001 and with 5 levels and more than 1.3 million sq. feet of area is just too much to do in one day. You will get tired and hungry after walking and exploring it but there will still too much left. More than 400 retail shops and top brands from all over the globe like Tiffany & Co., Hugo Boss, Gucci, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent are available for you there. If you want to purchase laptops and notebooks plug n points is the place where you can get it and delivered, just and information for you!

Marina Mall has its own bowling alley and the revolving restaurant is on its head. The tower give you mesmerizing and eye opening views. The tall building and 30 story tower is just the right place for you to pop in. The amazing selection of brands will make it hard for you to choose. The multiplex cinema, ice rink are the things that add the beauty and that attraction to it. One more thing that craves you to go there is the in-house roller coaster rides are the real deal. If all that adrenaline doesn’t appeal to you, go and see the famous musical fountain, which gives light and water shows set to hit songs such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


15.Al Wahda Mall

This, Al Wahda Mall, is another place for shopping and complete fun. After all you are not out there just for shopping. You get tired and hungry after all that one shop to another you need to relax your mind, eat, have fun and spend some quality time with the loved ones. So this is the place where you can go and have that. Al Wahda Mall is named after Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahda Football Club who plays at the stadium next door. It is the city’s most well-known and popular landmarks.

In 2007 Al Wahda Mall was opened and at that time it was offering about 150 brands with lots of eating places. 3.3 million square feet and more than 350 stores are not a small deal. You will find all the international and local street names there.


16.Global Village

Global village in Dubai is the perfect place to experience mix of cultures, live entertainment, evens and of course SHOPPING! Fair ground rides, kids and family fun and lots of offerings are stretched across 1.6 sq. KM. Restaurants and food courts are a must to be everywhere whether it be a shopping mall, market place or even a festival or some show. Kiosks, and pavilions representing countries from around the world will also pull you towards them.

Visitors can enter the place for a small entry fee of 15 AED, it might be some more or less than this. On the world culture stage there are people who would like to introduce you with their culture like with Egyptian cotton, or Spanish olive oil are the things these places are famous for.

One sad news is that the Village or Park is seasonal and you can avail the opportunity to go and enjoy yourself there during the months of November to April. The one more to break your heart, it only opens around four o’clock in the afternoon. Best kitchen appliances at lowest and economical rates are available at PlugnPoint.


Coming down from the Mall craze if you are looking to buy something that is not price and charged like crazy then following are the places where you can buy things that are more likely to be in your range. Malls and international brands are all good but there is something called budget too, so!

17.The Galleria

If you are in Dubai it is recommended that you explore the Al Maryah Island. You will discover the Galleria, it is spacious and modern mall on the Abu Dhabi Global Market Square. It features brands and shop from all over the world like Dolce & Gabbana, La Martina, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors. Here you will get an extensive collection of style and trends. The place has everything even to suit the choosiest customers. After all this you will definitely enjoy the diverse set of dining options. Top of the line and best juicer blenders can be bought here.


18.Gift Village

A word of advice, Always check sealed packs to make sure your items are intact, before buying.

If you want to get a gift for someone of if you are looking to take a souvenir with you, then Gift Village is the best place. Pick the best gifts, have local treats and items for friends and family. This place is a major tourist magnet. There you will also have the options of casual to formal wear for men, women, teenagers, and basically everyone. You can even get food items, school supplies, home and kitchen appliances form there. Buy in bulk if you can and you might get a discount, just may be.

With many branches stretched all across the country you have the ease of getting there. Following are the locations: Salahuddin Road Branch (Opposite Reef Mall), Nasser Square Branch, and Sharjah Branch. What is a better gift for someone other than personal care tools, so to give your loved ones a good give visit and buy personal care products from PlugnPoint.


19.Bollywood Fashion

At Bollywood fashion most of the items you would find, like almost all of them are under 29Dh. The price of almost all items starts from 1Dh and most items are under 15Dh. The prices are reasonable and you will find almost everything here. Ranging from clothing to accessories, garments, household items, fashion accessories, toys, gifts, luggage and much more, there is a huge collection and assortment of items there. The clothes and other items here are of good quality!

