Track my lost Huawei Mobile Phone That is switched off

How can I Track my lost Huawei Mobile Phone That is switched off?

14 Oct 2020

Huawei mobile phones are among the worlds’ best mobile phones. After Apple and Samsung, Huawei made well progress in the smartphone industries. Today Huawei is deploying its services in over 170 countries. It is estimated that there are 03 billion users of Huawei mobile phone exist in the world.

As the users are increasing over the globe Huawei is trying to bring the latest technologies and innovations in its services that will be visualized near in the future. However, with the emerging trend of technology, Huawei has also made it possible to track or to find the lost devices within no time. Your mobile phone has slipped out of your pocket, you have forgotten your mobile phone in some public areas, someone snatched your mobile phone, and some other accidental situations are possible in life. To lose the mobile phone is, sometimes, not bad news. But, to lost data within your device is such a horrific situation for everyone.

So, Huawei device does not only be traceable but you can also protect your data to keep yourself away from any threat and disturbance. At the same time, here in this article, the users are also provided the ideas of the Huawei Mobile Phone Prices in the UAE, and the idea that what is the better place to find the Huawei mobile devices, etc.  

The Ways of Finding The Lost Huawei Mobile Phone

There are several ways by following which you can track or find your lost Huawei mobile phones. But, out of these ways 02 more convenient and easy ways are described here that everyone can easily use to find the lost huawei mobile phones.


  • Use Huawei Cloud To Find The Phone

This is the simplest way to find your lost device even the device is switched off. Follow the below-given steps to find or even to track your device within no time:

Step 1: Browse and log in. You will find several actions or functionalities to perform there.

Step 2: However, for finding a lost device you are recommended to click on “Find My Phone”.

Step 3: Once after clicking on that particular finding button you will provide the exact time and location of your mobile phone on the map. So, you can easily track or find out where your mobile phone is.      

  • Use Google To Find The Phone

Besides Huawei cloud here is another best way to find a lost device. You are recommended to use Google Find My Device. By following the below-given steps one can easily find the lost Huawei mobile phone:

Step 1:        Browse the Google Find My Device Website and sign in with the same Google account that is already connected to your lost device.  

Step 2:        Once after login, you will find a map with the exact location of your lost device.

Step 3:        Besides tracking or finding your lost device, you will also have three options to get your mobile phone or to secure your data. These options are described below:

·        Play Sound: While clicking on play sound your phone bell will ring and you can easily find the device.   

·        Lock: This option will help you to lock your phone and all the display messages and phone numbers in your device.  

·        Erase: With the help of this option you can erase all the data or content from your device to secure your information.

Huawei Mobile Phone Prices in The UAE

Every year Huawei comes with its latest technologies and inventions. Recently, Huawei launched a foldable phone and it is also ready to offer its users more unique and fascinating products. Users who are residing inside or surrounding the UAE and are searching for the Huawei Mobile Price in UAE, they can get the complete idea about the prices of mobile phones.

Here at Plugnpoint, the users are provided the complete list of the mobile phones that have been launched and are using not only in the UAE but throughout the world. Moreover, the users are also provided the complete list of the Huawei mobile phones that are coming to launch in the future. For example, you can find huawei y9 price in uae, Huawei y7p price in uae, Huawei P30 Pro price in uae, and all others are mentioned here. Users cannot only get the price ranges of mobile phones but they can also find the complete specs of every single device.

Tips To Buy Mobile Phones Online

Here the users have also provided an idea that what is the best time to Buy Mobile Phones in the UAE and how they can save money while buying Huawei mobile phones:

·        The best time to buy a mobile phone is to buy it before a month or several weeks of launching new models. Because of the shopkeepers in order to get rid of their previous stock offer customers the special mobile phone offers and deals. In this way, users can save lots of money.

·        Some online platforms for their promotion and on some special occasions such as their anniversary and new products’ launching offer consumers special discounts. So, it is the best time for you to buy a mobile phone.

·        At some special public events such as before New Year, at Christmas, and some other special events, the mobile companies or the online platforms offer special discounts on their products that is the way to save lots of money.    

PlugnPoint A House of Mobile Phones

Plugnpoint is an online platform based on the UAE that takes care of the users in buying every single product that has become necessary for a usual life. For mobile phones, users can find separate sections for every single brand. You can find the latest updates of price and can also get the complete info regarding the upcoming mobile phones. Huawei users can find mobile phones with some special offers to save lots of money. However, besides Huawei mobile phones, Plugnpoint is also dealing with Apple mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones, and all other mobile phone brands you can find that are worldwide recognized.

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