Compare Tower Fans with Pedestal Fans & Choose the Best

17 Apr 2019

If you are looking for what fan would be better to invest in then this is the guide that will lead you to the right way. There are some things that one fan has and the other one does not and so there are some pros and cons to each one. But what you have to look is what suits you better, which one has the features that you require and desire. Tower fans vs pedestal fans are everlasting debate and the end could be different for you and me. Both fans are good choices.

There are many things that you have to keep in mind like floor or room space, how efficient the fan is, price and some other factors. Fans are a budget-friendly and cheap way to cool off but if you like cooling and chill then you should go for the air conditioner. You can check out some of the best air conditioners at plug n point for the best rate. Following are some important things and we have compared both tower and pedestal fans on these things. So, you can have a look and then at the end, you would most probably able to choose the one that will suit you better.


Location and space

This is one of the most important things that you should consider when choosing a fan. Sometimes you would not have the locating for the pedestal fan and other times there would be no space for the tower fans. Your home or some other space for which you are choosing the fan determines what type of fan you should go for. If you want to check out some other fans then you can do so by following the link. Here we have lots of different fans available. If your room is small and there is not enough space then the tower fans are a better choice as compared to the pedestal. Because they are lightweight, slim, they can be in a corner without acquiring too much space.

Pedestal fans have more power comparatively and they are better for larger rooms and wide space. They are better in a room where there is space. They also have rotation function with which they can give air to about 180 degrees. They have a wider upper body so you can adjust these too.




Noise level is an important thing that should be kept in mind when choosing a fan because no one wants a loud fan. It feels like you have an airplane going above your head. So it is a fact that more power is louder noise. As we have discussed above the pedestal fans have a more powerful motor so they are louder. If you are looking for a fan that is quite then tower fans are the ones. They have a brushless motor and that adds to their quiet operation. The pedestals have large blades and widespread so they are loud and even louder at higher speeds.


Better looking and beautiful

This is one of the things that not many people are concerned about but you still we included because why not. Yes, the design and looks matter because you would be staring at the fan for the rest of the time it is going to be there so better design and looks matter. It is always better to get a fan that goes with the look and feel of your home. If you are looking for a fan with better and more designs then choose tower fans. They are available in more colors and better designs. Pedestals fans also have color but not as much as the tower fans, they do not have much design though. But if it is about aesthetics then pedestal fans are better.



Tower fans have their blades inside a grill so less dirt gets onto the blades. You can clean these with a brush or with a vacuum cleaner if you like. The disassembly and assembling them back is difficult but there is no need to do so. The pedestal fans require disassembly to clean and it can take some time. As blades are large so it also required more cleanup.


Lightweight and portable

A fan that is portable means that it is lightweight too. So if you want a fan that is highly portable then tower fans are the one. They are lightweight and smaller compared to the pedestal. The body is of plastic so that also gives it more portability. On the other hand, pedestals are usually of aluminum or steel giving them more weight and making it less portable.



Some additional features are also good to have. You should check for features before buying a fan. The pedestal fans do not have an auto-shutoff feature while the tower fans do. Some advanced models also have a timer. Then speed settings for both is pretty much the same. The tower fans have less speed as compared to the pedestal. Tower fans do not have adjustable height and you have to put it on a table if you like to adjust the height. But, pedestals do have this feature. If this is what you are looking for then pedestals are an ideal choice. The remote control is the thing that tower fans allow you to have but pedestals do not and that is it. Air purification is a thing that pedestals fans never thought of but if you live in a polluted area and want your fans to have air purification then tower fans are to go for. These can also get rid of the pollens, dust, animal hair, and etc.