Now how is it possible that there is a place like mini shopping mall and there is not a food corner? There is an area that is specific for food like chocolate, cakes, and groceries and just go there to see more. The best thing is that it is open 24 hours and 7 days. Now you know where to go if all other places are closed. Want to go shopping in the middle on night, no worries! Just go to the Bollywood fashion. Did you know that they are located across UAE in different locations? You can find it on following locations:

  • Al Rigga
  • BurJuman
  • Al Ghubaiba
  • Rak 1, Rak 2
  • Al Fahidi
  • Creek
  • Souq Al Fahidi 1
  • Souq Al Fahidi 2
  • Sharjah


20.Day to Day

For the discounted shopping visit today the “Day to Day” center. It has four branches in Dubai: Across Union Metro Station, Across Al Fahidi Metro Station, Across Deira City Center Metro Station and Near Baniyas Metro Station, and you can easily go there without having travel from one corner of the city to other. The Dubai metro is an easy and simple way to travel there. Every branch has everything that you are in need from school supplied to home and kitchen appliance, electronics, toys, accessories, décor. Yiuy can buy scented candles, mirrors, and wall decors at best and discounted price rates. If you are looking for a place to buy car accessories and handyman tools they are available too. The branch opposite to Union metro station is the one with all items ranging from 1Dh to 10Dh, almost all of them.


21.Al Bassam Centre

To buy the shoes and toiletries at tolerable price. The place is crowded during weekends and even the weekday’s evenings. To get a 10 percent discount just ask the sales staff for their discount-shopping card and you have to give your registered mobile number. Do this first thing upon entering the shop. You will get a discount automatically of 10 percent whenever you buy their regular priced item, the discount is per transaction. The chocolates are good but other food items, shoes, apparel, house items, perfumes and toys, toiletries are not to be forgotten. The place also has free Wi-Fi option. The only branch is located near Clock Tower Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Port Saeed.


22.Al Kabayl Discount Centre

This is one of the biggest discount shopping center however this has a higher rate as compared to other stores that are counted as discount stores. The items available here are of good quality. You can buy appliances, home and kitchen tools, kitchenware, toys, apparels, souvenirs too. They also have perfumes, gadgets, mobile phones, accessories, clothing accessories, and other things like school and office supplies available. Aside from all that there are groceries too, so you can come here and buy all the things you need. The shop is located at Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd. A good place to buy home items for new expatriates if moving to a new place.


23.Toys for less

Toys for less is also another place for cheap and in budget shopping. This place is a spinoff of another popular shopping store that offers low cost chopping. Brands are available there art low cost, of course they would not be offering you Jimmy Choo, Zara, Prada or Channel. The store theme is more focused on children’s retail and needs that included toys, schools things and other stuff. They have everything from puzzles to Legos, latest action and animated characters, and shoes and clothes for little ones can also be bought for cheap.


For those people who are looking to have a pleasant shopping experience so they can go to the SOUK markets to get the most beautiful products such as spices, gold, rugs, home décor. There you can find the best destinations for your desire for luxury shopping, from the biggest malls to the most stylish boutiques.

24.Gold and Spice Souk

The gold and spice souks are counted as one of the best places that are worth visiting in Dubai. Here you will have huge collection of Middle Eastern carpets, gold, rugs, and spices. If you are planning on going to Dubai and visiting all the malls and other locations then you must add these souks in your list too because the shopping experience in UAE would not be complete without shopping in souks. Here can be located all the stalls selling all glitter and gold.


25.Textile Souk

If you want to shop clothes and apparels and you have not visited the textile souk then you are missing out. Textile souk is a must place to go if you are looking to buy clothes and clothing. The textile bazar in the Bur Dubai consists of lot of shops that are selling different variety and style of clothes. You will get every type of fabric there from silk, cashmere, wool, cotton and everything. Readymade, bridal and all other sorts of apparels are also available. No souk is complete if there are no shops for shoes, so Textile Souk of UAE is also offering you shoes shops.


