The Best Cooker in UAE for Domestic Use 2019

31 Mar 2019

Here you can find the benefits of different types of cookers and know which is best for your kitchen. The two basic types of cookers are gas and electric and further, there are many different sizes and subtypes of cookers available. If you are looking to change or buy a new cooker then this guide will let you know which one is best or better for you.

Each type of cooker has its benefits and drawbacks. Let us tell you in the beginning that what you choose and what is best for you depends on how you want and use smart appliance in your daily life. This is going to be simple, we are going to discuss some pros and cons of each type and at the end, you can decide for yourself. Also, have a look at these hobs.


Which one is cheaper?

You will probably choose the type of cooker that you are already using. It also depends on your previous experiences with different cookers. The first important thing, if it matters to you at all, is the budget. So take note that which one is cheaper. Not just to buy but also which one will give you fewer expenses and repair maintenance is also important.

So the electric cookers run on electricity. Most electricity is expensive compared to natural gas or LPG. Then electric cookers are also expensive compared to the gas cookers. Choose your cooker intelligently. More features follow.


Gas vs Electric cookers

Both the cookers, electric and gas have their own pros and cons so you should be choosing based on these too. Here are the pros and cons of both the cookers.


Pros of gas cookers:

The gas cookers are easier to control because of the knob controls and you can see the fire itself. Some people say that gas cookers are better at cooking while others say electric is better. But one thing is for sure that food cooked on gas cookers is better in taste. The last but not least thing is that they are cheap to buy and running cost is also low. You can save loads of money on these. The life of gas cookers is also high.


Cons of gas cookers:

The heat distribution is not even so that might be a problem for some people. The ovens are much harder to spread the heat evenly. It is hotter at the top than the bottom but some people like graduation. If you could you can use it to cook two dishes at the same time. Food does not cook evenly. It takes more time to cook the food in the oven. Gas cooker tops are easy to clean but the oven cavity is harder and fiddle to clean. If you do not have a gas line at your home then forget about it.



Pros of electric cookers:

These offer even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity and even on the cooktop. Most of the electric cookers have fans in the oven. However, there are some poor models too. You can grill and fan at the same time with electric ovens. Grilling a thick piece of meat is easy on these. The top of electric cookers is flat, mostly, so they are much easier to clean. So is the case with oven.

The induction cooker or cooktop is a subcategory in electric cooker. If you want you can cook even faster. Induction hobs heat up the pan quickly. The induction and ceramic hobs are completely quiet. The electric grills are better as compared to gas grills. But if you really like to cook well then charcoal grills are the best.


Cons of electric cookers:

It is not a mystery that electric cookers will cost you more because of the fact the electricity is expensive than gas. So if you are up to buying an electric cooker then be ready for the bills. You electricity bills would be higher. The electric cookers stay warm for longer even after you have turned the power off. But if you have an induction hob then the story is the opposite. Induction hobs get cool faster. So just keep that in mind.


Dual cooker:

If you have a problem in deciding then there is always the option of dual cookers. What are the dual cookers? It is a dual-fuel cooker meaning you get to have gas and electric function in one cooker. These are expensive and not very common. The instant heat control feature of a gas cooker and electric oven, grill for heating.


Best cooker for you:

As we have talked about it earlier in the discussion it depends on you to choose and decide what type of cooker is best for you. The decision depends on your routine and the way you work with the cooker. If you now know that what type is best for you it is good to what other features are worthwhile. See what cookers you like and buy them from out wide range of the best cookers from plug n point.