26.Perfume Souks

The best and best place to buy perfumes in Dubai is the Perfume Souk Dubai. It is the most aromatic shopping places in all of the Dubai. The passageway are narrow giving the vibes of old fashioned architecture which is lined up with small shops and stalls. The perfume are priced at affordable rates ranging from all the local souvenirs to the international ones. Not just perfumes but also ittars are sold! The attraction and mesmerizing thing that attracts many if that they have scented incense in powder, crystal, wood and rock form; Frankincense is a famous one.


All these souks are near and close to each other you can just take a cab there. Or you can take the metro to Al Ras station. However if you are planning to go in your own car park near the place and go explore it on foot as the souks are crowded and congested and finding parking space there is a challenge in itself.


27.Meena Bazaar

Mena bazar is another local market in Dubai which is adjacent to Al Bastakiya area. This shopping area is famous for all the jewelry, watches, interior décor, spices, accessories, furniture and lots of other things. Most of the items are from India. The place is located just across the Fahidi metro station.


28.Amzaan Fashion Boutique

Discriminating and pointing people might feel disappointed that Dubai’s fashion shopping! It is often compared and thought of less matched to western brands. If you know where to look, you will realize and see the loads of wonderful Emirati fashion coming out of Dubai at the moment. Just go to some place like Amzaan Fashion Boutique. This is owned by local Princess Sheikha Maisa al-Qassimi, to find work by local designers. Look out for the Pink Sushi label of Dubai-born designer Raghda Bukhash, who has been playing with Emirati culture and symbols for long. Keffiyeh and Gutra aer also the big name that showed up.


29.Avenue at Etihad, Abu Dhabi

Avenue at Etihad is the perfect shopping destination for those shopping enthusiasts who do not want to fight their way. In order to get the luxury brands you are looking for and not want the high-street offerings this is the place for you. This place is hosting lots of the major fashion houses with smaller boutiques.

Avenue at Etihad is a shopping mall that would give you high-class feeling and vibes and this is for a reason. Avenue at Etihad is the place to go for cutting-edge men’s and women’s fashion. It is spread on two floors as part of the Etihad Towers development.


30.Madinat Zayed Gold Centre

Gold shops in UAE are famous for. If you are looking for a place to buy gold then there is no better place than UAE. Here in UAE all things that glitter is Gold, you could not go to a better shop than the Madinat Zayed Gold Centre. An entire mall of middle size is dedicated for Gold shopping, amazing isn’t it?

Madinat Zayed Gold Centre has more than 70 jewelry stores offering gold, stones, pearls, and many other gems that came from across the globe. It is always better to know the market price and international gold value before you buy. So be sure to check gold prices online beforehand.

The following places worth a mention that you should visit. These are not as much popular but they are not any less than others in the list. Here are those places:

  • Khalidiyah Mall
  • Al Wahda Mall
  • World Trade Center Souk & Mall
  • Al Raha Mall
  • Deerfield Mall
  • Mushrif Mall
  • Dalma Mall
  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall
  • Al Ain Mall
  • Al Jimi Mall
  • Bawadi Mall Wahat Hili Mall
  • Foah Mall
  • Mazyad Mall
  • Liwa Centre
  • Hamed Centre


All those who are keen on shopping there is big news. You can expect for the speedy completion of the “Mall of World” in Dubai. Only by its name, you can guess how it is going to be. Stay put and do shopping. UAE is the place which is famous for its all year shopping and lots of shopping festivals and deals. Not just malls the saver shops and budget shopping points are also worth a try. After all who does not like shopping and discounts. UAE is becoming the leader in a tourist destination and shopping malls. The luxury offered by the glittering cities is eye pleasing. Shopping here is boosted by the breath taking malls and amazing shopping places. Everyone tries to take advantage of the fact that UAE is a tax free country. Here you would get low prices of luxurious goods and some serious biggest names. From luxurious and lush clothing to coats, from bags to shoes and everything you can think of is available in UAE.